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A Hammer Bro drives out of a dense jungle with a hover cart full of bananas, as the figure of a fearsome ape makes short work some attacking Goombas and Koopa Troopas. Donkey Kong's humongous banana hoard has just been stolen, and he emerged from the jungle just in time to see it being carried away. As the Koopa army tries to take him out with a couple of Bullet Bills, Diddy Kong makes a timely appearance, knocking out the Bullet Bills with the pinpoint precision of his Peanut Gun. They both strike a pose and point directly at their immediate target: the cart full of bananas. Then it's a big leap off the cliff to begin the chase.

Jungle romp[edit]

From the start, make your way to the right and you'll encounter some members of the Koopa army. These classic enemies have appeared in a lot of Mario games, and the way to defeat them is similar here. The Goombas are the weakest henchmen, possessing a slow and weak charge attack and can be instantly killed by jumping on them. There also Koopa Troopas and Koopa Paratroopas. Koopa Troopas attack by tackling you, but jumping on them will make them hide in their shells, letting you pick it up and throw them to defeat other enemies. Koopa Paratroopas attack in a similar way, but they can fly. It takes one stomp to remove their wings, and one more to knock them into their shells.

Defeat the enemies in your way while going to the right. Jump into the barrel to launch yourself onto a high ledge, then attack the floating blue item box for an item. The next cannon is entirely optional and doesn't do much except possibly launching you into another cannon ahead, which you can reach by normally jumping into it from the ground. For this cannon, wait until it point directly downwards and launch yourself through the breakable blocks into a pit with golden item blocks and a switch that makes a cannon appear in the pit. Use the cannon to go back up.

Move right through the narrow tunnel to reach a cannon-filled section reminiscent of gameplay from the Donkey Kong Country series. You will need to launch yourself from barrel to barrel to avoid falling to your deaths. Aim carefully and be patient to make it to the end with ease. Go through the door to enter the next area.

Force Balls[edit]

In this area, you will be introduced to balls on rails. You can knock these balls to send them flying along the rails, hitting any enemies in its path. The harder you hit it, the faster it travels. You will come across a force ball in a loop-de-loop created by another force ball, which you can attack to destroy a floating blue item box. The next force ball is too high up for you to easily reach, so use the force ball to the right of it to destroy the blocks blocking the platforms, then use the platforms to reach the force ball, knocking it to the ground and breaking a block for a small pit containing an item.

Keep moving right and you should come across a stone structure. Attack the force ball at the very bottom to break some blocks hiding a trophy. Climb the ladders to the very top, where you'll find a force ball and some breakable blocks. Use the force ball to break them and reveal a door underneath, then enter it. Inside is a giant water wheel with four platforms you can stand on and two blue item boxes. Return from through the way you came and continue to the right.

Attack the rightmost track ball to break apart and hit a switch in an alcove, causing a floating platform to rise. Get on to the platform and keep moving right, using the force ball to defeat the enemies that rush at you. Run right until you're off the platform, then attack the next force ball you encounter to break apart the blockade.

Move past where the blockade was and you'll find yourself locked in battle with more of Bowser's troops. You will also encounter the Hammer Bro and Bullet Bill for the first time. The Hammer Bro leaps around and attacks by throwing hammers, while Bullet Bills explode by ramming into you or the ground. Use the force ball here to wipe them all out, after which you will be rewarded with an extra life. Jump into the cannon to the right to launch yourself across a huge chasm and to the door.

A treacherous ascent[edit]

You'll find yourself on an ascending platform while having to defeat enemies that constantly spawn around you. You will also have to contend with Bullet Bills flying in from the side, so do your best to avoid them. Be sure to look out for a ledge containing a trophy stand, as you need to grab it for 100% completion of the level. Once you make it to the top, you'll have to face your last obstacle: a fast moving door. Wait until it is right next to you to successfully enter it.

An even more treacherous descent[edit]

Walk onto the launcher to get launched into the shaft. Watch out for the Jyks that serve as obstacles in this long drop. Try to remain on the left side of the screen while avoiding the Jyks to land on an alcove containing a door in the middle of the drop. Enter the door into a room with one blue and one gold item box. Get the contents of both, then exit and jump off the alcove to continue the drop.

At the very bottom, you will be locked in battle with several Goombas, including Giant Goombas that does more damage and require more hits to defeat. After you defeat all of the enemies, the golden door that ends the level will appear.

Having recovered their bananas, both Kongs are ecstatic, but it all turns out to be a trap by Bowser. He lured both primate fighters here by stealing their bananas so that he can use the Dark Cannon and turn them into trophies! Diddy is ready to fight, but Donkey Kong manages to Giant Punch him to safety, taking the cannon shot. Diddy cannot bear to witness Donkey Kong's fate as he shoots into the sky, while Bowser claims a new trophy for the Subspace Army.

Having beaten the level, Diddy Kong will now join your team!