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Items listed here appear in Brawl.

Normal Items[edit]

These are the items that may appear in normal Brawls, but can be partially or completely turned off.

In the following modes, items are not optional, and appear randomly:

Items never appear in the Stadium's Boss Battles or Cruel Brawl.

Items are "fixed" in Home-Run Contest and Target Smash.

Kirby, King Dedede, and Wario can swallow most items by using their Neutral Special.

Battering Items[edit]

Aftering these items are picked up, use a Basic Attack, Forward Tilt, dash attack, or Forward Smash to use the one you're currently equipped with. Drop your current battering item by pressing the grab button(s), or throw it by combining grab with a tilt or smash. A tossed battering item will deal damage to whoever is hit by the item, except the thrower.

If a character holding one of these items is hit hard enough, they will automatically drop it before they're sent flying. Although these items never "run out" while they're still equipped, they will usually disappear when dropped.

Beam Sword[edit]

Beam Sword

This weapon is the most basic of battering items. It's range extends with hard strikes, and can reach up to 3x its normal length when used in a smash attack.



The fan deals pathetic damage, usually only 2%, but the attacks are so ridiculously fast you'll be able to pile on a lot of damage before the foe can escape. Fans can break shields much faster than normal attacks. While continuously hitting the enemy with the fan, the character attacking begins to move backwards until they reach the edge (where they may fall off).

Home-Run Bat[edit]

Home-Run Bat

The home-run bat is easily the most powerful battering item in Brawl, whether you're hitting with or tossing it. If you Smash with it, it takes a while to start up, but is an almost guaranteed KO if the blow lands.

Lip's Stick[edit]

Lip's Stick
  • Original Game: Panel de Pon (SNES) — 1995

Lip's Stick, originating from Panel de Pon (released in the US as Tetris Attack), returns from Super Smash Bros. Melee. If a foe is hit with this, a small flower will pop on their head, which dishes out small increments of damage over time. Successive strikes will make the flower larger, and powerful hits will make it larger faster than weak hits. Anyone who has been flowered can lose the flower faster by moving the analog stick rapidly.

The part of Lip's Stick which flowers opponents is actually a limited-range projectile, and can be reflected with Franklin's Badge or a Reflecting special move.

Star Rod[edit]

Star Rod

This can be used either as a clubbing item or as a shooting item. Tilts and Smashes with this shoot damaging star projectiles; Smashed stars are more powerful, and shoot both faster and farther. A maximum of 20 stars can be shot.

Shooting Items[edit]

These items can be equipped and tossed just like battering items. To use them, tap or hold the standard attack button. Unlike in Brawl's prequels, you can move and jump while shooting. The Items have limited ammo so use them wisely and don't shoot them at Pit's Shield or Fox's Deflector.

Cracker Launcher[edit]

Cracker Launcher

The Cracker Launcher shoots off fire crackers. The Launcher can be aimed up and down for the best firing angle. Tap the reverse direction to turn around (normally you'll just walk backward). The equipped character cannot double jump or use any normal attacks while this is equipped.

Fire Flower[edit]

Fire Flower

Press and hold the attack button to unleash a short-ranged flamethrower-like attack. It's easy to pin foes against a wall with this.

Ray Gun[edit]

Ray Gun

A gun which can shoot up to 16 green lasers; the basic shooting item. With excellent timing, you can continually push back an aerial opponent with this weapon's weak attacks, even to the point of KOing them.

Super Scope[edit]

Super Scope

The Super Scope is a gun, which served as an accessory for the SNES and was also an item available in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Tapping the attack button repeatedly unleashes a combo of small shots, which can chain up for mild damage. Holding the button in charges up a more powerful single-burst shot, which can easily KO when fully charged. A maximum of three full-blast shots can be fired before the gun runs out of ammo.

Throwing Items[edit]

After picking these up, throw them by pressing the attack or grab buttons. Smash-throws will make the object fly further and hit harder. Recommended to throw at foes that are at health 150% or higher for a better KO.

Banana Peel[edit]

Slip over a banana and fall down
  • A new item for Brawl.

Throwing this at someone does little damage, but running over it can make an opponent trip. Tripping doesn't do damage, but it leaves them open for an attack. The banana peel will also make an opponent trip if it is thrown at them and hits them while they are on the ground. Whoever last threw the peel won't trip on it.

Diddy Kong can produce up two Banana Peels simultaneously with his Down-Special.

Blast Box[edit]

Blast Box

More of an environmental item than a thrown object, these explode when hit with a sufficiently powerful attack or with a fire-based attack. Kiss anyone nearby good-bye.

This is an explosive, meaning if Kirby, King Dedede, or Wario swallow it, they will receive 5% damage.



If left alone on the stage for a few seconds, these bombs will begin to walk around and explode anyone foolish enough to touch them, or explode after a few more seconds of walking. If grabbed before then however, they can be thrown for some serious damage.

