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The event selection screen from Brawl.

Events are battles for single-player in determined situations, characters, stages, and/or time. Now, in Brawl there is the option of Co-op events, but there are less of them and they're different in some ways. Events include trying to break terrain while avoiding a person, overrun people with a tank, KOing people in the Air, Keeping your teammates safe from harm, blooming flowers, and collecting coins without breaking walls. Some events have rewards, for completing it, like CD's or trophies. Some of them must be unlocked by getting all the characters, clearing Subspace, or just clearing other events. With sixty two events (41 solo events and 21 co-op events), this is a fun way to enjoy Brawl. Each event has three difficulties; Easy, Normal, and Hard.

1-P Events

You are going through this alone so remember to stay tough because there are 41 solo events in total.

Event Name Description
Two Trouble Kings KO a Level 2 CPU Bowser and King Dedede (with handicap of 5) as Mario at Delfino Plaza. All three of you have one stock.
  • Strategy: Just use your regular attacks, and try to avoid a two-on-one fight.
SSBB Event 1.png
Landmaster Maneuvers You have an infinite Landmaster with Fox. KO Metaknight and Sheik.
  • Strategy: The point of this event is to KO Metaknight and Sheik as many times as you can.
SSBB Event 2.png
Pink Ball Repulsion KO Kirby as Metaknight at Battleship Halberd before the floating platform lands on the Halberd.
  • Strategy: You have about 1:27 to KO Kirby, so use your smash attacks to fight him.
SSBB Event 3.png
Cleaning House in Skyworld Destroy all the terrain in Skyworld as Pit while a 3-stock Wario attacks you. The Event can be completed even after Wario is KO'ed.
  • Strategy: Wario isn't a bother in this one, just ignore him and use your down-smash attacks to break the terrain.
SSBB Event 4.png
Aiming for Champion! Pokémon Trainer Vs Pokémon Trainer in Pokémon Stadium 2.
  • Strategy: Keep your one-on-one strategies here, and try to tire out the other Pokémon, because the opponent only changes when you KO a Pokémon.
SSBB Event 5.png
Bowser Bros. Race to the end of Mushroom Kingdom as Bowser before the other 3 Marios. Difficulty affects scrolling speed.
  • Strategy: The main thing is to Stay Alive. Don't bother killing the Marios, just get to the end without dying and you will be OK.
SSBB Event 6.png
Diddy Kong Panic Defeat 15 Small Diddy Kongs as Donkey Kong at Mario Circuit.
  • Strategy: Due to the fact that these Diddy Kong are small, they are very light. Use your down smash to KO them.
SSBB Event 7.png
Go! Triple Finish! Defeat one Squirtle, one Ivysaur, and one Charizard that cannot Pokémon Switch as Pikachu in Pokémon Stadium 2.
  • Strategy: This is a hard one, because it is a three-on-one battle. Best to separate them and attack them separately.
SSBB Event 8.png
The Beast Below Defeat 2 Diddy Kongs as Ike in Castle Siege. If you don't complete it before entering the Throne Room a Donkey Kong will aid the Diddys'.
  • Strategy: The first tier is small, so try to rack up damage and KO's there. If you head down to the second tier, from there on try to attack people separately.
SSBB Event 9.png
All-Star Regulars Defeat the original 8 fighters (8 Level 2 CPU fighters) with any character, two at a time.
  • Strategy: If you have a projectile that can pass through more then one character, use it from a distance. If not, attack one at a time. Use the space between each character to rack up as much damage as you can.
SSBB Event 10.png
Yoshi Rainbow KO the Yoshi Team (6 Yoshis) as the Ice Climbers in Rainbow Cruise. All Yoshis are set to Level 1 CPU with a Handicap of 2. The order for defeating the Yoshis is: red, pink, yellow, green, light blue, and dark blue.
  • Strategy: Remember the order, and you will be fine. Smash away. However, if you KO the wrong Yoshi in order, you fail the event match.
SSBB Event 11.png
Sleeping in the Eggs Trap Kirby and Pikachu in eggs at the same time as Yoshi in Yoshi's Island (Brawl version).
  • Strategy: Stay on one side of the stage, and when on comes near, egg them. Then rush over to the other one and egg him. Event Clear.
SSBB Event 12.png
