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Gabby Jay[edit]

  • Gabby Jay is extremely weak. If possible, make sure you use the knockout punch when he is extremely low on health; this will cause him to recover late in the 10 second count with only a small amount of health.
  • If you delay in knocking him out when he is low on health, he will self-heal.
  • From time to time, he will retreat to the back of the ring. When he approaches, he will be vulnerable to an uppercut.
  • He may enter his "super dizzy" state if you just hit him continuously before he can attack.

Bear Hugger[edit]

  • A body punch will not usually inflict damage. However, if you body punch when is taunting, he will be stunned and open to face punches.
  • Bear Hugger will sometimes bring both his arms back - usually in retaliation when he parries your attack. Dodge, then retaliate with a volley of punches.
  • In general, his attacks inflict significant damage. Either block or dodge his attacks.

Piston Hurricane[edit]

  • When he pulls back, he will charge forward with a flurry of punches. While you can get one in before his, you will either need to block or dodge the others. The first punch will be a head attack, and will alternate between body and head attacks. He will finish the routine with two uppercuts.
  • When either he or you recovers, he will try landing the first punch. Dodge it, then retaliate.

Bald Bull[edit]

Main features:

  • Bald Bull is notable for strong attacks, but most of them have obvious cues.
  • The most damaging attack is preceded by a backwards jump. You must dodge this attack or be knocked down.

Bald Bull is the champion of the minor circuit, placing a strong focus on powerful swings. At almost any point during the fight, you can safely attempt a body blow, with a regular chance of being blocked. However, when he attempts a low blow or uppercut, any swings aimed for Bald Bull's head will miss, leaving you open to his attack. As with most opponents, wait a few frames to confirm which stance he takes before taking a swing.

Each time you hit him, watch his stance after the attack. If he attempts a high swing, you could safely interrupt with your own attack, high or low. When he tries a body blow, you can still land a swing. On an uppercut, it is safest to dodge back even if you could make an attack.

There are three exhibition attacks that he performs, all with obvious lead-ins. When he sways left and right (when you can't hit him), he will attempt three upper punches followed by an uppercut. When he does an up-and-down crouch, he will attempt two uppercuts. When he jumps to the back of the ring, he will use his signature Bull Rush, which is an uppercut as soon as he re-enters melee (and will instantly knock you down.)