This is an explosive, meaning if Kirby, King Dedede, or Wario swallow it, they will receive 5% damage.

While a Bob-omb walks around, Fox's, Falco's, or Wolf's Reflector can make it change direction without exploding.

Because of its high firepower and damage it dishes out it is more likely to blow up in your face so use caution approaching one.


The Bumper from the original SSB

Nine years have passed since Super Smash Bros. was released, and with SSBM some items were forgotten. Well, now is the time for all the ones who didn't have SSB to use this veteran item.

The Bumper imitates bumpers seen in pinball games, and you can throw it into place either on ground or in the air. If you hit it you will bounce in the opposite direction. If smash-thrown straight into an opponent, this is almost certain to KO.



Open capsules by throwing them or striking them. Capsules may have an item inside, or it might just explode instead. If you're lucky a smash ball will come out.

Crates and Barrels[edit]

Different styles of crates.
Barrels will roll if you throw them.

The crates and barrels have appeared since the first Super Smash Bros. Barrels from all Smash Bros. have had various amounts of different items inside each. You can get the items by slamming the box or crate against ground (or foe), or striking it. Sometimes there will be no items inside, and the package will just explode.

Some added features in Super Smash Bros. Brawl is that the basic box style changes for each level, so you can have space boxes in Lylat Cruise, or have presents in Yoshi's Island. Another added feature in Brawl is that boxes will slide downhill.

Also new: Some creates will be on wheels (there is no obvious way to tell, but unless boxes parallel to the screen, they won't be on wheels). When these are thrown or struck, they'll dish out damage to anyone in their way. A character can jump on top of one of these crates for a ride.

Deku Nut[edit]

Deku Nut

A Deku Nut will explode when struck, when thrown, or when left unexploded for a while. The explosion's flash will stun anyone nearby, but anyone in the center of the nut's impact will be sent flying across the screen.



Pick up and throw it against an opponent to freeze them for a while and deal a little damage. The more damage the foe has, the longer it will take to escape. If a frozen player flails the analog stick around, they'll escape faster. Note that if you attack a Freezie and destroy it, you will take 1% of damage.

Gooey Bomb[edit]

Gooey Bomb

Once a Gooey Bomb is plucked, it will start to flash. Faster flashes mean the bomb is closer to exploding. When this is thrown, it will stick to whatever surface or character gets in the way (it penetrates shields). Anyone who brushes against its current placement will have it rub off on them—It's basically like a game of hot potato where the last person holding it gets blown away.

After picking up the bomb, hold on to it until its just about to explode, then toss it at an opponent. This way they won't have a chance to rub it back on you.

This is an explosive, meaning if Kirby, King Dedede, or Wario swallow it, they will receive 5% damage.

Green Shell[edit]

Green Shell

Hit it, throw it, or jump on it to send a Green Shell sliding across the ground, damaging anyone it hits. The harder it's thrown/hit, the faster it will go and the more damage it will inflict on impact. These will bounce off walls.



After being thrown, these things travel across the ground and around platforms, damaging foes it runs into, and occasionally releasing sparks for more damage. They grow larger when hit with a fiery or electric attack, either before or after they're tossed. Traveling hotheads can be reflected as if they were thrown.

Motion-Sensor Bomb[edit]

Motion-Sensor Bomb

As in the previous games, the Motion-Sensor Bomb can be planted on walls or floors, and it will explode when someone walks over it. While the Motion-Sensor Bombs in the previous games were taken from GoldenEye 007, a game developed by Rare, in this game it's been redesigned as an original item, most likely because of Rare's acquisition by Microsoft.

This is an explosive, meaning if Kirby, King Dedede, or Wario swallow it, they will receive 5% damage.

Mr. Saturn[edit]

Mr. Saturn

Mr. Saturn returns from Melee. He starts to walk around if left alone. Although he doesn't do much damage when thrown, he is one of the few items that can break shields, and which cannot be eaten by Kirby, King Dedede, or Wario. Saturn will be sent flying when struck.

Party Ball[edit]

Party Ball

Items fall out of a party ball, similar to crates or barrels. Party balls have a small chance of having a ton of Food, nothing but Bob-ombs, three of the same kind of item, or nothing at all. They can also explode on impact from time to time.



Toss it somewhere; wherever it lands, that has become your trap. A foe who walks over the area will be plunged a couple feet underground, making them your prey for attacks. Stronger attacks will knock them out of the ground, while weaker ones will leave them in. The more damage a foe has, the longer it will take for them to escape from the ground on their own.

Throwing a Pitfall directly at an opponent works too, and it can penetrate shields. Throwing it at an airborne enemy works as a powerful meteor smash. If an invincible foe (whether through recovery platform or Starman) walks over the affected area, they will not only be unaffected, but cancel out the Pitfall effect for anyone who isn't invincible.

