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Heart Pillar 7[edit]

After leaving Merlon's house, look for the next Heart Pillar in Flopside Outskirts. In case you forgot how to get there: Flip to 3D outside Nolrem's house in Flopside, then walk through the gate, down the path to a warp pipe. Take it to the 1st floor of Flopside's Outskirts. Once there, travel past the sign and head down the warp pipe on the opposite side to reach the 1st floor basement. Run to the far left, then use Luigi to leap over the wall to the heart pillar. Now use the Return Pipe to reach the 7th chapter door in a jiffy!

Tip: You MIGHT come across a group of blocks that cover a Sign and a green pipe if you take a wrong turn. DO NOT attempt to go down the pipe its the pit of 100 trials. Basically it's a mini quest. You start in a room and get a key and you unlock the door to the next room. That goes on for 100 rooms. If you get caught in there its hard to find the escape pipe. It appears ever 10 rooms or so and its annoying.

Chapter 7-1: Subterranean Vacation[edit]

SPM Character Queen Jaydes.png

Flipside, Mario awakens near the The Underwhere fountain without any of his Pixls, while Princess Peach and Bowser are nowhere to be found. A Shayde approaches him and tells Mario about the Underwhere, where people with ended games go. When Mario rejects the claim that his game has ended, the Shaydes tells him to go to Queen Jaydes to "weigh his sins".

The first area contains The Underwhere fountain, which fully restores Mario's HP. There several Shaydes, a Save Block, and a door to the next area. Mario does not go far before he is stopped by Luvbi, a Nimbi, who hopes to meet her "special someone". She disregards Mario as being a "mustachioed fatty" and ignores him.

This area includes several, spikes, pits and tall pipes, too high to jump. Mario must find a winding path in 3-D to pass this area. Many Dry Bones are found here. At the end of the path is a door, as well as a Super Shroom Shake on top of a pipe, which can be reached with a flipping block.

Mario then reaches the River Twygz. He may either pay Charold four coins to ferry the river or simply swim across. On the other side of the river is Queen Jaydes's palace. Once there, Jaydes starts weighing his sins, but then feels "strange energy" emitting from Mario. Mario shows Queen Jaydes the stone, powerless Pure Heart obtained in the World of Nothing and she begins questioning Mario about how he obtained it. A phone call from Grambi of The Overthere interrupts her, informing her of their missing daughter, Luvbi. With her and her D-Men busy, Jaydes entrusts the task of locating Luvbi to Mario. Jaydes then takes the Pure Heart for the time being and gives Mario the key to the tunnels under the River Twygz, stating that she was notified of a "strange fellow dressed in green" who has fallen into the river. She asks Mario to check there first.

Mario swims to the bottom of the river, avoiding several Underhands, and finds a secret tunnel in 3-D, leading to the locked door his key is for. The door leads to an underwater room with an Underhand next to a pillar with a block on top of it. On the other side of the pillar is a lever that drains the water in the room and some Brick Blocks blocking the way ahead. As the blocks cannot be broken underwater, Mario must push the block off the pillar, drain the water, then use the block to reach the bricks and destroy them so he can swim ahead. Mario reaches a dead end, but finds a path in 3-D to a large room. There is a path in 3-D, but it is blocked by Underhands. Mario must go to the other side of the room, shove down another pushable block in an alcove, then drain the water with a lever to make the Underhands disappear. He can then take the path and enter a room with a pipe and a door. The pipe leads to a room with several coins. The door is the way ahead.

Mario eventually reaches an outside area. Crossing several fountains, he finds Luigi, who was sent there by Dimentio after Chapter 6. He doesn't remember anything that happened since he was hypnotized by Nastasia into Mr. L. Mario explains that he has arrived in The Underwhere and asks Luigi to help him find Luvbi. Luigi eagerly accepts and joins Mario's party.

The Bros. must make their way back to the second room in the level. Luigi's super jump can be used to clear the pipes. At the left end of the room, the super jump must be used to reach another floor. There are some Dry Bones and Frost Piranhas here, as well as a door leading to another area. One of the pipes leads into the background, where there is pipe leading to an underground area with a Gigabite, which awards the player with Peach's third Catch Card when defeated.

