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On the desert plains, a machine rockets across the sandy fields, holding a mean cache of missiles. Three swordsmen observe it from a distance. Ike decides to engage it in battle, followed by Metaknight and a reluctant Marth. They must now fight their way across the wilderness to stop that dangerous robot.

The windy valleys[edit]

Starting out, head right, defeating the enemies in your path. The screen will soon start scrolling on its own, so be sure to keep up with it. You must slowly descend down a valley, as Trowlons rise up from above, eventually reaching a horde of Bytans at the bottom. Go right and enter a narrow tunnel, where Roaders will charge at you. Once you exit the tunnel, jump up its left side to reach an alcove with a door. Go through it.

Inside, you'll find a blue and a gold item box. You must scale a series of platforms to reach each. Once you're done, exit the room. Outside, go right and you'll start encountering strong winds blowing from the right. They will push you slightly to the left, which makes movement a bit difficult. There will be a gold item box right in your path, you can't really miss it. Keep going forward and you'll come across some proximity mines rotating along a center point. The wind makes it harder to evade them, so use dodge rolls to get past them if you have to.

Past the mines, you must make you way back up to the other end of the valley. The wind will still be blowing, but you can get to the top quickly by hitching a ride up one of the Trowlons rising from below. At the top, you will be introduce to a new enemy: the Armank. This extremely defensive enemy attacks with an extendable claw. If you destroy the claw, the vehicle will open up, revealing a green blob within. Attack the green orb repeatedly to do more damage and to prevent it from closing its shell. If it does, the claw will be repaired and you'll have to repeat the process again.

After the fight, fall down the cliff to the right. It takes a while before you reach the bottom, but get ready to react as soon as you do, as the ground will be full of falling blocks above rows of spikes. Enter the door at the end of the path to go to the next area.

Skirmishes in the wilderness[edit]

Now that you're on the top of the rock formations in the desert, there are more bottomless pits you can fall into, so watch your footing. Run to the right until you come upon some conspicuously rectangular chunks of land. These parts of the ground can move up and down, which can make you passage across the path awkward. After the moving ground, you must descend down a deep canyon. Boulders will periodically fall, preceded by soil dropping from above, so scramble to safety as soon as you see them.

Once you reach the bottom, you will be locked in battle with Giant Primids. These Primids have the same attacks as their smaller counterparts, but they're obviously much stronger and have more health. Once you beat the enemies, a tunnel will open up. Enter it, dodging the Bombeds' attacks, until you reach a cannon. The cannon will launch you into a maze of other cannons. Line yourself up with the moving cannon in front of you, then shoot to the cannon pointing up, which will shoots you into another cannon. Aim at the right cannon to launch yourself on to a platform with a door.

Enter the door to end up in a room with two blue item box and one gold item box. You must break the stone blocks to get to the right end where the blue item boxes are, avoiding the Jyks while doing so. Then, you must jump to the floating platforms and take the moving platform to the left end of the stage to get the gold item box. Return outside through the door. You will automatically fall into a cannon which will launch you back to the very start of the cannon maze. Make your way back to the door, then fall down and hug the right wall to reach the path at the other side.

Go into the tunnel, and leap up some stairs to reach a door. Enter it, break open the blue item box, then enter the door to reach the boss fight.

Marth, Metaknight and Ike finally catches up to the tank, which seems to have stopped. Suddenly, the various parts of the tank rearranges themselves to form a humanoid robot. This mechanical monstrosity is Galleom, one of the strongest fighters in the Subspace Army's arsenal. It prepares to pummel the swordsmen into pulp, and the three valiant brawlers are more than happy to take on the challenge before them.

Boss Battle: Galleom[edit]

Galleom is the biggest boss you have fought, and it is moderately hard to defeat. Its attacks are telegraphed, but dangerously fast and powerful on higher difficulties. Like other bosses, Galleom follows a simple attack pattern. Its first attack is to either stomp multiple times across the stage, stomp with just one foot, shoot several missiles at you or does a powerful uppercut. The single stomp is the hardest to dodge, since it comes out quite fast. His other attacks do have more obvious starting animations, but getting hit will really hurt. The multiple stomps can bury you in the ground, while the uppercut can KO at very low percentages.

For its second attack, Galleom will either straighten up and fall on you, jump up and land on you, bring both hands down on either side, perform a spin or slam both hands down to create a shockwave. He can also turn into a tank and charge forward, and will drop down from above when his health is low enough. All of these attacks are powerful but can be anticipated if you recognize their startup animations, though the spin and the shockwave punch are similar enough to possibly throw you off.

Overall, you must be observant and careful when fighting Galleom. Watch if he behaves a bit odd to see if an attack is coming. Time your dodges well and don't be too aggressive when attacking it. Some attacks can very well KO you at 0% on high difficulties, so don't be reckless and leave yourself open to attack too much.

Exhausted but not destroyed, the walking tank tries to escape by jumping off the cliff. However, it lands on the road outside the ruins, causing it to collapse and making Galleom fall into the pits below. This fight is far from over...