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Each ball that is destroyed earns you 100 points. Picking up power-ups is worth 500 points apiece. Fruit can also be found, and they do nothing but add 1,000 points to your total.


  • Neutral dpad: Aim
  • A button: Shoot
  • Start button: Pause/Resume


  • Claw: Not quite a claw, but it more or less sucks your rope onto ceiling for several sections or until something hits it. Pretty good advantage.
  • Single: Your standard weapon. If you pick up the icon, it simply reverts to this.
  • Double: It's possible to fire off another rope while one is still in the air. This makes for more rapid disposition of the balls. Much better than the claw.
  • Gun: Shoot fire bullets at the ceiling. It won't leave a trace, so you actually need to hit a ball directly. The upside is that you get two bullets each time, so it is perhaps slightly better than the standard weapon, but only slightly.


  • Sandclock: Slows down time for a short amount (about 10 seconds).
  • Flame: Take one-time damage without dying. You flash white when you are wearing it.
  • Dynamite: Blows up each ball that isn't already the smallest size. This may backfire at you if you are not prepared or careless. This can kill or put you into real danger more often than it will do good. So perhaps avoid this one.
  • 1-Up: 1 extra life.