In the next area, there are many pipes, each with a Frost Piranha inside. At the edge of the area is Luvbi. She is still searching for a prince and growls when the Bros. approach. After learning that they came to find her and bring her home, she asks them her name. When they answer correctly, she flies back to Jaydes in shock. The Bros. follow and Jaydes thanks them for finding Luvbi. She gives Mario the Pure Heart, which she was able to revitalize. She then tells them that their games were never ended and they were simply sent to The Underwhere. She asks them if they would like to return to Flipside and they agree.

Merlon and Tippi met up with Mario and Luigi at Flipside Tower. At Merlon's house, Mario explains what happened and introduces Luigi. With the Pixls back, they placed the revitalized Pure Heart into the seventh Heart Pillar in Flopside B1 Outskirts, revealing the purple door. Once they are ready, they enter the door on Flipside Tower but find that they are back in the Underwhere.

Storyline text

Dimentio's savage attack had separated Mario from his friends... He had reunited with Luigi, yes, but Peach and Bowser were still missing.

Just where were those two? And what new dangers lay ahead?

It was time to venture through the door opened by the seventh Pure Heart.

Once again, Mario saw a nightmarish landscape beyond imagination...

Tippi questioning Mario about his alleged Game Over taking him back here after entering the 7th Dimensional Door

Queen Jaydes revealing the door to the Underwhere Road The group venture towards Queen Jaydes's palace once more. Surprised, Queen Jaydes asks why Mario and Luigi have returned. Tippi explains that they are trying to find the Pure Heart hidden in The Underwhere. After realizing that they are the heroes mentioned in the Light Prognosticus, Jaydes tells them that the Pure Heart's location is top secret and the heroes will need to consult with Grambi in The Overthere. At that moment, Luvbi arrives, ready to return to The Overthere. Queen Jaydes asks the heroes to accompany Luvbi to The Overthere, as a monster has recently escaped from The Underhwere and Luvbi needs protection. Mario and company accept the task, hoping to speak to Grambi when escorting Luvbi, and Queen Jaydes opens the way to Underwhere Road. Through the door is the Star Block, which ends the chapterD

Chapter 7-2: The Sealed Doors Three[edit]

Mario and Luigi enter this area while escorting Luvbi to The Overthere. Luvbi explains that they will reach The Overthere by continuing upward. After lamenting her failure to find a prince, Luvbi runs ahead and the heroes follow into the next room. They find themselves shrouded in darkness, unable to see anything beyond a small circle of light around them. This room involves using a series of platforms to move upward. Several Underhands are on the walls and there are many Dark Boos hiding. There are some Mushrooms and a Dark Boo Catch Card. There are some flipping rectangle systems that can automatically move the characters to some platforms, but they move such short distances that their use is not required.

At the top of the room, the heroes encounter Dorguy the First, a guardian who blocks the way through Underwhere Road. He asks them three questions to ensure their trustworthiness, beginning with a complicated statement that seemingly precedes a math word problem, before asking a question completely unrelated to his statement (except for his final question, which requires the player to count how many times he says the word "apple"). If the heroes answer every question correctly, they are allowed to pass. Past Dorguy the First is a room with a Save Block, a large locked door, and another door guarded by three D-Men. The D-Men say that they are keeping a monster locked up, believing it to be the one that escaped its prison. They say that they cannot allow passage, but offer a deal: if the Bros. can defeat the monster, they may pass. The Bros. accept the challenge and enter the room.

They discover that the "monster" is actually Bowser, who has no idea where he is. He brightens up after seeing the Bros., but then sees that Peach is missing. Tippi tries to explain that they don't know where she is, but Bowser thinks that Mario is trying to keep him away from Peach and flies into a rage. He is defeated, however, and calms down a bit. After accepting that no one knows where the princess is, he rejoins the party. The D-Men are impressed by the Bros. and give up the key to the next room.

The next room is dark, but Bowser's Fire Breath can be used to light torches that temporarily light up the room. This room is much different from the previous stair, as the platforms are simply situated diagonally from each other. Some platforms have Dry Bones on them. At the top of the room, the heroes encounter another Dorguy. Like Dorguy the First, Dorguy the Second asks questions before allowing the heroes to pass, but his style is different. He shows a moving image of several colored shapes and asks questions relating to the shapes. He asks five questions and does not tell the player when they get a question right, only telling them how many they got right after the quiz is over. The heroes pass his quiz and are allowed to continue.