Dragoon Rush On Battleship Halberd, collect the 3 pieces of Dragoon as Kirby and KO the 3 Warios.
  • Strategy: Stay on the top platform, and jump until you see a piece of Dragoon. Collect it, and repeat. You don't have to get the Warios all at the same time
SSBB Event 13.png
Let the Pikmin Flower Bloom A pikmin's flower blooms after about 40 seconds. Protect all your pikmin until their flowers bloom as Olimar in Distant Planet.
  • Strategy: First pluck 3 more pikimin, as you only begin with 3. The jump around, avoiding the opponents. Do not use your Pikimin Throw.
SSBB Event 14.png
Dedededede Hammer As King Dedede, you and two other Dededes have to KO a giant and metal one.
  • Strategy: Let the computers do the main work, and when they die, you can go in a smash the metal to beat this Event.
SSBB Event 15.png
Equip the Power Suit Grab a Smash Ball and acitvate your final smash as Zero Suit Samus to regain your Power Suit before other two Zero Suit Samuses KO you in Frigate Orpheon.
  • Strategy: Jump around, avoiding the computers. when a smash ball appears, go for it.
SSBB Event 16.png
Some Serious Waterfall Climbing As Zelda, win a race against two Level 4 CPU pairs of Ice Climbers to the top of Rumble Falls. Difficulty affects scrolling speed.
  • Strategy: Avoid the Ice Climbers, and only focus on getting to the top. This event it easy.
SSBB Event 17.png
Dark Link Duel Defeat a Level 6 Dark Link as Link in Bridge of Eldin in a 200hp stamina match.
  • Strategy: Use your grabs to catch him, and roll away. Otherwise just use your regular tactics, and don't die.
SSBB Event 18.png
Wario Bros. Defeat a Level 6 CPU Mario and Luigi as Wario in the Mario Bros. stage.
  • Strategy: Smash away with your smash attacks, and avoid getting teamed up.
SSBB Event 19.png
All-Star Brawl 1 Defeat eight Level 4 CPU newcomer starters as any character, two at a time. You have 2 stock.
  • Strategy: If you have a projectile that can pass through more then one character, use it from a distance. If not, attack one at a time. Use the space between each character to rack up as much damage as you can.
SSBB Event 20.png
Onett Homecoming Defeat Ness as Lucas in Onett in a 2 stock match.
  • Strategy: Use 1 on 1 tactics to defeat this foe.
  • Rack up about 40 to 50% damage on Ness. Then position yourself in the middle of the stage. Ness will try to jump above you. When he does this, use PK Freeze to stop him in midair. Now use an up-smash, and a KO is very likely, even if he breaks free from the ice.
SSBB Event 21.png
Go! Giant Donkey Kong! Defeat Sheik and Lucario in Rumble Falls as Diddy Kong, with Donkey Kong as your partner.
  • Strategy: Help Donkey Kong, but surviving the Waterfall is your first priority.
SSBB Event 22.png
Red Hot Norfair Be the first to enter the safe zone in Norfair before the lava wave comes as Samus but expect your health to be 300%.
  • Strategy: One smash attack will KO you. Jump to avoid the opponents, and get into the capsule before smashing anyone out.
SSBB Event 23.png
Come On! Blue Falcon! KO two R.O.B.s as Captain Falcon at Port Town Aero Dive before the stage does one lap.
  • Strategy: Wario isn't a bother in this one, just ignore him and use your down-smash attacks to break the terrain.
SSBB Event 24.png
The Aura Is With Me You start with 182% of damage as Lucario. Defeat Ness and Sheik in Spear Pillar.
  • Strategy: Wait there, charging your Aura Sphere. When they come near you, roll to the side and use Force Palm. Then send out Aura sphere. Rinse and repeat.
SSBB Event 25.png
Carefree Concert KO 3 tiny Olimars as Ness at Smashville before K.K.Snider finishes his song.
  • Strategy: Use his up-smash and down-smashes to finish the 3 off.
SSBB Event 26.png
Three Giants, Giant Trouble Defeat Giant DK, Giant Bowser, and Giant Charizard (who are like King Kong, Godzilla, and Gorgo from the monster movie King Kong vs. Godzilla-1962) on New Pork City as a normal sized R.O.B.
  • Strategy: New Pork City is a big stage, so use it to separate the 3, and then corner one of them and attack them.
SSBB Event 27.png
The Flower that Blooms on the Note All leaves in the right part of the plant in the Elektroplankton stage must turn red in order for the flower to bloom. You are Peach against Captain Olimar. The Event can be completed even after Olimar is KO'ed.
