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Heart Pillar 8[edit]

Things don't get much easier than this. After speaking with Merlon, head to Flopside and flip to 3D outside Nolrem's house and proceed through the gate, down the path, and into Flopside Outskirts. Once there, jump over the pillars to the right (or run around them in 3D) to find the Heart Pillar. It will spawn a door at Flopside's tower - go to it for Chapter 8.

Chapter 8-1: The Impending Darkness[edit]

You made it to Castle Bleck, well you will see the castle, there is a door and we you see it, open it. Then you'll see a room with Koopatrols and Blue Magiblots, then when you avoided the enemies or killed them, get to a door and open it. Then you'll find a staircase with Goombas and Boomerang Bros, then a Koopa Troopa and more Boomerang Bros, a door. Then you'll find more Koopatrols, Goombas, Koopa Troopas and a Paratroopa, then a room with two Mr Is and a Red I, two doors, one to somewhere, and the other to Blue Magiblots and Soopa Strikers, a staircase with Fire bros, then you'll find O'Chunks


  • HP:100
  • Atk:4
  • Max Atk:6
  • Difficulty:****
  • Reward:8000 points
  • Jump
  • Ground Pound
  • Twister Throw
  • Meteor Strike

It seems Bowser has a personal vengeance against O'Chunks, so he's going to battle him one-on-one. But O'Chunks has a trick up his sleeve - he's now Super Sized. Play this one out like before. Use Thoreau to toss O'Chunks, which stuns him, then either leap atop his head, or use Bowser's flame breath. Step aside afterward to avoid his jump attacks, then repeat the process until he's defeated.

After the battle, O'Chunks and Bowser will support the failing building, allowing the bros and Peach to escape. Now hit the Save Block to complete the level.

Note: You cannot use Bowser anymore until the last level.

Chapter 8-2: The Crash[edit]

At the start of the level, the heroes comment on the frequent tremors running through the castle and wonder why Count Bleck's plan involves destroying himself in the process. The first stretch of the level is a hallway filled with Zoing-Oings, a Cursya, Blastboxers and Red Is.

"Merlon" telling Mario to hit the Switch Block In the next room, the heroes find Merlon, who says that the Light Prognosticus says to hit the "totally unsuspicious block" next to him. They have no other option, as the door in the room is locked. However, it opens a trapdoor underneath them and they fall into a trap, while Merlon reveals himself to be Mimi. In the trap, Mario, Luigi and Peach must use Boomer to blow up part of the wall so Mario Flip and go through the hole into another room. The room has a pipe leading up, five slots on the ceiling, with the pipe connected to one, and a door on either side of the room. The door on the right has spikes and Spiky Parabuzzies that can be traversed with Carrie. On the other side of the spikes is a red Switch Block. The left door is filled with Firebars and Magiblots, which another red switch at the end. These switches move the pipe to the left or right. They must position the pipe to the slot on the far left, as all the other slots lead to the same empty room. The slot on the left, however, leads to a room above the one with the trapdoor. The room has three chests, two containing items and one containing a Castle Bleck Key. They can fall back into the room with the locked door and continue on.

The next room is a staircase with Gloombas, Hammer Bros., red Koopa Troopas and Fire Bros.. Midway up the stairs, there is a door, leading to an area with a few different Cursyas. Mario can flip to find a hidden path leading to an Ultra Shroom Shake. Through the door at the top is another one of Mimi's traps. It is a large room with Mushrooms hanging from the ceiling. Collecting one does restore HP, but opens a trapdoor. Each trapdoor leads to a room with enemies. One has different types of Cherbils, one has Shlorps and one has a Chromeba. When the player falls into a trapdoor, the enemies in the room must be defeated to make a pipe appear, leading back up. One of these enemies has the key to a door in the room.

"Merlee" questions Mario

Peach tries to save Mimi. Through that door, the heroes find Merlee. She asks them what their three greatest fears are. Each question has three options, a weak enemy, a strong enemy, and an item. After she is done asking, she tells them to enter the door on the right. The next three rooms have what the player told Merlee they feared. The last room will have multiple objects, unless Francis was chosen. After getting through the rooms, they find a furious Merlee waiting. She reveals herself to be Mimi.

Mimi and Peach get into fight. Mimi makes fun of the fact that Peach always has to be rescued by Mario and Luigi. Peach then orders that the Mario Bros. stay back while she fights Mimi alone. Mimi then shifts into her true form and attacks. Peach wins, but then they all feel another tremor and hurry into the next room. Peach stays back and tries to convince Mimi to find somewhere safe, but a powerful tremor causes the floor to fall out under Mimi. Peach leaps forward to save her, but an aftershock causes them both to fall. In the next room, Mario and Luigi hear the princess scream and want to go back to get her, but the door won't budge and Tippi says they must press on


  • Francis
    • HP:40
    • Atk:1
    • Reward:4000
    • Difficulty:**
    • Attacks
      • Warp
      • Minion Summon
      • Camera Flash

Since you don't have Bowser, Luigi and Carrie are the key to this battle. After you finish off Francis, He will warp back to Fort Francis. Then you can go through the next door.

