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SSBM Portrait Ice Climbers.png

Special Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Attack Description/notes
B button Ice Shot The Climbers sling small glaciers before them. When both Climbers are together, two glaciers are thrown. If foes are caught by the hammers when throwing the hunks of ice, the can get damage too.
Up control + B button Belay Popo slings Nana overhead, and she pulls him after her. If Nana hits a foe when slung, the foe takes damage.
Down control + B button Blizzard Popo blows ice before him, and Nana shoots ice behind her. This attack causes minimal damage but has the chance of freezing your enemy temporarily.
Left control (Right control) + B button Squall Hammer The Climbers swing their hammers in a circle, hitting foes a number of times. If you tap the B button fast when doing this, they will gain a little height, but be wary that your 3rd jump is eliminated no matter what when using this move.

Advanced Techniques[edit]


The process though which you separate the attacks of each individual Ice Climber. It can be done in a variety of ways, most commonly with dodging or using your shield. It is one of the underlying techniques of an advanced Ice Climbers.


Wobbling is a technique of which is used to get simple KO's, only able to be performed by the Ice Climbers. It is the process of grabbing the opponent and pummeling them repeatedly in an inescapable, infinitely long grab.

During the first pummel (mash A button repeatedly at a constant rate; some say 200BPM), you must Down control or Left control/Right control and hold it the control stick in that direction as you continue pummeling. If done correctly, then you should have them in an infinite grab state of being pummeled, not allowing the opponent to do anything as you rack up damage and use Neutral cstick (in any direction) to finish them off.