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To get to the fourth Heart Pillar, first go back to the talking bush. Get Barry to join you when he hears you defeated Francis. Now go to the outskirts, but don't go down the pipe. Go left and this is the pattern of the poles starting from the right: down, up, down, up, down.

Chapter 4-1: Into Outer Space[edit]

You land in space, and can't breathe. Then you get teleported back to the main world. Go to Merlon and ask him for help. He had just the thing, but he gave it away to some boy. Go to where the first heart pillar was and talk to the boy with the fish bowl. He'll give you his fish to find it a new home. Go back down and go left until you see an arrow going down. Go down that elevator. Go right to find an elevator going down. This place just opened, so explore it later. Release the goldfish here and you've got your space helmet.

SPM Squirp.jpg

Before going back, flip and get that chest. Now you go to space! Go as far as you can down and to the right until you hear beeping and see SOS signs flying. Follow the direction the SOS signs came from until you find a spot with sparkles. Point at it with Remote button to make the spaceship visible. Examine it to release Squirps. From now on, he will be your means to damage enemies. Give him your "Power-Up Power" to make a wormhole. These will be your doors.

You're not even close to the Pure Heart, so go right and go through the warp. Then go right and go through either warp. Now go all the way right until you find the last warp. Now go to the left and go in the warp. Go right until you see a warp in the distance. Flip behind the boulder next to it to get the warp leading there. Now go in the pipe and take the coins. Go back and continue right. Hit the star block for the end of the chapter.

Chapter 4-2: A Paper Emergency[edit]

First, go right and talk to the person in the bathroom, Amore. Leave Squirps to his little dance and go right, across a gap (your jumping is stronger and higher because of less gravity). Go all the way to the right until you find a blocked off door. Destroy the blocks and go through the door. Jump on the ledge, flip, and slip through the wall with Slim. Stay flipped and go up on the next ledge. Get on the mountain to the right and ignore the door. Flip and cross the path. Fall in the lowest part to the right (ignore the door). Flip and go through the gap. Jump up to the mountain on the right and go in the door. Jump on the ? block and use Thudley to hit it and the rest of them. The highest one contains a super shroom. The last one holds a Mega Star to help you kill the beepboxers and fuzzies to the right. Now go in the door.

Go right while killing the enemies. Jump from the pipe to the door and talk to the old geezer. Refuse two times and agree for 10 coins when he sells you a clue to treasure. He gives you a piece of paper. Go back to the outhouse and give him the paper. Fleep will now join your party! Take this Pixl to the stone head with the glowing crack on top. Press 1 button to control Fleep's box, and press it again once you move it over the crack. Grab the key and go to the door in the gorge to the right of the outhouse. Go right and hit the star block to end the chapter.

Chapter 4-3: The Gates of Space[edit]

Go all the way to the right until you find a red X. Use Fleep on it and put Squirps in the hole. Now go through the door. Use Fleep on the X to the right, but do not put Squirps in yet. Continue right into the warp. Go all the way to the top right corner and into the blue warp. Float right and go in the shop. Buy whichever one you want (the cheapest is fine). Now go back and twist Squirps in. Then give him the chocolate to make him double. Now go through the door. Hit the star block to end the chapter.

Chapter 4-4: The Mysterious Mr. L[edit]

First go in the door to the right. Keep going right and Jump onto the gray platform. Flip and go in the door. Float over the gap with Peach and go in the door. Use Fleep to stun the Barricade and bring down his shields or flip around its shields and attack him when close. Grab the key and go back to where you first found the invisible door. Go in the visible door and flip to go up the steps to the right. Open this door and go to the right door on the ceiling. Run up and cross the wide gap with Peach. Now go into the door. Flip to get under the steps. Hit the up down switch and go in the door to the right. Cross this uncrossable path with Peach and flip with Mario. Grab the key and go back to the room on the left wall.

Go in the door in the gap. Run down the wall and into the door. Flip to get in the pipe behind the gray wall. Grab the coins and go in the locked door in the last room. Hit the up-down switch to get on the ceiling, and hit the next up-down switch to get back on the floor. Point at the space where a door would be, and go in. Go right and hit the rotate switch. Now go up and hit the next rotate switch. Ignore the door and hit the same switch again. Go down and into this door. Go down again and into the door. Go right and into the door. Go left and grab the key. Go back to the room with the rotate switches and go in the door on the ceiling. Make sure you're Mario and hit the switch to get in the locked door (save first).


SPM Mr L.png


  • HP:40
  • Atk:3
  • Max Atk:6
  • DEF:0
  • Reward:2000 points
  • Difficulty:**
  • Attacks:
    • Jump
    • Spring Jump
    • Shroom Shake

He'll just try to jump on you and when you jump on him, he shrinks and Spring Jumps, making the damage a whopping 6. Mr. L is a brainwashed Luigi if you don't know. Switch to Barry and when he jumps, use Barry to block and damage him. He won't use the Spring Jump, because you not trying to jump on him. But when he brings out a Shroom Shake, then you should jump on him.

There's also an easier way. Before entering the door to the boss, switch to Bowser. Then as soon as the fight starts hold Down dpad to shoot fire. Even if Mr. L tries to jump at you, the fire will get him. This way works really quickly and effectively.



  • HP:225
  • ATK:2
  • Max ATK:4
  • Reward:4000 points
  • Difficulty:***
  • DEF:3
  • Fire DEF:6
  • Attacks:
    • Plasma Beam
    • Mini-Laser
    • Micro Missiles
    • Bigger Missile
    • Vacuum Crunch
    • Lunge

This gets annoying in space. Keep mashing 2 button and dodge endlessly against Brobot's attacks. Have Barry with you as well. When it does Plasma Beam, flip to avoid it and shoot it at the same time. Chocolate bars will fly around the screen and act as power-ups for Squirps. Each bar has its own powers:

  • Purple: Spilt
  • Green: Missile
  • Red: Power Up
  • Blue: Barrier
  • Orange: Speed Up

Once you've beaten Brobot, you meet Squirp Korogaline Squirpina, the prince of Squirpia. His duty was to give you the Pure Heart. Now he can rest in peace.