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Health Items[edit]

These items are used on the player's character in order to restore his or her status.

  • Mushroom: Restores 10 HP and cures poison.
  • Life Shroom: If the player's HP drops to 0, the Life Shroom will revive the player, restoring him/her by 5 points.
  • Shroom Shake: Restores 10 HP and cures poison.
  • Horsetail: Restores 7 HP and cures poison.
  • Dried Shroom: Restores 1 HP and cures poison.
  • Gold bar: Sells for 100 gold coins.
  • Gold bar x 3': Sells for 300 gold coins.
  • Peachy Peach: Restores 10 HP and cures poison.
  • Big Egg: A big, yolky egg that restores 12 HP and cures poison.
  • Honey Jar: Sweet honey that restores 10 HP and cures poison.
  • Super Shroom: Restores 20 HP.
  • Inky Sause: Restores 3 HP and cures poison.
  • Spicy Soup: Sip with a flameproof spoon. Fills 8 Hp and cures poison.
  • Hamburger meat: Restores 20 HP and cures poison.
  • Long-Last Shake: Shake the wii remote the faster you shake it the more HP you get. It restores HP slowly.
  • Dayzee tear: Restores 3 HP and cures poison.
  • Keel Mango: Restores 7 HP and cures poison.
  • Whacka Bump: Restores 30 HP and cures poison

Combat Items[edit]

These items are used against enemies.

  • Fire Burst: When used, every enemy visible on the screen bursts into flames. The effectiveness of the Fire Burst depends on how vigorously the player shakes the Wii Remote up and down while performing the attack.
  • Shell Shock: Rams into enemies when kicked.
  • Pal Pills: These cause a group of miniature 8-bit Marios to follow the player around and act as a personal army. (Coincidentally, a similar concept appeared in the Super Mario World cartoon in the episode Rock TV, where Yoshi and the Princess distract King Koopa and his cohorts by hitting a block which expelled a dozen tiny, mini-Marios.)
  • POW Block: Summons a POW Block, which when activated hits all enemies on screen.
  • Thunder Rage: Similar to the Fire Burst item, this sends strikes of lightning to greatly damage all enemies shown on the screen.
  • Shooting Star: Showers enemies with stars causing them damage.
  • Catch Card: A card that catches an enemy's soul. If it works, damage to that enemy is increased.
  • Catch Card SP: A card that catches an enemy's soul. It has a higher chance to catch an enemy compared to a regular catch card. You can buy this in Flimm's exclusive shop for 100 coins.
  • Volt Shroom: A shocking shroom that briefly paralyzes enemies the player comes into contact with.
  • Ghost Shroom: goes around attacking enemy that are on screen.
  • Hot sauce: Temporarily doubles your attack power.
  • Courage shell: Increases your defense temporarily.
  • Ice storm: When used, every enemy visible on the screen is damaged and gets frozen if it survived the damage. The more you shake the remote the more damage it does.
  • Sleepy Sheep: When used, all enemies on screen fall asleep.
  • Stop Watch: Freezes all enemies on the screen.

Special Items[edit]

These items power-up the player's character.

  • Mega Star: causes the character to grow to immense size (similar to the Mega Mushroom in New Super Mario Bros.), allowing him or her to crash through the level, effectively invincible. It also causes the character to appear in the form of an NES-style sprite along with an awesome starman theme song remix. Also note that in a screenshot of a beta version of Super Paper Mario, the palette of "Mega NES Mario" uses the modern Mario palette.
  • Speed Flower (a variation of Fire Flower): Deviating from its traditional role of allowing Mario to throw fireballs, the Red Flower speeds up your time, allowing you to move much faster. All points scored under the influence of a Speed Flower are tripled.
  • Slow Flower: It causes Mario and the enemies to slow down temporarily, making it easier to aim hits and dodge enemies. All points scored under the influence of a Slow Flower are tripled.
  • Happy Flower: This item takes the shape of the Flower Points (FP) in the previous Paper Mario games, and when touched, will send coins raining down on the screen for a limited time.
  • Turtley Leaf: Reduces all damage to the player by half.
  • Block Block: Allows you to be temporally be invincible.
  • Mighty Tonic: Temporarily doubles your attack power.
  • Mystery Box: Randomly does different things.
  • Star Medal: Gives player 1,000 points.
  • Gold Medal: Gives player 10,000 points.


Items that do not belong in the other sections.

  • Ancient Clue: A piece of paper that you need to give to Fleep in Chapter 4-2.
  • Golden Card: A card found in Flopside that unlocks the Hammer Whacker mini-game.
  • Ruins Key: A key to a door in Yold Ruins.
  • Pit Key: A key that is used in the Pit of 100 Trials.
  • Card Key: A key used to get in the processing center in Chapter 5-4.
  • Door Key: A key to a door in Gloam Valley.
  • House Key: A key to a door in Merlee's mansion.
  • Helmet: A fish bowl that acts as a space helmet for Chapter 4.
  • Floro Sprout: A dead [formerly mind controlling] plant that is used to enter the Chapter 5 Boss' Lair.
  • Return Pipe: In the overworld, this pipe can be used from the menu to send the player to the level select area.
  • Diet Book: A book you must give to Harge in Chapter 7-2.