The next room has another locked door and an apartment where The Three Hags (Hagra, Hagitha and Hagnes) reside. In order to obtain the key to the next room, the heroes talk to Hagra, who sends them back to the beginning of the level to get her Diet Book back from a D-Man. She will give them the key when they return. The heroes can also talk to Hagitha, who send sthem to talk a D-Man in the area where they fought Bowser, in order to gain a hint as to how to defeat the Underchomp.

The next room appears to be outdoors. Like the others, it is dark with torches that Bowser can light. The player must first clear some tall hills, then climb a staircase with several Spiny Tromps rolling down it. At the top of the staircase is Dorguy the Third. Rather than quiz the heroe,s the third Dorguy summons the Underchomp, a creature that the heroes fight in a turn-based battle. After defeating it, they are allowed to pass into the room containing the Star Block.

Mario and Luigi return here while chasing Dimentio through the seven worlds. This is the final area they chase him through before battling him


  • Bowser
    • HP:80
    • ATK:2
    • Max ATK:a whopping 8
    • DEF:1
    • Reward:6000 points
    • Difficulty:****
    • Attacks:
      • Jump
      • Fire Breath
      • Charging Tackle

Keep your distance to avoid his attacks, then counter with Cudge's hammer or Boomer at each and every opportunity to defeat him. You could also use Carrie and jump on Bowser, but watch out for his fire breath and try to avoid jumping on it. If you find yourself cornered, flip to 3D to escape.


After defeating Bowser, he'll come to his senses and rejoin the group. The guards outside will be so pleased with your work, they'll award you with a Door Key, which unlocks the nearby door.

NOTE: Now that Bowser's on your side, use his fiery breath to ignite the torches you find. This will temporally light up the entire room, making your job a lot easier.

Now that you're at the base of a tall tower, it's time to get climbing. Just leap from one platform to the next, all the way to the top. Once you reach the door at the top, use Tippi's pointing powers once again to reveal a second Dorguy. The answers to the questions he asks you are varied, so we can't tell you the answers (Exception: The fourth answer is "4"). Once clear, head on through. Skip past the locked door and enter the bright pink one. Now here's the deal, there are three elderly women here, each with errand they want you to run. The only one you should concern yourself with his Hagra, the old woman closest to the door, as she'll reward you with a Door Key that opens the locked door you just past. The other two only provide a tip and an irrelevant story.

Speak with Hagra, the old woman closest to the door and accept her request to retrieve a book from a D-Man. Unfortunately, he's at the very beginning of the level, but on the flipside, she'll at least warp you to his location. Speak with him to obtain the Diet Book, then run through the level, back up the tower, to the old women to deliver the book. She'll reward you with the Door Key. With the door key in tow, head back outside and unlock the door. Now climb the long staircase to the top (in 3D to avoid the rolling thwomps). About halfway up, the staircase levels off and eventually drops off. Look for a second staircase right above where the first one levels-off at, and use Luigi's super-jump reach it and continue your climb.

Switch to Bowser (you'll find out why shortly) and use Tippi's pointing power one last time on the door at the top to reveal the final Dorguy. This time, the Dorguy skips the questions and sets forth an unusual battle. Now it's time to get a little...UNDERCHOMP!!


  • Underchomp
    • HP:15 (x3)
    • ATK:3
    • Reward:6000 points
    • Difficulty:***
    • Immune to Fire
    • Attacks (Red):
      • Chomp
      • Flame Breath
      • Strength Collector
    • Attacks (Blue):
      • Chomp
      • Blue Breath
      • Strength Collector
    • Attacks (Yellow):
      • Chomp
      • Stinky Breath
      • Strength Collector

Well, this is certainly different. This battle occurs in a retro-RPG-esque battle environment. Every attack you make is selected from a list of commands, which the computer then carries out.

Hopefully you have the Pixl, Piccolo in your party, as his magical powers are a huge assistance. Select him from the "Pixl" list to play a special tune - one that puts all three of the Underchomp's heads to sleep! Now's your chance to attack. Lay into them with Thudley's attack as Bowser to deal upwards of 20 damage each time (ignore Bowser's "Flame" technique, which is harmless) to deal significant damage. Once they wake up, replay Piccolo's tune to send them right back to lullaby land.

