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Aran Ryan[edit]

  • Like his pre-match quote says, your normal punches won't have much effect on him. However, super punches do huge damage.
  • Your super punches will stagger him. When this happens, he will respond by trying to grab you. This attack can't be dodged, and slowly drains your health. You can escape quickly by mashing the attack buttons. When the grab ends, he'll throw an uppercut. Dodge it and retaliate.
  • It is possible to prevent his grab by hitting him with another super punch right before he comes toward you. This staggers him again, and with good timing you can repeat the cycle until he is knocked down. Alternatively, right after he staggers, do a body blow. This will stun Aran Ryan and open him for another super punch.
  • He can use a stronger variation of the Hurricane rush. Like Piston, he alternates high and low punches, then throws an uppercut. However, the rush doesn't end here; even if you countered the uppercut, he'll continue to throw high and low punches, then finally the attack ends with a second uppercut. It is possible to knock him down instantly by punching right before the attack starts, but the timing is much more strict this time. You might punch him, but he'll still be on his feet and begin the attack like normal.

Heike Kagero[edit]

  • Heike is a swift boxer with patterns that can be confusing at first.
  • When he bounces back and forth with a smile on his face, block his three high punches, then dodge his uppercut. Similarly, when he waves his hair and crouches, block his two body blows, then dodge the uppercut.
  • Even his hair can hurt you. When he waves his hair and crouches (similar to the last attack, but he will be much closer to you this time), he will attack with it twice. The first attack happens when he stands up - dodge to the left. Then sweeps his hair horizontally - duck.
  • His final attack is the mirage dance. Several afterimages flash through the ring. After a few seconds, Heike becomes solid again and uses a random attack. Counter it when he does. Then, he will go back to flashing afterimages. This pattern repeats a random number of times.

Mad Clown[edit]

  • Mad Clown is a lot like Bear Hugger, except smarter and with a bigger arsenal. He tries to trick you a lot, and his speed can surprise you.
  • Like Bear Hugger, his stomach is invincible most of the time.
  • Like Bear Hugger, he can also taunt. This has a few variations. The first mostly works like Bear Hugger's, except instead of blocking your punch, he will dodge and counter with a punch of his own. There is a small window to hit his stomach when he's doing this, but it's risky. The second is the fake-out taunt, where he pretends to taunt for a split second, then quickly throws a jab. Be on your guard for this.
  • He can use a sweeping punch where he moves to the left or right. You have to dodge in the opposite direction he moves to avoid this.
  • When he lowers his hands and shakes back and forth, he will try to grab you. Duck to avoid it, or you'll take damage, be thrown to one side, and potentially get hit with an uppercut.
  • Watch out for his juggling attack. He will six balls at you, two at a time, in two out of three directions. Dodge these, then duck to avoid his overhead smash when he frontflips back to the center.
  • When he gets knocked down twice, he enters showtime mode, where he becomes far more aggressive. He immediately starts off with three fast high jabs, and uses the attack very often, especially right after recovering from a counter. If you throw a right high punch as soon as he gets up from the second knockdown, you will stun him. Keep throwing high punches in a random direction right before he uses the three jabs, and you have a 50% chance of stunning him each time.

Super MachoMan[edit]

  • SMM is the champion of the World Circuit, and seemingly the last opponent you face. He has a wide variety of powerful attacks, and a lot of stamina.
  • He has three "exercise program" attacks which his trainer will call out.
  • Program A is four rapid high jabs, with a short pause after the first two. Block these.
  • Program B is three body blows. Block these.
  • Program C is three uppercuts. Dodge these.
  • His most powerful attack is the Macho punch, which can take off almost all your health, and comes in two variations.
  • Variation 1 is a single punch. He tends to use this one right after jumping to the side. He telegraphs it by wiggling his fist and making a sound. Duck a second after you hear it.
  • Variation 2 is a random amount of consecutive Macho punches. He telegraphs it by rearing his first back, then shaking and making the sound from variation 1. You will have to duck repeatedly to avoid these. If the timing of your duck is off and he throws a lot of punches, usually four or more, you may eventually get hit by one. Don't try to predict when the attack will end, just keep ducking until it stops, then retaliate with your own punches.