  • Strategy: Like "Cleaning House in Skyworld", ignore Olimar and attack all 6 leaves to finish the stage.
SSBB Event 28.png
All-Star Battle Semi-Regulars Defeat the original 4 hidden characters (as Level 5 CPU's) as any character in Yoshi's Island.
  • Strategy: If you have a projectile that can pass through more then one character, use it from a distance. If not, attack one at a time. Use the space between each character to rack up as much damage as you can.
SSBB Event 29.png
Sonic Boom KO 15 Sonics as Sonic in Green Hill Zone.
  • Strategy: Use aerial Homing Attacks to rack up damage, then smash them away.
  • Look out for a beige pillar with a blue circle on top. When you see it, hit the blue circle, and it will turn red and rotate. Stand behind this pillar; the enemies will jump slightly when they approach, and get smacked by the red circle.
SSBB Event 30.png
The Ultimate Bodyguard Protect Zelda as Marth against two Level 7 CPU Ganondorfs in Castle Siege until she transforms into Sheik in Underground.
  • Strategy: Stay by Zelda, and use smash attacks to attack the Ganondorfs.
SSBB Event 31.png
Crow of the Dark Night Defeat Mr. Game & Watch as Falco on Brinstar. The stage turns on and off at 8 seconds intervals.
  • Strategy: Always stay on the top platform, to avoid the lava. When it lights up, attack away.
SSBB Event 32.png
The Evil King's Descent KO Pit, Link, and Zelda in Hyrule Temple as Ganondorf.
  • Strategy: Stay on the top left of the stage, and Warlock Punch anyone that comes near.
SSBB Event 33.png
All-Star Battle Melee Defeat 8 Level 7 CPU Melee newcomers as any character in Pokémon Stadium 2.
  • Strategy: If you have a projectile that can pass through more then one character, use it from a distance. If not, attack one at a time. Use the space between each character to rack up as much damage as you can.
SSBB Event 34.png
Flat Zone Visitors Defeat Jigglypuff, Peach, and Toon Link in Flat Zone 2 as Mr. Game & Watch. The three enemies have same the 2D black effect as Mr. G & W.
  • Strategy: Separate the three, and attack one at a time. It may take a few tries, but you will get it soon.
SSBB Event 35.png
High-Tech Special Forces Defeat Samus, Wolf, and Captain Falcon as Snake in Shadow Moses Island.
  • Strategy: Again, separate the three, and attack them one at a time.
SSBB Event 36.png
The Flying Pirate Ship In Great Sea, KO two Yoshis while the Pirate Ship is in the sky because of the continuous hurricane that passes. You play as Toon Link.
  • Strategy: Use your Boomerang and your Bow and Arrow to weaken the Yoshis, and then KO them in the sky with Smash attacks.
SSBB Event 37.png
Wolf on a Fox-Hunt KO Fox and Falco as Wolf on Lylat Cruise.
  • Strategy: Focus on one target, and focus on him until he dies. The sooner this becomes a 1-on-1, the better you are.
SSBB Event 38.png
All-Star Brawl 2 Defeat eight Level 8 CPU Brawl hidden newcomers as any character.
  • Strategy: If you have a projectile that can pass through more then one character, use it from a distance. If not, attack one at a time. Use the space between each character to rack up as much damage as you can.
SSBB Event 39.png
The Final Showdown Defeat Bowser, King Dedede, and Ganondorf (the main villains of the Mario, Kirby, and Legend of Zelda universes) as any character at Final Destination.
  • Strategy: Strategy: Due to the small size of Final Destination, try to use attacks that can attack all of them at once. You can try Meteor Smashing, too.
SSBB Event 40.png
The Real Final Showdown Defeat a ruthless Level 9 CPU Giant Mario and a Level 9 Snake and Sonic with only two stocks. Can be completed with any character at Final Destination.
  • Strategy: Select a character with excellent recovery (Kirby, Meta Knight, or King Dedede...) and hang off of one of the ledges. Drop down and float about 4 character lengths from the bottom of the screen. Mario will jump off and try to Meteor Smash you. Being so large, he won't have time to finish his attack before plummeting to his death. Do this until Mario dies, then handle the event like a regular three-player match.
  • Also, Marth's down-B will do serious damage to Mario or anyone else if you reflect Mario's smash or aerial attacks. Just be careful not to reflect too early and get smashed by Mario afterwards.
SSBB Event 41.png