At the end of your treasure collection, Mimi will once again appear, and this time, she'll challenge Peach to a duel.


  • Mimi
    • HP:??
    • Atk:4
    • Reward:8000
    • Difficulty:***
    • Attacks:
      • Rubee Shot
      • Rubee Throw
      • Rubee Wave
      • Rubee Chainsaw

This battle is strictly between Peach and Mimi, so switching characters is not allowed.

Mimi attacks very much like before, except she has a new chainsaw attack to mix things up. Like before, use Peach's umbrella as a shield during each of Mimi's attacks to avoid damage. Once there's an opening, use Thoreau to grab one of the Rubees, then chuck it at Mimi's head - or even better, simply leap into Mimi's head while holding it; this at least ensures you won't miss.

After a couple of hits, Mimi will become stunned - quickly jump on her head to knock off a leg. Once all of her legs are removed, the battle will be over. Hit the Star Block and you're done.

Chapter 8-3: Countdown to Destruction[edit]

The level begins with a hall full of different types of Skellobits and Cursyas. In the next room, there are some Hogarithms and a door. The door, however, just leads right back into the room. Luigi must super jump up to an area with two Sobarribads. After they are defeated, the door can be used as normal. The next room has many mirrors on the walls. Dimentio clones will appear in these mirrors to shoot at the player. There also some Longadiles. One of the mirrors is actually a hole that be entered by Fliping. In this room, there is an item and a Castle Bleck Key used to open the door at the end of the mirror room.

The next room is a staircase with Boomerang Bros. By flipping, Mario can go into the staircase, under the landing. This area has some Soopa Strikers and a door at the end. Through this door is a room with Blue Magiblots and three blocks high up in the air. The block on the right can be hit with Luigi's super jump to make a door appear. The next room is like the last, but it has Red Magiblots and the middle block must be hit. The next room has Yellow Magiblots and already has a door, however, it leads to a room full of Chain Chomps. Hitting the right block will make it slide away for another door. In the last room, the three blocks must be hit in a certain order, given away by numbers seen in 3D. Hitting them all will reveal a chest with a key. The Mario Bros. can then backtrack to the staircase and continue on.

The following room has many platforms and Skellobits, as well as another looping door like the one seen before. By flipping, Mario can find arrows directing him on a certain path. Following this path will fix the door. The next room is another mirror room, but without Dimentio clones. When Mario enters the fake mirror, however, he finds several Dimentio clones in a huge crowd. While they are harmless, their numbers can shove Mario around. There chests at either end of the room, one with an item, one with a key. The key can be used to enter the final room.

Dimentio on Lineland Road Dimentio is waiting in the next room. He challenges them to a "game of tag...with magic." He then teleports away, leaving a rift for Fleep that hides a Switch Block. When the player hits that block, it takes them to Lineland Road. By following Dimentio, they can find another rift that takes them to Merlee's Mansion. They continue with the chase through The Tile Pool, Planet Blobule, Gap of Crag, World of Nothing and Underwhere Road, then back to Castle Bleck. Dimentio congratulates the heroes and says that he has been watching them and testing them, even helping them. He reveals that he teleported Princess Peach out of Castle Bleck earlier to save her from Nastasia. He also sent Mario to The Underwhere so that he could fix the dead Pure Heart and sent Mr. L in order to revert him back to Luigi. He then explains that Count Bleck promised his minions that after all worlds were destroyed, he would create a new one where they would all be happy, but Dimentio could tell he was lying. He offers an alliance to betray Count Bleck. Mario declines (if he accepts, Dimentio brainwashes them with Floro Sprouts). Dimentio decides that if they won't help, they are not useful and might as well be destroyed. He then insults Luigi. Luigi tells Mario to run ahead while he takes care of Dimentio. Mario reluctantly complies and Dimentio allows him to leave. After being defeated, Dimentio reveals that Luigi is the "man in green" of the prophecy, the only one who can determine whether the light or dark prophecy comes true. He decides that Count Bleck can never get his hands on Luigi and destroys Luigi and himself. Mario hears the explosion, but knows he must press on alone

Chapter 1-1: The Adventure Unfolds[edit]

Run to the end of the level and use Fleep once more on another tear.

Chapter 2-3: Breaking the Bank[edit]

Use Fleep's flipping power on the tear directly in front of the vault door. To get there, flip to 3D in the top-left corner (past the generator room) and run toward the camera. Hit the block and climb the ladder that emerges. Then use Slim to get past the lasers.

