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  • Many attacks can be countered with good reflexes and timing. This is when you hit the opponent in the right direction as they are winding up their attack. For example, when Gabby Jay prepares to throw a high right punch (your right), throw a high right punch of your own before the windup finishes. This results in the opponent grunting in pain with a surprised expression, and being open to several punches. The counter punch itself also does more damage than a normal punch. However, counter punches are more useful for a different reason, explained below.
  • Every opponent has an invisible dizziness meter, which is based on the amount and types of hits they take in under a certain amount of time. The fastest way to fill this meter is with repeated counter punches and super punches - normal punches have almost no effect. When the meter is maxed, the opponent will become dazed and start to slide around. If you hit them with a well-timed punch (any punch works, but super punches are the most effective) when they are right in front of you and the timer unfreezes, this results in an instant knockdown. Most opponents take very long to get up after this, if they can at all, and recover with only a fraction of their health.
  • Almost every opponent has a preset string of punches they go through, which is most obvious at the beginning of the match. For example, Super Macho Man always starts off with two high right punches and a low left punch. You can exploit this pattern by predicting their next attack and easily countering one after another, which tends to quickly result in dizziness.