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NOTICE: Playing the game after completing the story doesn't unlock anything and there are no secret rewards for completing collections.

After loading a completed save you will be summoned to the Flipside Tower. After talking to Merlon you will be free to roam the world. Replay chapters, complete your collections and play in the Arcade.
It is recommended to first get Tiptron as Tippi's replacement.


Start by collecting 999 coins to buy Tiptron from Francis. A popular way of making money is to buy cheap ingredients from various worlds, cooking them into more valuable items and selling them for profit.
When you have accumulated 999 coins go to Flipside Tower, enter the yellow door and choose Chapter 3-4. Enter the fort, switch to Peach and open the big cat door which leads to Francis's room. Talk to Francis and he'll offer to sell Tiptron to you for 999 coins. There's no way to change the price.
After that use the Star Block next to you to end chapter or use return pipe to go back to Flipside, both have the same result except if you use the Star Block you'll get a chance to save your game.

Duel of 100[edit]

You can finally complete the Duel of 100. From Flipside Tower enter the dark blue door. You'll be asked if you want to visit Chapter 6-1. Continue just like the first time in this chapter, but this time Jade Blooper will recognize you and challenges you again. If you quit the chapter you'll have to start from the beginning, just like in Pit of 100 Trials.
Each part of Chapter 6 is divided to 25 rounds. Round 100 will be End Boss, a huge Sammer Guy in golden armor. When you are victorious King Sammer will give you rare cards featuring Mario's old companions from Paper Mario.
Once you have the cards hit the Star Block to end the whole chapter and you'll return to Flipside Tower.

Chapter 6-1: Sammer's Kingdom[edit]

1. Jade Blooper 2. Hills with Eyes 3. Puffing Fist 4. Squatting Toad 5. Leeping Cheap 6. Master Wiggler 7. Shoe of Kuirbo 8. Guy Who Fry 9. Screaming Mantis 10. Koopa in Winter 11. Footsteps of Coins 12. Urchin Lung 13. Crow Who Eats 14. Swollen Tongue 15. Slipping Grip 16. Clammy Hand 17. Forbidden Slap 18. Hairy Arantula in Grass 19. Another Castle 20. Rolling Thwomp 21. Thraswing Prawn 22. Thousand Year-Roar 23. Unshy Guy 24. Useless Badge 25. Sunshine Flood (Chapter 6-1 Boss)

Chapter 6-2: Sammer's Early Duels[edit]

26. Grand Master Kickface 27. Soaring Cape 28. Yowling Yux 29. Mystical Whistle 30. Laughing X-Naut 31. Dances on Turtles 32. Fathomless Chasm 33. Thirsting Bones 34. Molten Panther 35. Peeking Boo 36. Action Commander 37. Bullet III 38. Sliding Shell 39. Software Pirate 40. Flailing Boom Boom 41. Sun of Displeasure 42. Furious Fang of Goomb 43. Zesty Recipe 44. Warping Pipe 45. Fruit in Belly 46. Last Sheep 47. Infinty Shlurp 48. Spanner of Rock 49. Star of Seven Shards 50. Ice World (Chapter 6-2 Boss)

Pit of 100 Trials[edit]

After getting Boomer you can open the Pit at the lowest level on the outskirts of Flipside. To unlock Flopside's Pit you'll have to clear Flipside's Pit first. You'll be rewarded with a rare Card every 10th room you reach. You may also use the Warp Pipe to exit the Pit, but then you'll have to start from room 1.
In Flipside at the 100th room you'll fight Wracktail. Wracktail is similar to the first boss from Chapter 1. After beating Wracktail you'll get Dashell.
In Flopside you'll have to clear the Pit twice to get to fight Shadoo. Shadoo uses dark versions of the four heroes. After beating Shadoo you'll get Cards. One of them is a rare Mario card which allows Mario to stay flipped without a timer.


You'll have most of the Pixls by now but the only missable ones are Barry, Dashell and Piccolo.
You've met Barry at the start of Chapter 3-1. Since you defeated Francis, Barry will join you if you go talk to him again.
Dashell is the final prize for beating Pit of 100 Trials in Flipside.
Piccolo is locked in the Random House in Flopside Ground Floor. To get the key you'll have to complete a side quest for Merlee. To start the quest talk to Merlee behind the table.


Use Capture Card and Capture Card SP to collect majority of the Cards. You also can buy Card Bags and single Cards, but the most rare ones you'll have to win from Duel of 100 and from Pit of 100 Trials in both Flipside and Flopside.


Collecting Cooking Disks and giving them to Dining Specializer will help at this task, but you can experiment with ingredients. You'll have to talk to both Saffon and Dyllis to use Cooking Disks and make every recipe.

Treasure Maps[edit]

You'll have to buy every treasure map from Flamm in Flopside B1 and use Fleep to uncover the hidden treasures indicated in each map.

Flipside Arcade[edit]

The Arcade can be found in the The Underwhere in Flipside Floor B1. Flip to 3d and walk towards the camera until you get to a Warp Pipe. That pipe leads to the arcade. In the arcade you'll have to buy tokens from InterChet to play the games.
You can find The Golden Card in a hidden room in the The Overthere in Flopside Floor B1. Talk to InterChet with The Golden Card and he'll make Hammer Whacker available.

Max Stats and Etc[edit]

You can maximize your Level, Health, Attack, Score and Money. It won't do any good after beating the game except make the Pit of 100 Trials and Duel of 100 easier.
To max your level you have to gain score. Replay levels, use various items to boost your score and find Speed Flower or Slow Flower to triple your score.
Health and Attack can be maxed with HP Plus and Power Plus, both bought from InterChet with Arcade Tokens. You'll probably max your score when getting to Level 99 and you had the maximum amount of money when you bought Tiptron.