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Note that the Wii Remote is held sideways.

Button Action
Left dpad Move left
Right dpad Move right
Up dpad Talk to a nearby character; examine a door or chest; (During a conversation) view previous dialogue lines
Down dpad (Using Mario) Duck (Using Peach) Guard; (Using Bowser) Breathe fire; (Using Luigi) Super Jump
A button (When using Mario) Flip
Minus button Display the controls
Plus button Display the menu screen
1 button Use a Pixl; read the rest of a message
2 button Jump; select an item; read the rest of a message; (When using Peach and in midjump) Open parasol and float
1 button + 2 button Display the quick menu
Remote button (When pointing at the screen and pressing A button) View Tippi's hints and explanations, examine people and things, find and reveal hidden items and structures; use some items