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Pixls are a secondary party member with no HP or defense, and cannot be attacked by an enemy.

Each Pixl has its own unique ability that is activated by pressing 1 button. You can only have 1 Pixl on the field at any one time (excluding Tippi), but you can change Pixls at any time via menu screen. Pixls, like characters, are sometimes unusable due to seperation.


Found in: Beginning of game

  • Primary Talent: Providing information about enemies and objects
  • Secret Talent: Revealing hidden objects

Description: Tippi looks like a butterfly. She is always on the field and cannot be switched out for another Pixl. She also plays a key role in the storyline.


Found in: Chapter 1-2

  • Primary Talent: Grabbing and throwing enemies and objects
  • Secret Talent: Activating ! blocks and switches.

Description: Thoreau looks like a baseball glove. You will use his power throughout the game to trip ! blocks and defeat heavily defended enemies. Be careful, if Thoreau picks up an enemy with a spike on its head, Mario will take damage.


Found in: Chapter 2-1

  • Primary Talent: Blasting openings in cracked walls
  • Secret Talent: Activating switches in hard-to-reach places
  • His attack power is 2 times Mario's attack.

Description: Boomer is a bomb with wings and eyes. Boomer can blow open holes in cracked walls/floors, and blow away sand blocks.


Found in: Chapter 2-3

  • Primary Talent: Flipping your playable character into 1-D, rendering you invisible and invulnerable while standing, enableing you to fit into tiny cracks, and allowing you to avoid traps.
  • Secret Talent: Stealth attacks during boss battles

Description: Slim looks like a Tornado. His power is invaluable during a boss fight. The ability to dodge any move while still being able to attack is very useful. Just make sure you are standing still when the attack draws near; if you move, the attack will still damage you.


Found in: Chapter 3-2

  • Primary Talent: Slamming large switches and columns
  • Secret Talent: Damages large enemies, knocking small enemies onto their backs, knocking objects loose from walls
  • His attack power is 2 times Mario's attack.

Description: Thudley looks like a lead weight. You should only use Thudley against slow moving targets, as its slow and hard to predict where you're going to land.


Found in: Chapter 3-4

  • Primary Talent: Transporting playable characters over spikes and water
  • Secret Talent: Slightly quicker walking speed. Also allows characters to jump on spiked enemies.

Description: She looks like a unfolded cube or a cross. Her power isn't really that useful outside of solving dungeon puzzles. Also, you can use Carrie to increase Bowser's speed/jump, and use his fire breath in mid-air.


Found in: Chapter 3-1

  • Primary Talent: Using a force field to protect playable characters and damage enemies for a short time.
  • Secret Talent: Reflecting energy-based attacks back at enemies
  • Where Found: Beginning of chapter, behind a bush. Available after rescuing Tippi from Francis.

Description: He looks like a spiky ball. Like Slim, Barry's power is invaluable during a boss fight. Barry is optional but highly recommended as you don't need him to finish the game. Barry is the only Pixl to not recognize Mario and Co. as the heroes from the start.


Found in: Chapter 4-2

  • Primary Talent: Revealing hidden objects via flipping 2-D covers and objects in front of them
  • Secret Talent: Confusing some enemies

Description: Fleep looks like a square or rectangle. His power is useful in some fights. His real usefulness comes into play when you go to complete the side quests.


Found in: Chapter 5-2

  • Primary Talent: Smashing big yellow blocks into small pieces
  • Secret Talent: Beating on enemies
  • His attack power is 2 times Mario's attack.

Description: Cudge looks like a hammer. Cudge's hammer is a short ranged attack. However, it is a very powerful and fast attack. Cudge can be used to take out enemies that you don't want to jump on.


Found in: Chapter 5-4

  • Primary Talent: Shrinking playable characters to a small size.
  • Secret Talent: Enemies can't see you while small.
  • Third Talent: Lets you enter Itty Bits shop.
  • Fourth Talent: Lets you walk on water.

Description: Dottie looks like a bunch of pins lined up in a circular pattern. When shrunk, you can still function normally. Your jump height/speed are not decreased in any way.


Found in: Flopside

  • Primary Talent: Make musical notes to trigger events in the game and to change the SFX (sound effects) while jumping.
  • Secret Talent: Cures some status effects; Can be used on the Underchomp to make it sleep.
  • Where Found: In the Random House in Flopside. You must get a key after completing a quest from Merlee.

Description: Piccolo looks like a music note. Her power is useless when fighting. Piccolo is optional as you don't need her to finish the game. There are a few optional treasure chests that can be found by using Piccolo at certain blocks with her picture on it. Also, using her power on the Underchomp boss in 7-2 will put it to sleep.


Found in: Pit of 100 Trials (Flipside)

  • Primary Talent: Running extremely fast
  • Secret Talent: Run through/break through block
  • Where Found: Obtained at the Pit of 100 Trials (Flipside), room 100

Description: Dashell looks like a pentagon with feet on the side of his body. You use him by holding down the 1 button button and running.


Found in: Chapter 3-4

  • Primary Talent: Providing information about enemies and objects
  • Secret Talent: Revealing hidden objects
  • Where Found: Buy her from Francis for 999 coins