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Leve 13[edit]

This looks horrible at first, but there is a way out. Run right straight away and hide there. The yellow ball will go up to the pink one. Then shoot the second yellow ball and take out anything that comes near. It should be fairly safe on the left side now. Then go for the first yellow one again, it should still be somewhere on the right side. Finally, take care of that pink one that is probably still up in the top right corner.

Level 14[edit]

The bottom half is pretty much manageable. Let the ball bounce back to the right first and then start taking out chunks. When it's gone, go up the ladder and shoot like mad. If you are stuck up the steps, it's pretty hard to get out, but only the small versions make it up there sometimes.

Level 15[edit]

This is pretty easy, because a lot of times there are balls stuck in the top half. Shoot up when you can, taking care of smaller ones that made it through when you need to.

Level 16[edit]

First get rid of one side's ball. Then the other. Meanwhile try not to shoot up the ceiling too much. Open up one glass panel when you are done and either shoot through or remove the ones that dropped down. They can be pretty fast.