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Maze layout[edit]

Super Pac-Man maze.gif
  • This is the only maze throughout the entire game. The color of the boundaries may change in the game, but the arrangement is constant.
  • Pac-Man starts each stage directly beneath the ghost regenerator, directly above where the bonus star appears.
  • Each stage has exactly thirty-seven gates, thirty-one target items, fifteen keys, four Power Pellets, and two Super Power Pellets.
  • The gates, represented by light bars like the one at the top of the ghost regenerator, that encapsulate the targets can be opened either by:
    • Eating the correct corresponding key (any key may open one or multiple gates when eaten).
    • Eating one of the two Super Power Pellets and crashing through the gate after Pac-Man has been increased to twice his original size.
  • The two green glowing Super Power Pellets give Pac-Man super power for a limited time. That time may be extended by eating one of the four regular flashing Power Pellets. Pac-Man will flash like the ghosts do when he is about to return to his original size.
  • All four of the gates in the tunnel must be opened to allow Pac-Man to travel through it. If not, he will be trapped if a ghost follows him inside.
  • In addition to traveling at half speed through the tunnel, the ghosts also slow down beneath the ghost regenerator.
  • Both Pac-Man and the ghosts can enter the ghost regenerator at any time. Pac-Man can eat blue ghosts inside the ghost regenerator, but it's generally not recommended unless Pac-Man is super at the time, as the ghosts may immediately regenerate and kill Pac-Man.

Keys and gates[edit]

  • There are fifteen keys arranged around the maze. Eating a key will open one or more of the thirty-seven gates that close in the targets. By eating all 15 keys, most or all 37 gates should open.
  • Super Pac-Man can crash through gates without opening them beforehand, scoring some points. A crashed gate will appear as two small bits left behind. The key that opens up a crashed gate will still function on that gate, even though the effect is meaningless.
  • As the stages increase in difficulty (and the maze walls change in color) the gates that a key opens will be farther away from where that particular key is actually located. In other words:
    • In the early stages of the game (up through the eighth), the gates that a key opens are likely to be right next to that particular key.
    • In the later stages of the game (ninth through the sixteenth), the gates that a key opens are likely to be on the opposite side of the screen from that key.

Bonus stars[edit]

  • After eating roughly half of the targets, a bonus star will appear beneath the ghost re-generator with alternating pictures in the squares on either side.
  • After some time passes, the picture on the left will stop changing and lock onto the image of a particular item. The picture on the right will continue to change.
  • If Pac-Man eats the star when the pictures on either side of it do not match, he will earn 200 bonus points. This point value is doubled after every 4th stage, up to 1600 bonus points.
  • If Pac-Man eats the star when the pictures on both sides of it match, but they aren't the given item for that stage (very likely), he will earn 2000 bonus points.
  • If Pac-Man eats the star when the pictures on both sides of it match and they are the given item for that stage (very unlikely), he will earn 5000 bonus points.

Bonus stages[edit]

  • Rounds 3,7,11,15,19,23 etc. are bonus stages.
  • In these stages, Pac-Man is given a time limit in which to complete the entire stage without any interference from the ghosts.
  • In a bonus stage, Pac-Man will start at his Super size and will remain this way until the end of the stage, and therefore have access to holding the Super Speed button the entire time.
  • If the stage is completed before the timer runs out, the remainder of the time is awarded to the player in 100-point increments.