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Compatible Controls

The game can be played using four different controller setups.

  1. Only the Wii Remote, turned on its side.
  2. Wii Remote normally, with the attached Nunchuk.
  3. Classic controller.
  4. GameCube controller.

The control scheme can easily be detected the moment you press the button on the controls mentioned above.

Standard controls[edit]

Wii Remote & Nunchuk GameCube Controller Classic Controller Wii Remote (held sideways) Action
Left nunchuk, Right nunchuk Left control, Right control Left lstick, Right lstick Left dpad, Right dpad Move
Smash Left nunchuk, Right nunchuk Smash Left control, Right control Smash Left lstick, Right lstick Double-tap Left dpad, Right dpad Dash
Up nunchuk, Up dpad, C button Up control, X button, Y button Up lstick, X button, Y button Up dpad Jump
Down nunchuk Down control Down lstick Down dpad Duck
Smash Down nunchuk Smash Down control Smash Down lstick Tap Down dpad quickly Drop through platforms
A button A button A button 2 button Standard Attack
Neutral nunchuk+A button Neutral control+A button Neutral lstick+A button Neutral dpad+2 button Strong Attack
B button B button B button 1 button Special Attack
Smash Neutral nunchuk+A button, Smash Neutral control+A button, Neutral cstick Smash Neutral lstick+A button, Neutral rstick Neutral dpad+1 button+2 button, Neutral dpad Smash Attack
Z button, Down dpad L button, R button L button, R button B button Shield
Left dpad/Right dpad, A button+B button, Z button+A button Z button, L button+A button, R button+A button Zl button, Zr button, L button+A button, R button+A button Minus button, A button+B button, B button+2 button Grab
1 button, 2 button Neutral dpad Neutral dpad A button Taunt
Plus button Start button Plus button Plus button Pause

Smash attacks[edit]

  • The standard attack, almost always fast.

Standard Attack

  • For strong attacks and running attacks (Hold down the Neutral dpad/Neutral dpad in the direction that you tap- after you tap, hold it down to keep running, and then press A button/A button to execute the running attack).

Strong Attack

  • Having the same name of the game, smash attacks are powerful attacks that are very useful. They are not the more powerful of attacks for some characters, but they certainly have launching power.

Smash Attack