If you don't have Piccolo, just attack relentlessly as Bowser with Thudley, using items when necessary to regain HP.


Once the Underchomp is taken down, proceed through the door and hit the Star Block.

Chapter 7-3: The Forbidden Apple[edit]

Overthere Stair requires the player to move upward using clouds as platforms to advance. The first stair begins with a series of clouds. A Parabuzzy is found along the way. The player will then reach a long cloud with an Ice Cherbil and some ? Blocks, one of which contains a Super Shroom. To the right is a platform to carry the player up, passing some coin-covered clouds. The player must then continue across clouds to the left, passing a Spiky Parabuzzy and another Ice Cherbil, then use Luigi's super jump to reach a cloud with a Jump-Over Cloud that can be used to reach another Jump-Over Cloud with some Parabuzzies nearby. The second Jump-Over Cloud will take the player to a door leading to the next stair.

At the next stair, there are some Beepboxers standing on ? Blocks. All of the blocks contain Zombie Shrooms, svae one, which holds a Speed Flower. Past these are some more clouds leading upward to a Save Block. Continuing left pasta Spiky Parabuzzy are clouds leading to a Jump-Over Cloud, taking the player to a spot with another Jump-Over Cloud, several coins, and a Ruff Puff. To the right of the next Jump-Over Cloud are two Rawbuses guarding their own Catch Card. The third Jump-Over cloud takes the player to an area where they must continue right, encountering a Beepboxer, an Ice Cherbil, and several Ruff Puffs, to reach yet another Jump-Over Cloud, taking the player to a cloud to the right of the next door.

Stair 3 has two Beepboxers and a ? Block containing a Ghoul Shroom, before a Jump-Over Cloud, taking the player to a door. The door leads to a tree holding Blue Apples, which the player can obtain by using Boomer, Thudley or Cudge near the tree. Back out the door, the player must go left past some enemies. There is a Ruff Puff card to the far left. Continuing upward are more enemies and a ? Block holding a Mushroom. Soon, the player will reach the top of this set of clouds and must flip into 3-D and use several blocks to move forward/right. The player must then move down to reach a Jump-Over that takes them to Stair 4.

Stair 4 has two paths. To the right, the player may go up to a platform of Hard Blocks, where there is a Lakitu and a Jump-Over Cloud taking the player to a door. The door leads to an area with several clouds, a Happy Flower and a tree bearing Red Apples. The other path, there is a Squig and a Squog next to a vertically moving platform, which takes the player up to a spot with a door and a Save Block on the right and another platform on the left. Through the door, the heroes find Princess Peach, who is asleep. They try as hard as they can to wake her, but do not succeed. Luvbi states that Peach ate a Golden Apple, which causes a person to sleep so deeply that they do not wake up for centuries. She initially says that there is no way to reverse the effects, but then remembers a "taboo fruit" that her father once spoke of. However, she has no idea where the fruit is, so the heroes look by themselves.

Back out the door, the player must right the vertically-moving platform up. To the left, there is a Shroom Shake in a chest. To the right is a Lakitu next to a Jump-Over Cloud, which takes the player to yet another crossways. To the left, there is a sign reading "Orange Fruit Hither". Mario may flip to find a path in 3-D to a hidden door, where there is a tree bearing Orange Apples. To the right is a Squig and a Squog next to the door leading to Stair 5. To the immediate left of the start of Stair 5 is a door leading to a tree bearing Pink Apples, found in 3-D. Up and to the right of the stair is a door leading to an area with a Skellobit, a Spiky Skellobit and a Skellobomber, which must be defeated to leave the area. To the right of the door is a ? Block containing a Mushroom and a Coin Block, as well as a vertically-moving platform taking the player to a cloud, where a door leading to Black Apples, the fruit needed to wake Peach, is found in 3-D.

The heroes return to Peach. Each apple has a different effect on her. Red Apples cause her to wake up, then grow to an enormous size, then fall asleep again. Conversely, the Blue Apple causes her to shrink down. Orange Apples cause her to wake up, grow a mustache, then fall asleep again and the Pink Apple turns her into a Peachy Peach. All of the apples' effects are temporary. The Black Apple, however, is so bad-tasting that is causes Peach to wake up screaming. After learning the situation and meeting Luvbi, Peach rejoins the party.