Chapter 3-2: Bloops Ahoy[edit]

Swim left, to the beginning of the level to find another tear.

Chapter 4-2: A Paper Emergency[edit]

Run to the right, flipping to 3D to cross the chasm, and look for the tear at the end of the path.

Chapter 5-2: Pixls, Tablets and Crag[edit]

Remember the Tablet located down below that you to burn with Bowser's fiery breath? That's where the tear is, sort of. Flip to 3D at the first rock, head down the exposed path, then look for it on the left.

Chapter 6-1: Sammer Guy Showdown/ The World of Nothing[edit]

Run to the right for about a minute and look for the Tear.

Chapter 7-2: The Sealed Doors Three[edit]

The Tear can be found in front of the door at the very top.

Chapter 8-3: Countdown to Destruction (Continued)[edit]

After finding the final Tear, you'll arrive back in the castle, where Dimentio will give you the chance to join him and take down the count. Deny his request several times to cause Luigi to challenge to a duel.


  • Dimentio
    • HP:80
    • Atk:4
    • Reward:8000 points
    • Difficulty:****
    • Attacks:
      • Magic Diamond
      • Boom Box
      • Duo Illusion
      • Trio Illusion

As with most bosses, leaping on Dimentio's head is the key to victory. But make sure to attack from below with Luigi's spring jump, then try to hit him again on your way back down.

You don't have to use your super jump, as long as he is close enough to the ground when you attack.

Chapter 8-4: Tippi and Count Bleck[edit]

You will be found at a hallway with Coptas,Cursyas and Poison Pokeys, then a door, then a hallway with Yellow Magiblots then go to the next door, the next door has Parabuzzies and Spiky Parabuzzies, then a door and you'll find more Parabuzzies and Spiky Parabuzzies, a door and that door has Mega Muths and a hallway with some Hogarithms, a Reversya Cursya, two Tech Cursyas and Coptas, a door that will take to a hallway with a Red I, a Cherbil,two Poison Cherbils, one more Hogarithm, Poison Pokeys, Tech Cursya, Shlorps and a door, the next door has Spanias, Skellobombers and a door, the door takes you to a staircase with a door, the door leads you to a Red Magiblot,Skellobaits,Spiky Skellobaits,Skellobits,Spiky Skellobits and a door, the door takes you to a staircase with a door^, the count's defeat and Super Dimentio is on, baby


  • Count Bleck
    • HP:150
    • Atk:3
    • Max Atk:8
    • Reward:8000 points
    • Difficulty:****
    • Attacks:
      • Void Orb
      • Fly Tackle
      • Slowdown
      • Vortex Blast

Bleck is currently protected by a force-field, so don't be put-off by your attack's ineffectiveness. Just make sure to evade his by keeping your distance. His most disruptive attack, the Vortex Blast, will suck you in if nearby, and if caught, it will hurt.

Soon enough, Luigi, Bowser, and the Princess will rejoin your squad, and the Pure Hearts they bring with them will destroy Count Bleck's shield. With him now vulnerable, climb the platforms and leap onto his head. Keep Slim by your side and turn thin to avoid Count Bleck's attacks.

Bowser's great for inflicting a lot of damage at once, but his agility (or lack thereof) leaves something to be desired. As such, Peach is generally the safest character to use as you can glide around with her umbrella, making it easier to target the Count's head. After enough attacks, the Count will go down.

Final Boss[edit]

  • Super Dimentio
    • HP:200
    • Atk:3
    • Max Atk:6
    • Def:4 on the body, 0 on the head
    • Reward:9990 points
    • Difficulty:*****
    • Attacks:
      • The People's Elbow
      • Gyro Ball
      • Super Spring Jump
      • Dash
      • Rapid Fire balls
      • fire balls

After the Count's defeat, Dimentio will use a brain-washed Luigi to do his evil bidding. Again, the head is the weak-point, but climbing up to it can be a challenge. Like before, climb the floating blocks to the head, then jump on his noggin -- however, it's invincible at first, but the Count will chime in shortly to give you a hand.

Peach is the safer bet, thanks to her umbrella, but Bowser's a brute, and can bring victory much faster. Bowser can also unleash his flame attack on Mr. L's face, from a nearby block, which saves you the trouble of jumping.

Keep Slim equipped at all times to turn paper-thin, thereby avoiding Dimentio's attacks. When you see the crosshair appear around you, get moving, as a whole bunch of Gyro Balls are on their way. Or even worse, if the crosshair has a large "!" in it, that means he's about to leap at you, so get out of the way!

TIP:If you find yourself cornered, flip to 3D to step around Dimentio to the other side.

Note: After Tippi leaves the group at the end of the game, you can buy Tiptron (an almost exact copy of Tippi) for 999 coins from Francis, the boss of chapter 3.And then you can go to the two epic "pits of 100 trials" in flipside or flopside.