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The Great Maze is a big maze created by Tabuu to keep you busy while he keeps on making Subspace for his power. Nope, you are not going to get away with that, Tabuu! Anyway, you'll be facing all the characters in Brawl, besides Sonic, Toon Link, Jigglypuff, and Wolf, as well as all the bosses. At the very end, you will fight Tabuu, the final boss. As Mario would say, "Let's-a go!"

Playable Characters[edit]

Everyone except Toon Link, Jigglypuff and Wolf. Sonic will be playable during the final battle. After you complete Subspace you can go to the forest where a new door will appear and you fight Toon Link, thus making him playable if you still want to play Subspace. If you go to the ruins, there will be a new door where you can fight Wolf to unlock him. Jigglypuff can be unlocked in the swamp where a new door will appear.

Walkthrough: Beginning to Duon[edit]

What you are beginning in is what we call a staging point, or a place to rest. You can save, check your stickers, change your characters, or head back to the map if you want to quit. Also you can teleport to any other Staging point. Choose 4 characters, and head through. You will fight Petey Piranha. This should be easy, seeing as you fought him before. If you need to recover your characters, just head back through the gold door and reselect. Once finished, take the door on the upper right platform. Head left to find a door which leads to a battle against Dark Pit. Beat Dark Pit and grab the item box. Continue up to reach another box. Head all the way down, and enter the door. Proceed right. If you need health, enter the first door. If not, keep on going until you reach the second door. Enter it and jump up to reach a box. Drop back and out, then head right to the 3rd door, and you will fight Dark Kirby. Head right, and ignore the door. Then go up. When you reach the purple platform, go up again, and proceed upward until you fight Dark Link. Defeating Dark Link earns you the right to head to the Forest area. Heading right leads to an access point, which is like a staging point, but you can't teleport. Once done, continue right, and enter the first door you see. Hit the bomb to clear the barrier, and enter the door again. Basically, what is going on here is that you are trying to clear blocks on one side so that you can access on the other side. This puzzle is easy to solve, and before you know it you will be fighting Dark Yoshi. Defeat him and head back through the door to the left. Head right and enter the door. Keep heading right and use the railed objects to defeat the enemies. You will reach a bridge and a railed object. Do not go on the bridge, as the object will destroy the bridge. Jump over the gap, grab your trophy, and enter the next door to face Dark Diddy Kong. Defeat Dark Diddy to proceed. There is another staging point here. Head right, and use the springs to reach the door. Head into it to fight Duon. Defeat Duon to proceed.

Walkthrough: Duon to Porky[edit]

Now, we are outside the Battleship Halberd. The wind will blow you to the left, so watch out. Head to the door, and go through it. Continue down. You will find a box and a door. Claim the item, and go through the door. Head right, past the lift, and that leads to a access point. When ready, take the lift down one floor, then head right. Drop down and veer left to find a dent with a key. Grab it, and keep on free falling. When you have reached land, head left, take the lift up one floor, and head left. Use the key to open the door, and his the bomb block. Drop down again to fight Dark Mr. G & W. Defeat Dark G & W to return. Jump up, and hit the bomb. Head right, take the elevator to the top floor, head left, and take the door again. Climb the ladder, and head down one on the left. Continue down and left, and then down another ladder to reach the bottom floor. Head right, enter the door, and fight Dark Snake. Defeat Dark Snake, return to the area you can from, and head to the top and through the door you originally entered from. When you are back outside the Halberd, head to the far right for another door. Fight Dark Meta-Knight in here. Defeat him, head left, and break the item box. Continue left until you reach a door to the very far left. Enter it to fight Dark Ness. Defeat him to come back where you came from. Head right and up to the farthest platform up. After you cross this, drop down to the ground, and go into the door to your left. Head down the ladder, and break the boxes to your left. Head left and past the gold door. Hit a switch to the door's left side, this will give you access to a access point. Continue left, breaking boxes, and you will come to a door; head through and head left. Dodge the mines, and you will soon find Porky. Defeat Porky to proceed.

Final Part: Tabuu[edit]

For more details on this topic, see Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Bosses#Tabuu.

You will see Tabuu attempts to turn everyone into trophies again only this time Sonic saved your skins by attacking his wings, preventing Tabuu from using off waves.