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Super Pinball
Box artwork for Super Pinball.
Developer(s)Soft Machine
Publisher(s)Coconuts Japan
Release date(s)
TwitchSuper Pinball Channel

Super Pinball (スーパーピンボール?) is a pinball simulation game developed for the Famicom by Soft Machine, and published by Coconuts Japan in 1988. Although it attaches "Super" to the title, it has no relation to the original Pinball game developed by Nintendo for the Famicom. It provides support for up to four players who must take turns throughout the game.

One thing the game is infamous for is the display of mahjong tiles at the very beginning of the game, although the tiles displayed have nothing to do with the game. There are four screens that the ball can be sent to, although access to the fourth screen is only granted by way of a warp. The main theme throughout the game appears to be racing cars, although other random elements are scattered throughout each of the screens.

Control over the ball is particularly difficult to master. While it's possible to send the ball in a variety of directions, it is tough to do so consistently. A ball is lost when it drops through the flippers of the bottom screen, and the game is over when all of the balls are lost. Activating different targets can raise devices that block the balls ability to drop down to a lower screen, but they are only temporary.

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