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Narcis Prince[edit]

  • Just like he says in his pre-match quote, he won't let you punch his face. If you try, he'll block the attack and body blows don't do much against him.
  • When he flashes, he'll throw three consecutive high punches. Hit him with a body punch and then hit him with a high punch.
  • If he uppercuts, stun him with a body punch and then hit him high.
  • If you hit his face, he'll become enraged and attack faster. However, he leaves himself open to a lot more attacks.
  • If he isn't knocked down within a certain time period, his trainer will yell at him to calm down, and will go back to a normal state, blocking high punches again. Stun him again to hit him with another face punch.
  • If he knocks you down, or you knock Narcis down, he'll automatically go back to his normal state.

Hoy Quarlow[edit]

  • Hoy Quarlow may be old, but don't let that fool you. His mixture of punches, kicks, and staff attacks will surprise you.
  • When he is stunned, he will alternate from one side of the ring to the other. You'll have to alternate your punches in the direction of the side of the ring he's in.
  • If he holds his staff high, he will attack you with three high attacks and another attack afterwards. Block the first three and dodge the fourth.
  • If he holds his staff low, he will attack you with three low attacks, pause and attack a fourth time. Block the first three and dodge the fourth.
  • Occasionally, he will push you out of the way with his staff and follow up with an attack. He will either hit you with his staff once or punch you. Dodge or block these.
  • When he does the single low staff attack, he will try to kick you next. Dodge in the opposite direction that he does this.
  • If he tries to punch you. He will then spin around to try and backhand punch you. Duck this.
  • When he turns his staff from side to side, he'll alternate between high and low attacks, each being two or three times in a row before alternating. Block all of these.
  • He can also jump back to one side of the ring. When he does this, he'll try to hit you with his staff, and will jump to each side to repeat this a random number of times. In some cases, he won't attack at all. Dodge these. Like the Macho Punch, don't predict when it will end, and keep dodging until the attack ends and retaliate.

Rick Bruiser[edit]

  • Rick is the second to last boxer you will face in this game and has a large variety of attacks to catch you off guard.
  • When he gets hit, he will sometimes quickly retaliate with a high punch. Block this.
  • If he gets hit with a super punch, he will always retaliate with a high punch.
  • If he blocks your attack, he will sometimes try to break your hand. It's possible to dodge, but the timing is very strict. If he lands this attack, one of your gloves will flash a pink color, meaning you can't attack with that hand for a short time.
  • When he crouches, he will hit you a low punch, a high punch and an uppercut. Block the first two, and dodge the uppercut.
  • When he jumps back, he'll jump back to the center next, seemingly stopping time and making the whole ring shake. You'll have to dodge before he leaps back to the center, as he'll uppercut you and instantly knock you down after he shakes the ring.
  • When he does an uppercut, you must hit him with a body blow depending on his position. Otherwise, you'll fail
  • When Rick does a hook, you must counter with a jab depending on his position. Otherwise, you'll whiff.

Nick Bruiser[edit]

  • Nick is the champion of the special circuit, Rick's brother, and the last boxer in the game. While some of his attacks are similar to Rick's he has an even bigger arsenal.
  • Pay attention to where he's holding his gloves in the first twenty-five seconds of the fight. If he holds them low, he'll attack you with a quick low. Dodge this and counter with a low attack. If he holds them high, he'll attack with a quick high. Dodge and counter with a high. Attacking him with a high when he attacks low and vice-versa will not work and he will either dodge or block your attack, leaving you open.
  • Like Hoy Quarlow, you have to alternate your punches when he's stunned as he'll move side to side.
  • Like Rick, he'll sometimes try to break your hands if he blocks your attack.
  • After twenty-five seconds, he'll leap back and jump back to the center. Like Rick, dodge this or it will knock you down. However, if he misses, he'll try to attack you with two quick hooks. Duck these.
  • After he gets knocked down once, he'll unleash his full arsenal of attacks.
  • When he shuffles his feet, he'll uppercut you like Mr. Sandman, twice.
  • After about a minute into the fight, he'll make a cannon-like noise and will do a stronger version of the Hurricane Rush. You can counter it to interrupt the attack, but the timing is very strict. It does damage even if you block, so if possible, try to defeat him before this attack happens.