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Bob Charlie[edit]

  • Bob Charlie is a weak, but fairly tricky opponent. He starts off the match with alternating high and low punches, and occasionally an uppercut. These can all be avoided with a simple dodge.
  • Early on, when he punches twice in a row, the second will almost always be at the same height, in the opposite direction. This makes it easy to intercept his attack and do extra damage.
  • He can retreat to the back of the ring, then come towards you with a spinning punch. Either dodge, or hit him right before he hits you to knock him down instantly.
  • When his trainer says "Bob, time to shuck and jive!", he becomes slightly faster, and will sometimes delay his attacks, or try to fake you out.
  • When he moves his gloves up and down, he will perform two strong body blows. Counter it like you would a normal attack.

Dragon Chan[edit]

  • He may switch his guard so that he has one hand covering one side of his face, and the other hand covering the other side of his body. Punch him on the side he isn't guarding to land your attack.
  • He telegraphs his normal punches by stepping back for a high punch, and stepping to the side for a body blow. If you hit him in the correct height and direction when he is winding up his punch, you can do extra damage.
  • His strongest attack involves jumping to the edge of the ring, flying to the opposite side, pausing for a second, then finally returning with a flying kick. He may do this multiple times in a row. When it's finished, you have a second to retaliate, however, he will either be to the left or right of you, so punch in the correct direction to hit him.
  • When his trainer calls out one of two phrases, he will flash, then strike a pose and regain some health. Punch him right after he makes a sound to stop this.
  • When his trainer calls out one of two phrases, he will move his gloves up and down, then do a series of kicks to your left and right. Instead of ducking, dodge to the side in the correct direction, then when he finishes, retaliate the same way you did for his flying kick.

Masked Muscle[edit]

  • Masked Muscle has three ordinary attacks: a high jab, a low hook, and an uppercut. The low hook is notable because it slides him to one side, so punch in the appropriate direction to counter it.
  • Body blows hurt him much more than high punches.
  • When he wiggles his fist, he will do a high jab followed by a low hook.
  • His headbutt does huge damage. Watch for it when he rears his head back, and you hear a windup sound.
  • His most notable attack is when he spits in your eye. His trainer yells it out, making it highly telegraphed, but if it hits, your vision will be impaired and you will be unable to attack for a short time.

Mr. Sandman[edit]

  • Mr. Sandman is the champion of the Major Circuit, and your strongest opponent thus far. Most of his attacks are slow, but powerful, and he has some deceptive combos.
  • His normal attacks are high and low hooks, and a slow crouching uppercut.
  • When he shuffles his feet, he will do a standing uppercut.
  • When he moves his gloves up and down and his mouth is in an "o" shape, he will do three high punches. Block the first two, then dodge the third.
  • When he gets knocked down twice, he will start "giving his full power". He becomes faster and more aggressive now, and he does three uppercuts for his feet-shuffling attack. The easiest route ironically is to duck rather than dodging wherever he hits. You still need timing, but you don’t have to shift over. If you dodge however, he ALWAYS go left right left. Just dodge wherever he is punching by your sight. He sometimes does a triple crouch instead to throw you off timing and knock you out easily.
  • When this happens, the best recommendation is to try to get used to Sandman’s telegraphs, if you lose, it’s an opportunity to get more used to it. Telegraphs are the key to beating him.