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Rescuing Peach[edit]

Back in town, go down the elevator and Merlon will be waiting. You go into Merlon's house, talk, and a guy comes in screaming that a girl fell from the sky (Princess Peach). Don't follow them. Go left to the arrow pointing down and go in the elevator.Make sure you have a fire burst. Go right to a building with a pot on it. Go in and have Saffron cook you a spicy soup with that fire burst. Now go to where the first heart pillar is to find Merlon and the guy huddled around Peach. Give her the spicy soup to wake her up. She'll join your party when she awakes.

Heart Pillar 2[edit]

First of all, switch to Mario. Stand in front of the Flipside Tower and flip to find the gate the key is for. Stay flipped and go along the path you see. At the end, flip to 2-D and go right and down the pipe. Drop down the abyss. Open the two chests and jump on the trampoline. Move left to the sign and flip to follow another path. Don't get too excited about it yet. Go as far as you can to the left and flip. Get to the block with the sign and switch to Peach. Use her umbrella to glide across the blocks(Press and hold 2). Now you can get excited, because your at the heart pillar! Go back to the tower and start the new chapter(Shortcut:Use the return pipe).

Chapter 2-1: Bogging to Merlee's[edit]

Stay as Peach and kill the Koopas. Do not try to kill the Spiked Goomba yet. Jump on the next green platform and glide across to the next. Jump across the body of water to a green platform that's too high. Switch to Mario and flip to find two <> blocks to hit. Switch back to Peach and glide across the platforms. Go into the pipe. Kill the enemies to get the key. Unlock the door. Go to the right and ignore the first door. Jump from the pipe to the red box. From that platform, glide to the other side and into the pipe. Walk to the right in the background and hit the switch to make the door appear.

Once inside the new door, switch to Mario and hit the ? block to turn into Mega Mario (unless you prefer Mega Peach). Hit the ? block in the door to get a slow flower which will triple coin earnings, but slows you down. Go in the pipe and point to the top and hit the switch. Go in the new pipe and kill the Growmeba.

Open the chest and you will find the pixl named Boomer. Answer his questions correctly to have him join your party (this isn't hard since there's only one answer). Use Boomer's bomb to blow up that crack in the wall. Flip inside to find a card. Kill the Jawbus outside and blow up the block blocking the path. Ignore the first three doors and go in the last one. Use Boomer to kill the spiked Goomba. Flip to 3-D and blow-up the blocks covering the hole. Fall through and hit the switch. Stay flipped and fall through the other hole. Now exit and go in the new yellow door past the last door. Flip into 3-D after killing the Cherbils and fall through the hole you see. Hit the star block after leaving the hole to complete this chapter.

Chapter 2-2: Tricks, Treats, Traps[edit]

Flip into 3-D and go in the area with the coin block. After hitting the block, go all the way to the right and stand on the brown block. Jump and climb the ladder that appears. Have Peach glide to the roof of the mansion. Take the stopwatch, flip to 3-D to fall to the balcony, open the chest, and enter the mansion. Flip around the Gnips and go in the door that's only visible in 3-D. Avoid Gnaw and talk to Mimi. Follow her instructions and press the button. Flip around the spikes that come out. Don't leave. Jump on them as they go up. Go to the left and jump on the platform. Go all the way to the right after jumping the other platform. Get the key and leave. You can either open the door that Gnaw is tied to (he won't hurt you after you open it), or you can go in other rooms to fall in more booby traps (you'll fight enemies). Some of the enemies listed above are only in these doors. After you open the door, go in. Hit the star block to end the chapter.

Chapter 2-3: Breaking the Bank[edit]

First, hit a ? block with a vase on it, or jump over it, breaking the vase. Mimi comes, putting you on a 1,000,000 rubee debt! The code for the VIP room is 5963. Hit the Block. Glide to the platform on the left, flip into 3-D, go through the wall, and open the chest to get Slim. Go up one level directly above where you get Slim, flip into 3-D, hit the sand block and climb the ladder. Use Slim to pass through the wires. Stand still as the wires pass over you and you won't take any damage. Enter the code 41262816 and open the vault. Go back down to the bottom level and go through the door to your right and pay Mimi. Flip to 3-D and use Slim to get in the cage and end the chapter.

Chapter 2-4: The Basement Face-Off[edit]

Right off after that weird transmission, flip to 3-D and drop off to get a mushroom in a ? block. Go through the first door into room 1. Go in the next door to room 3. Then go in the bottom right door to room 2. Jump to the top right door into room 4. Go in the top right door to a hallway. Don't go in the door. Flip to find <> blocks. Jump on them to hit the top row. Then hit the bottom row. Jump from them to the top platform to find...Merlee? Do not trust her, as she is actually Mimi. Don't fight her as she's invincible at the moment. Go in the door behind her to room 5. Slip through the crack to the right with Slim and go in the door. Watch out - Mimi will try to follow you everywhere. Don't touch that Cursya in room 6. Flip to 3-D and use the ? blocks to jump for the platform. Leap across the brown blocks to the door. Blow-up the crack in the top right corner of room 7. Flip in and go in the door. Kill the Shlurps by putting Boomer in front of their mouths. Go in the door on the top left by flipping and hitting the <> blocks. You can try to kill the Atomic Boo. Point at the outline of the stairs to make them visible. In the door, go in the girls' bathroom to find Merlee. Pen all the stalls to find her. GAME SHOW TIME!!! Mimi turned into Merlee. You'll notice that Mimi is off on her rhyming sometimes. Merlee also has a fly near her because she was in the toilet. It doesn't really matter if you're right or wrong, but on to the fight!


Super Paper Mario enemy Mimi.jpg
  • HP: ??
  • Max. Attack: 4
  • Max. Defense: 0
  • Reward: 2,000 points
  • Difficulty: **
  • Attacks: Rubee Drop, Rubee Shot, Rubee Wave

She's invincible for a short time. Just wait until the screen flashes with hearts and Mimi will finally be vulnerable. Let her drop a rubee into the ground. Pick it up with Thoreau and throw it at Mimi. Pick up another one to throw at her and stun her. Jump on her to make her lose a leg. She goes faster with each leg missing. Make her lose five more legs to defeat her. Claim your prize and travel back to Flipside to end the chapter.

Rescuing Luigi[edit]

This is where Luigi comes into the picture. Two Goombas find him. Start by controlling him to the door on the left side. Go left again through another door. Go left again through another door. Go left again through...wait. It's a dead end! Nastasha finally catches up and brainwashes one Goomba. The other quickly swears loyalty to the Count. Everybody grabs Luigi and...The end. What happened to Luigi?