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Options Menu

In the Options menu you can configure the way you are going to play etc.


The game screen is set to full-screen.
The game screen is set to widescreen.

Choose between standard and widescreen screen.

  • Standard: This works if you own a normal TV and also works with Virtual Console demo games with a time limit to it.
  • Widescreen: If you own like a plasma or an LCD TV, there's certainly room to move around. However, if you try to play the Virtual Console demo games with a time limit, the size of the screen has been made smaller with the left and right side been blackened even if you're living in Australia.



Choose the graphics for your game.

  • Deflicker off: Certain TVs with very sharp qualities can be used to soften the picture quality of the game and is also good with plasma TV.
  • Deflicker on: Certain TVs with very weak sharpness can be used to enhance the crispness of the game and is also good with LCD TV.



Choose which controls will have the rumble on off.

  • Rumble off: If you can not bare to have your hands sweat with so much rumble, you can turn this off. Same with the Wii Remote.
  • Rumble on: If you want to get a feel for the game, you can turn this rumble on. Also the same with Wii Remote.



Balance game music and sound effects. Ideal for one of three ways. Normally you use both music and sound effects but you can listen to just sound effects or just music.

My Music[edit]

My Music

Listen to every song you've unlocked and choose which songs will be played in the stages. Depending on what stage you choose and what music you have unlocked through various ways (look out for the CD image and grab it very quickly, a sound comes if you got it), to listen to the song a lot, move the bar from left to right and to now listen to the song at all, move the bar from right to left.

Erase Data[edit]

Erase Data

Don't enter this section unless you want to restart your game. All data erased here will be unrecoverable.

However, in here you can erase:

  • Hidden Characters.
  • Hidden Stages.
  • P1 High Scores.
  • Brawl Records Data.
  • Adventure Mode Data.
  • Vault Data.
  • Masterpieces Data.
  • Challenges Data.
  • Trophy & Sticker Collection.
  • Erase All.

Again, be warned that you won't be able to recover any data once it's erased.


The Data section is, as the name implies, where you can go through your personal data and look at your progress of unlocking things. The Data section includes:

  • The movie section, where you can view trailers for the game, as well as cutscenes from The Subspace Emissary.
  • The Sound Test, where you can listen to the music you have unlocked.
  • Records, where you can view your personal records.