Co-op Events

Go grab a buddy (as co-op mode in Brawl means a player can get a second player to help them on 1 player modes) to keep on smashing since there are 21 Co-op Events in total.

Event Name Description
Two Trouble Kings Play as Mario and Kirby against a Level 2 CPU Bowser and King Dedede (Level 2 with a handicap of 5) on Delfino Plaza.
  • Strategy: Since both of you have 2 stock now, try double teaming one, or split and try 1-on-1.
SSBB Co-op Event 1.png
Master the Pokémon Tag Battle Play as Pokémon Trainer and Pikachu against Pokémon Trainer and Pikachu on Pokémon Stadium 2.
  • Strategy: Pikachu only has one stock, so try to keep Pikachu alive and Thunder-jolting while the Pokemon Trainer attacks.
SSBB Co-op Event 2.png
Fastest, Shortest, Sudden Death Survive as King Dedede and Yoshi against Pit and Lucas for 10 seconds in a Super Sudden Death match (every character starts with 300% damage) in WarioWare.
  • Strategy: Stay Alive. You can easily KO anybody with a smash attack but look out, due to the fact that after a character revives, he is shortly invincible.
SSBB Co-op Event 3.png
The DK Tag Calamity You start with the lightning effect (the one from the thunder bolt item). KO every enemy in Mario Circuit as Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.
  • Strategy: Use the Thunder item to cause the opponents to shrink, then use smash attacks to finish the job.
SSBB Co-op Event 4.png
The Yoshi Team of 50 Defeat the Yoshi Team (50 Yoshis). There are 50 Level 1 CPU Yoshis (with a handicap of 2). The assigned characters are Meta Knight and Pit and the stage is Rainbow Cruise. You must defeat all of them before the stage makes one lap.
  • Strategy: Smash. Smash smash smash. Yoshis fly far away when you smash attack them. Smash. Just smash attack when they appear. Smash.
SSBB Co-op Event 5.png
The Secret Sneaker Defeat a Level 7 CPU invisible Captain Falcon and Luigi as Zelda and Zero Suit Samus on Port Town Aero Dive.
  • Strategy: First, when you can't see them, jump up, and use your aerial-down. If you hit an opponent, double team them. Rinse and Repeat.
SSBB Co-op Event 6.png
Battle of the Dark Sides Play as Link and Samus against your dark forms (a Level 6 CPU Dark Link and a Level 6 Dark Samus) on Bridge of Eldin in a 200hp Stamina match.
  • Strategy: One of you should use projectile attacks, and another should stick with melee attacks. Might want to switch between the jobs, too.
SSBB Co-op Event 7.png
ALL MINE! Play as Wario and Bowser against Mario and Luigi on Skyworld in a Coin match. The Event finishes when you recollect 2,000 coins between the two of you.
  • Strategy: Stand on the bottom platform, facing back-to-back. Then attack, and try to collect coins. Soon you'll have 2,000 coins in no time.
SSBB Co-op Event 8.png
Those Who Wait in Onett Defeat Luigi and Yoshi as Lucas and Ness on Onett.
  • Strategy: Focus on only one person, and attack that person when you have the chance. The sooner this becomes a 2-on-1, the easier it will be.
SSBB Co-op Event 9.png
The R.O.B.s of Tomorrow Take turns to KO the R.O.B.s on The Summit as Lucario and the Ice Climbers. The R.O.B.s get larger as they appear (one by one) except for the last one that is normal sized.
  • Strategy: Lucario should either use his Aura Sphere, or his D-air on the R.O.B.s. Ice Climbers can use their Blizzard attacks to get the job done.
SSBB Co-op Event 10.png
The Great Remodeling Battle Collect 300 coins without destroying the mansion.
  • Strategy: Stand on the roof, and be back to back. Then attack to gain the coins you need to renovate that house.
SSBB Co-op Event 11.png
Come Back! Falcon Flyer! Defeat two Samuses in under 30 seconds as Captain Falcon and Olimar on Big Blue.
  • Strategy: A good tactic is to let Olimar grab a Samus, while Captain Falcon uses his Falcon Punch while the Samus is being held.
SSBB Co-op Event 12.png
