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These techniques are fairly easy to learn and implement.

Stealing a life[edit | edit source]

In a team multiplayer stock game if you lose all your lives, and your team-mate has more than one life left, press the Start button to steal one of his lives. This will not work if your team-mate has one life.

Dash-canceling[edit | edit source]

You can "cancel" your dash by crouching (down on the joystick). This works well as a fake out tactic or if you don't want to attack with the dash attack. Dash-cancel to get your opponent to shield (in an attempt for a shield-grab) and then dash-grab. It also works for quickly picking up items from the ground and then continuing on running.

Dash-dancing (DD)[edit | edit source]

A technique that involves quickly tapping the joystick back and forth. When successfully executed, it results in the character rapidly turning around in the opening dash animation. Dash-dancing is used as a fake-out tactic because you can dash in either direction at any time.

Edge/Ledge Hogging[edit | edit source]

Holding onto the edge of the stage, preventing an opponent from doing the same, as only one player can hold a ledge at a time. The fastest way to do this is to wavedash backwards into the Edge/Ledge hog position.

Shorthop[edit | edit source]

The shorthop is just what it sounds like: a hop that is shorter than a normal jump. It is performed simply by tapping the jump button very quickly and lightly. This is easier with certain characters, such as Falco, and very difficult with others. It is very useful as it can be used to pump out aerial attacks more efficiently, and is also used in many advanced techniques.

Fast Falling[edit | edit source]

At the peak of any jump, press Down control, and you will fall faster than usual. This helps quicken your pace.

Wall Jump[edit | edit source]

Not everyone can wall jump. Captain Falcon, Mario, Sheik, Young Link, Pichu, Fox, and Falco are characters who can. The wall jump is performed by tapping the stick in the opposite direction of a wall just as you make contact with the wall. You will bounce off the wall. This can be repeated as much as you wish. It can be used as a recovery, or to surprise an enemy with an aerial attack. However, if done in rapid succession, such as between buildings in the Foursides level, the height gained with each jump will slowly diminish until you can no longer gain height on a wall jump. Returning to the stage will reset this.

L canceling[edit | edit source]

L canceling is a staple of advanced play. All characters can benefit from it. It involves pressing L button, R button or Z button immediately before hitting the ground after executing an aerial attack. This effectively halves the lag time after said attack, and is essential for many advanced techniques. It also gives you a competitive edge over players who do not L cancel. Try to press L button as late as you possibly can before hitting the ground; the timing is no more complex than that. Link's aerial down A button and Bowser's aerial back A button are good test moves, since the lag reduction is very noticeable. Note that only A button aerial attacks can be L-canceled. B button aerial moves do not benefit from L-canceling.

Teching[edit | edit source]

When your character is knocked to the ground, there is a recovery time where you must press Up control to get up, or A button to perform a rising attack.

However, by pressing L button or R button just before you hit the ground, wall, ceiling, and even the ledge off the side of the stage (20 frames before impact), your character's knockback will be reduced to nothing .

If you press Left control or Right control while teching the floor, you will roll the direction you chose instead of getting up in place.

Meteor Smash[edit | edit source]

Many characters have a Meteor Smash. This is basically a smash that sends your opponent downward and is designated by the game as a special move. Meteor Smashes, while powerful, can be meteor recovered. The term most people use to refer to an attack that sends your opponent straight or close to straight down, allowing you to get kills at a very low percent if your opponent is off of the edge, is a spike (note, "spike" only refers to downward attacks where the knockback CANNOT be meteor canceled).

Meteor Recovery[edit | edit source]

If you use your midair jump or an up-B button recovery move at the exact moment someone is Meteor Smashing you, you will recover quickly and jump and there will be a little flashy graphic. It only works on official "Meteor Smashes" though. See Spikes for "unofficial" Meteor Smashes.