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Fox is fast, strong and good at avoiding damage. Fox flies an Arwing space fighter, naturally he's at home in the air. A pretty effective jumper with an array of powerful air executed attacks and kicks. When not throwing, Fox should be in the air, keeping him air borne keeps him where he's strongest. Fox is one of the fastest characters to play; using this in combination with his Aerial attacks is very effective to keep your enemy guessing and off guard. Fox is able to make quick hits in and then make getaways just as quickly when heavier fighters retort, allowing him to get into the air to make another aerial attack. In addition, his speed is half of what makes him such an effective thrower.


A button Jab Fox's flurry attack. Great for wall trapping, otherwise not advisable to use. If an enemy is getting close and has 50%+ damage, a single tap timed correctly could give you a little breathing room.
Left control+A button
Right control+A button
Dash Attack A dash kick. Great for starting up combos with well timed use of this attack. Depending on the map, you could start a combo and use this attack two to three times before your enemy can recover with the right timing.
R button
Z button+A button
Throw Fox is an excellent thrower, he has a quick grab and long range throw. This can easily become the basis of your strategy with him. Hug the edges and grab recoverers to quickly hurl them off again.
Light Up control+A button Upward Tilt Upward kick. Excellent combo starter, fast and light kick without too much launching power. Excellent for knocking your opponent up in the air to start an aerial combo.
Light Down control+A button Downward Tilt Tail trip. To call this a trip is quite misleading because this attack launches the enemy up and away at about a 75 degree angle or so, with significant launching power no less. A great attack to use because of its launching power and speed, just be sure to be facing your opponent when using this attack as it only hits in front of Fox, unlike his Down control+A button split smash attack.
Light Left control+A button
Light Right control+A button
Forward Tilt
Hard Up control+A button Upward Smash Backflip kick. This one is a killer. Great launching power, sending your opponent straight up. Good for ledge guarding. Be sure to be facing your opponent when you use this smash, as the most damage and launching power comes at the start of the kick, and fades as Fox flips. He will still hit opponents behind and above him, but for extremely diminished damage and an almost non existent launch even at high damages.
Hard Down control+A button Downward Smash Split Smash. Fox quickly does the splits, attacking both sides of him on the ground. Powerful and fast, but lags a little bit so if you miss, you will be vulnerable, so don't miss. Upon hitting your opponent, they will be launched horizontally away from you. Great ledge guarding attack, as well as one that can be used to put some distance between you and your opponent if he is always in your face.
Hard Left control+A button
Hard Right control+A button
Forward Smash Drop Kick. Fox launches himself at his opponent feet first. A powerful smash, and a decent killing move. It has a great launching power but not quite as good as the Backflip Kick, or the Split Smash.
Aerials (used in the air)
A button Neutral Air Attack Jump Kick (Sex Kick). Fox holds a kick in air with a short range. A decent move for aerial combos as it is not particularly strong nor does it launch the enemy too far, so throw a few of these into an aerial combo to add some extra damage on there.
Up control+A button Upward Air Attack Fox can quickly execute these attacks while in the air to knock other aerial enemies upward, then land and quickly launch the same attack. Using this method, one can keep an enemy in the air, doing consistent damage to him or her until the percentage is high enough to launch them laterally. Alternatively, the juggle is strong enough to throw them so high they get a KO.
Down control+A button Downward Air Attack Spiral Kick. Fox spins as he falls, damaging enemies from above. This attack can be a great attack if used properly. It can do decent damage when used, especially in an aerial combo where you get the full effect of the attack. Just be sure that you Z-Cancel the attack before you land or else you are in for a world of hurt because this attack lags big time. Also, you may think this is similar to Kirby's Down control+A button attack, but it is weaker, and should not be used as a spike.
Ssb masterhand.jpg Left control+A button Forward Air Attack Spin Kick. Fox kicks much like his forward smash, the Drop Kick. Great for aerial combos, doing more damage than the Jump Kick, and not launching much more.
Ssb masterhand.jpg Right control+A button Backward Air Attack Back Kick. Fox kicks backwards with a long range kick. Also great for aerial combos and attacking in/from the air. Use this and the Spin Kick as the staples of the Fox aerial attack.


Buttons Attack Explanation
B button Laser Shoots a small laser at an enemy dealing a light 6 damage. This can be used while someone is running towards you from a distance, so you can get that extra little damage in.
Up control+B button Fire Fox Fox's recovery can be aimed. After initiating the "charge", push the direction you want him to fly. This allows explosive moves towards where the action is. When he is knocked up into the air and falling back down towards an opponent looking to continue juggling him, quickly tapping this combo and then aiming downward can sometimes catch an opponent off-guard.
Down control+B button Energy Shield Fox's shield can deflect most projectiles, making him the natural enemy of Samus, Link, other Foxes, as well as any thrown object. Most of these objects are returned towards the thrower, able to do quite a bit of damage to them. While Fox's shield can absorb great amounts of damage, there is a cap, and too much damage will break the shield. This can occur when two foxes face off against each other, hitting a laser or shell back and forth, until one breaks, or accidentally when a shell is hit against a wall, or when sandwiching a red shell against a ledge. The shield shatters and stuns Fox similar to when the normal shield is broken.