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Watching the Subspace Bomb inside Galleom detonate in the distance, the Ancient Minister contemplates about the many R.O.B.s he has sacrificed to activate Subspace Bombs. As he leaves, Mario, Pit, Link, Yoshi and Kirby catches up to him. With a team of 5, can they finally stop the Ancient Minister?

Tracks in the arid desert[edit]

Starting off, attack the force ball to your right to destroy a wall of blocks blocking you, then move right to enter a forced fight with some Shellpods and Feyeshes. Use the force balls to help you clear them off faster. After the fight, the screen will begin to scroll. Attack the next force ball to clear a blockade in front of you, and jump over the pit. Do the same for two other force balls until you reach a short tunnel. After the tunnel is a moving platform that will trigger a battle with some Feyeshes and Armights.

Go right after defeating the enemies to find a series of elevators. Go into the middle elevator and go up, but jump out of the elevator immediately after doing so. Drop into the gap that the middle elevator blocked to find a door. Inside is a giant force ball that will clear the path to the other side of the room, which contain a blue and a gold item box. Back outside, attack the bomb block at the right of the space you're in to clear a path for you to return to the elevators. Take the middle one and rise straight to the top. A few more enemies lie in your path before you reach the door to the next area.

The winds of drought[edit]

Jump on to the platform to have it transport you to a lower section of the stage. Here, there will be strong winds pushing you to the right. This helps you to jump further, but it can also push you into obstacles. Go right until you enter a tunnel, where you will find spikes dropping from the ceiling. Wait for them to drop and then rise up before passing through them. Out of the tunnel, you will trigger a forced battle with some Primids and a Greap. Watch out for the spiked wall at the right while you fight.

Jump across the gaps and up some rock formations until you reach another floating platform. Jump on it to have it move you down to another platform. Jump on that platform to have it quickly move you up two walls closing in around you. As soon as it stops, quickly jump up to avoid getting crushed by the walls. You will have to contend with a Nagagog and a Bytan-spawning portal once you're up. Climb up this small valley, then go left when you reach the top. You will find a gold item box sneakily nestled on an alcove. Once you've obtained the item in the box, run right into the rays of light to end the level.

The team of heroes engage the Ancient Minister, swiftly dodging the beams he shoots at them. However, they are soon stopped by a couple of R.O.B.s, who have already gathered at the location of the next Subspace Bomb detonation. The Ancient Minister deploys the bomb and two R.O.B.s activate it. The fighters try to stop the R.O.B.s, but their attempts are in vain. The Subspace Bomb detonates, dragging nearby R.O.B.s into Subspace, while the team of five make a narrow escape.