Blades of the Quick and Mighty Take turns to KO a Level 9 CPU Link, Meta Knight, and Ganondorf with Marth and Ike on Hyrule Temple.
  • Strategy: Separate the two, leaving you with a 1-on-1 battle. Use Marth's agility and Ike's power to clear this event with ease.
SSBB Co-op Event 13.png
The Dark Guardian Play as a tiny Ganondorf and Wolf against Giant DK and Giant Charizard (who are like King Kong and Gorgo from King Kong vs. Godzilla-1962) in New Pork City. All of you have 1 stock.
  • Strategy: Separate the two, and use your combos to crush the biggies.
SSBB Co-op Event 14.png
Four Swords Brawl Play as two Toon Links against two Toon Links on Great Sea in a 2 vs 2 coin match. The first team to 500 coins wins!
  • Strategy: Again, stand back-to-back on the bottom floor, and use your spin attack to net some coins.
SSBB Co-op Event 15.png
Jigglypuff's Big Change Battle against a giant Ness and a giant Lucas as a tiny Jigglypuff and a tiny Mr. G & W on Castle Siege. Eventually Ness and Lucas will become tiny as you.
  • Strategy: Save Jigglypuff at all costs. By the time you get to the 3rd tier, a smash attack from Jigglypuff can KO Ness or Lucas.
SSBB Co-op Event 16.png
Sonic and Mario Take turns to defeat an alternating group of Marios and Sonics as Mario and Sonic on Green Hill Zone.
  • Strategy: Use your fireballs and Homing Attacks to rack up damage, then hit them with a smash attack to finish them off.
SSBB Co-op Event 17.png
The New Weapon of Shadow Moses KO two R.O.B.s as Snake and R.O.B. on Shadow Moses Island.
  • Strategy: Stay on the upper part of the stage, and keep using your projectile attacks to damage them. Then go in for the smash attack.
SSBB Co-op Event 18.png
Shadow of Andross Defeat Wolf as Fox and Falco while being attacked from and having to avoid a continuous Andross (Assist Trophy).
  • Strategy: Attack Wolf as much as you can before Andross appears. Keep moving when Andross attacks. Then, during his pause, attack again.
SSBB Co-op Event 19.png
The Final Battle for Two Take turns to defeat Bowser, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Wario, Ganondorf, and Wolf (the main villains of the Mario, Kirby, Wario, the Legend of Zelda, and Star Fox universes) as any character.
  • Strategy: Separate the opponents into 1-on-1 battles, and use the time between appearances to rack up damage.
SSBB Co-op Event 20.png
The Real All-Star Brawl Select your characters and KO the entire Brawl roster on Battlefield. Both of you have one stock (with no spare stocks to use).
  • Strategy: This is one of the hardest events in Brawl (or so it would seem). Have both players select Meta Knight, and stand on either side of the middle platform (facing inward). Hold A while enemies appear. They will get stuck inside the maelstrom of slashes and will receive ridiculous amounts of damage. When it reaches approximately 100%, simply do a Down Smash to instantly KO them. Lather, rinse, repeat. Or both players can select Pikachu and stand on either side of the middle platform. Then use Down B (Thundershock) to KO every character.
  • Strategy: If one player is KO'd, the other player can still continue until they are KO'd or if they complete the co-op event.
SSBB Co-op Event 21.png


There are certain 1-P Events that give you prizes such as trophies or stages when finished. Here's everything that can be unlocked in the Events:

  • Event 3: "Battleship Halberd" trophy.
  • Event 4: "Palutena trophy".
  • Event 8: "Route1/ Viridian City" CD.
  • Event 13: "Legendary Air Ride" CD.
  • Event 15: "Dedede's Theme" CD.
  • Event 18: "Dark Mountain Theme" CD. (if beaten on hard)
  • Event 19: "Mario Bros." stage.
  • Event 24: "Fire Field" CD.
  • Event 25: "Spear Pillar" stage.
  • Event 28: "Elektroplankton" stage.
  • Event 33: "Great Temple" CD (if beaten on hard).
  • Event 37: "Song of Storms" CD.
  • Event 38: "Star Wolf Theme (Starfox Assault)" CD.