Poké Ball[edit]

Poké Ball

Like the previous games, the Poké Ball will release a Pokémon which may have appeared anywhere from Generation I to IV. A list of Pokémon known to appear is listed here. Regardless of which Pokémon comes out, throwing the ball at an opponent still hurts.

Smart Bomb[edit]

Smart Bomb

When the smart bomb is thrown, it will travel a short distance (or until it hits something), then burst and cover a wide area with a long-lasting explosion. Even the thrower will get caught in the blast if they aren't careful. These can also explode if they are struck.

Smart Bombs will occasionally be duds, which won't explode. They may also be fake duds, which only have a slightly delayed explosion.

This is an explosive, meaning if Kirby, King Dedede, or Wario swallow it, they will receive 5% damage.

Smoke Ball[edit]

Smoke Ball

If thrown hard enough, a smokeball will cause minor damage. Its intended purpose is to stick to a character or surface and release smoke, which obscures the screen.



Jump on it to be bounced high into the air. If it falls on its side, it bounces away anyone who runs into it, similar to the Bumper.

Team Healer[edit]

Team Healer

The team healer usually only appears in team battles and stages you have allies on in Classic. By throwing it at an ally, your team mate recovers health. The higher the damage meter, the more recovery. If it hits an enemy, it will dish out a tiny amount of damage. The player cannot use the item on themselves.



When activated, it extends its spikes and damages anyone who touches it. Once it's active, attacking it makes it retract its spikes.

Activation Items[edit]

When you pick up (or touch, or attack, in some cases) these items, their effects will activate immediately.

Assist Trophy[edit]

Assist Trophy

Assist Trophies are a breed of new items that are very similar to Poké Balls. After they're picked up, they send out various characters from different games to attack other players or to help you in some way. Some characters will hinder you, however. A complete list of known Assist Trophies are listed here.

Bunny Hood[edit]


Returning from Super Smash Bros. Melee, the Bunny Hood from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time will increase running speed, and will let the character who wears it jump much higher than usual.



CDs appear in every game mode, and add new music to be selected when taken. However, CDs don't stay around very long, so grab them once they appear. When all music has been unlocked, CDs will no longer appear in local games. They may still appear when playing over Wi-Fi, but collecting them when all songs are unlocked will do nothing.



The Dragoon is an aircraft from Kirby Air Ride. This item is broken into three parts:

  1. The nose cone.
  2. The hull.
  3. The tail.

This is an extremely powerful item. If you collect all three parts, a short animation will play. A cursor will then appear which you use to aim at an opponent and fly towards them, usually resulting in a one-hit KO. The parts you've collected are shown on the left side of your characters picture. You are occasionally able to make your opponent drop Dragoon parts when you hit them. If a character dies, all their Dragoon parts will drop back on stage when they descend from the recovery platform.

A character can still evade a Dragoon strike with a roll, sidestep, or air dodge at just the right moment. Starman, ledge-grabbing, and the recovery platform also guard against the instant-death strike. Zelda's Transformation into Sheik and vice versa also seem to work, but Kirby's Stone doesn't.



The various food items restore different amounts of health when consumed, but all are below 10% each. Unlike most items, these can be plucked when a character is lying down.

Franklin Badge[edit]

Franklin Badge

The Franklin Badge, from Earthbound, reflects projectiles much like Fox's Reflector move, but automatically. The Franklin Badge wears off after a certain amount of time.

Golden Hammer[edit]

Golden Hammer
Peach using the Golden Hammer on Bowser.

Like a normal Hammer, but more powerful and allows the holder to hover in mid-air when the attack button is pressed repeatedly.

These occasionally turn out to be Golden Squeaky Hammers when picked up. They appear and act the same way, but instead of a damaging strike, all that will result is a faint squeak.

Attacking with this item will instantly KO any enemy it hits.


Bowser using the hammer on Peach.

Whoever picks this up goes into a hammering frenzy, unable to dash, double jump, or perform normal attacks until the frenzy ends. The Hammer allows the holder to cause massive damage, just like in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It may drop its head and become useless for the wielder. The head itself becomes a thrown item, which can deal almost unparalleled damage when thrown.

Heart Container[edit]

Heart Container

Like in Melee, this item recovers 100% damage (except in All Star and Boss Battles where it instead restores 999% damage as they did in the original Super Smash Bros.). In both All Star and Boss Battles, the player gets three Heart Containers (or six if played in co-op mode). The Heart Containers heal 999% damage unlike their normal function (where it is 100% damage).



As it does in the Mario Kart series, Lightning shrinks everyone except its user. Sometimes it backfires and shrinks only its user, makes everyone besides the user giant, or shrinks everyone.