With Peach in the party, the player can now continue through Stair 5. To the left is a Jump-Over Cloud taking the player up to an area with a short staircase of Hard Blocks, which Peach can use as a starting point to float across to the left, where she can use three Jump-Over Clouds in a row to reach Stair 6. There are three Skellobits and a Reversya Cursya at the start of Stair 6. To the far left is a Super Shroom and two vertically-moving platforms, which take the player to some floating pillars near a Jump-Over Cloud. The cloud takes the player to a spot with yet another upward-moving platform, which takes the player past a Cursya guarding a Long-Last Shake. Past two more Skellobits is the end of Stair 6.

Stair 7 begins with a Skellobit and Skellobomber, followed by a Jump-Over Cloud, taking the player past another Skellobomber to another Jump-Over Cloud, which takes the player to another set of pillars, these thinner than the previous set. Past the pillars is a horizontally-moving platform, taking the player underneath a shrine. There is a Life Shroom in a chest nearby. In the shrine are two Skellobits and a Spiky Skellobit. To the left of the shrine is Cyrrus, a sentient cloud who wants to be enormous. He asks the player is they have anything that could make him grow big. To his left is a switch that rveeals a pipe leading back to the door where Peach was found, allowing the player to save and collect apples for Cyrrus. The apples have the same effects on him as Peach. The Red Apple with cause Cyrrus to grow large enough to bounce the player into orbit before they fall back down to the very top of Stair 7, where there is a shrine with a door underneath and a Gold Bar on the roof.

The next area has a sign reading: "Here Endeth Overthere Stair. The Overthere is Over There." Peach must be used to float across a wide gap to the Star Block

Chapter 7-4: A Bone-Chilling Tale[edit]

At some point shortly before the heroes' arrival in the dimension, Bonechill, a self-proclaimed "master of the cold dark" and a fallen Nimbi (a reference to the story of Lucifer), and his army of Skellobits were released from their prison in The Underwhere. They escaped from the dark realm and laid siege on the Overthere in an attempt to capture the Pure Heart said to be held by Grambi. As Bonechill took over Grambi's abode, the Skellobits, reaching as far as the upper reaches of the Overthere Stair, attacked and imprisoned the Nimbis and destroyed the rainbow bridge leading to Grambi's sanctuary.

When Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser, Luigi, and Luvbi arrive, they discover the invasion and find that several Nimbis on the path to Grambi's palace have been frozen. Upon freeing and speaking to Whibbi, the heroes are told that they need to find Rebbi, Blubbi, and Yebbi, the holders of three colored orbs (the Red Orb, the Blue Orb, and the Yellow Orb) needed to reconstruct the bridge leading to Grambi's palace. By scouring the sectors of the Overthere, the heroes are able to obtain the orbs and rebuild the bridge.

Once the bridge is reconstructed, the heroes and Luvbi encounter a Spiky Skellobit. In response to Luvbi asking whether Grambi is fine and threatening to hurt the Skellobit if he isn't, the Skellobit summons an army mostly made of Skellobombers to challenge them. However, it is then that Rebbi and an army of Nimbis show up to take care of the Skellobits. While the battle takes place, the heroes are able to access Grambi's palace.

Once inside, the heroes encounter Bonechill and learn that Luvbi is an embodiment of the Pure Heart, created to keep it out of the hands of beings like Bonechill. Shocked, Luvbi confronts Grambi but is then ordered by Tippi to get him to safety. Once this is done, the heroes combat and defeat Bonechill, after which Luvbi learns the truth about her identity from her parents. Following an emotional exchange between the three of them, Luvbi becomes resigned to her fate and assumes her Pure Heart form, asking Mario and co. to save all worlds as her dying wish.


  • Bonechill
    • HP:80
    • Atk:4
    • Difficulty:***
    • Reward:7000 points
    • Attacks
      • Icicle Drop
      • Ice Cannon
      • Ice Breath

Switch to Luigi and try your best to avoid his attacks. Use Thoreau to throw the upside down icicles at his face, which is a weak spot. Alternately power up Luigi's super jump to get above him and jump on his head. As Bonechill takes damage, blue scales fall off him.

When he uses Ice Breath, shake the Wii Remote to minimize damage.