Maxim Tomato[edit]

Maxim Tomato

Like in Melee, the Maxim Tomato heals 50% damage. Heart Containers (like in Melee) take the previous function to release 100% damage.

Metal Box[edit]

Metal Box

The Metal Box from Super Mario 64 returns, behaving more or less the same as in Melee; pick it up or strike it to temporarily become a metal form. Your attacks are stronger, you flinch significantly less, attacks no longer have vocal sounds, and you drop much faster. The effect will drop after a short time.

Certain Final Smashes (such as Meta Knight's Galaxia Darkness) or strong attacks (Like Captain Falcons Falcon Punch) will make you lose your metal form.

Poison Mushroom[edit]

Poison Mushroom

Returning from Super Smash Bros. Melee, the Poison Mushroom causes your character to shrink to a smaller size if touched, meaning you do less damage and fly further when hit. Mid-game, it can be difficult to tell apart from a Super Mushroom. You can tell these because they are pink.



Sandbag now appears outside of Home-Run Contests as a container item. Attack it to beat other items out of it.

Screw Attack[edit]

Screw Attack

When this is equipped, the wearer is able to perform a Screw Attack whenever they jump or double jump, similar to Samus's Up Special. Third, fourth, and so on jumps aren't affected by Screw Attack. This items effect will wear off after a short while.

Smash Ball[edit]

Smash Ball

To unleash a Final Smash:

  1. Destroy the Smash Ball to enter a flaming state, known as "Final Smash Standby".
  2. Press the Special Move button without pressing a directional button or moving the control stick to release the character's Final Smash.

Final Smashes are ultimate attacks, which generally either offer a one-hit KO or attack everyone on the stage. See individual character pages for each Final Smash. When a character is losing by five points or stocks to the current leader, they will come back onto the stage already in Final Smash Standby mode (known as a "Pity Smash").

While in Smash Standby, if a character is hit enough times, they will drop the Smash Ball and return to a normal state. The ball will then be available to anyone who grabs it. The longer a character has been in standby, the easier it will be to make them drop the ball.

If a Smash Ball has been on the field for a while but no one has grabbed it, it will fly off the stage's edge. Additionally, the Smash Ball will require less hits to destroy when it has been floating around for a bit.

Soccer Ball[edit]

Soccer Ball

Currently believed to come from Super Mario Strikers and the NES game Soccer (NES), the Soccer Ball is used by knocking it forwards at high speeds with an attack, catching fire on its way and damaging anyone it strikes.

Whichever direction the attack usually knocks back, that's the direction the ball will fly. So if an attack sends a foe straight up, the ball will fly straight up. Stronger attacks hit the ball further and cause more damage when the ball impacts.



Touch the starman to be invincible for a short period of time. You can still fall off the stage and die, but attacks and status ailments won't affect you.

Super Mushroom[edit]

Super Mushroom

As it did in Super Smash Bros. Melee, the Super Mushroom causes your character to grow to a larger size, meaning that your attacks do more damage, and you don't fly as far, but you become a significantly larger target.

Superspicy Curry[edit]

Superspicy Curry

Eating superspicy curry will cause your character to begin to spew flames from its mouth uncontrollably, even while attacking, and your character won't be able to stop running either. This makes it incredibly easy to attack your opponent.

While a foe has been grabbed, the grabber's flames will temporarily stop.

If you have this item, and another opponent has the metal box, then the attack will reflect and attack you instead, as well as when fighting the Metal Primids in SSE mode.



This item slows down time for everyone but its user. However, sometimes it malfunctions and only slows down its user, or slows down everyone.

Warp Star[edit]

Warp Star

Grab one of these, and it carries your character up and off the screen, only to come crashing back down in a shield-penetrating explosion that damages nearby opponents. Tilting the analog stick or D-pad will cause the star's crash location to change, and through this it is possible to end up with a suicide.

The timing of the warp star's crash is the same no matter who uses it, so it can become easy to dodge with practice.

Subspace Emissary items[edit]

These items are the ones that can only appear in the Subspace Emissary:



Opens locked doors in The Subspace Emissary.



Besides being collectible, these can be used to power up your characters in The Subspace Emissary. Stickers also appear in Classic, Versus and Event mode but only increases your character's strength when used in Subspace Emissary.

Stock Ball[edit]

Stock Ball

These give you extra lives in The Subspace Emissary.



These can be collected and viewed in the Trophy Gallery. They offer background information on various characters, stages, items, and other things. They may only appear in a Vs. match if Celebi comes out from a Poké Ball.

Trophy Stand[edit]

Trophy Stand

The trophy stand only appears in The Subspace Emissary. It is used to transform enemies (including bosses) into trophies. Damage an enemy, and when its health gets low enough, throw a trophy stand at it. Don't worry if you didn't get a boss's trophy the first time you fight it, as you can always replay the stage and face that boss again.