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Several characters from various games, and some never before seen characters, appear in Super Smash Bros Melee as non-playable characters. This is a list of all those characters and where you can find them.

Debug Mode Playable

Please note that if entering the action replay debug code, these characters will be playable.

Master Hand

A giant, floating, white glove, similar to Mario's, that first appeared in the original Super Smash Bros. at the end of the 1 Player game. You will now find him whenever you beat Classic Mode. You can also find him on Event Match #50.

Crazy Hand

Crazy Hand is almost identical to Master Hand, but is more difficult (and is a left glove, whereas Master Hand is a right glove). Crazy Hand also has several attacks that Master Hand does not, and they can both join together to do super attacks. Crazy Hand only shows itself when certain requirements are met: when the player proceeds through Classic Mode without using continues on at least the Normal difficulty, and gets Master Hand down to at least half of its HP.

Additionally, it can be found in the fiftieth (second-to-last) Event Match. Its behavior is more random than Master Hand's. Its attacks are more devastating, and overall it is more difficult to defeat than Master Hand. An easy way you can defeat him and Master Hand is play as Yoshi and use his down air attack in the middle of both hands.

Fighting Wire Frame

The Wire Frames are wires in the shapes of men and women, apparently wrought from the power of Master Hand. They bear its symbol beneath the "skin" of their face. (Of course, they are a tribute to the wire frame models used in the early stages of character creation.) They appear in Adventure Mode and the Multi-Man Melee challenge, replacing the Polygon Team from Super Smash Bros..

Like the Polygon Team, they are the game's generic weak opponents. Usually it takes a large group to even stand a chance against a reasonably skilled human player; However, in Endless and Cruel Melee modes they are much stronger and do pose a danger. One fights them on a stage called the "Battlefield".

Giga Bowser

Giga Bowser is a possible final boss in the game's Adventure Mode, and can only be fought when the player beats the Adventure mode on Normal difficulty or higher, without using any continues, and in under eighteen minutes. At this point, where the credits would normally begin, Bowser returns from the abyss surrounding the Final Destination field and transforms. He becomes far larger, quicker and more powerful than Bowser was, and can be quite a challenge. Additionally, he can be found in the last Event Match alongside Mewtwo and Ganondorf.


Sandbag appears only in the Home-Run Contest (see "Stadium" section below). In the Home-Run Contest, the player's goal is to hit Sandbag as far as possible. According to the game's trophy description, "Getting hit doesn't hurt Sandbag at all!", which is fortunate for Sandbag, as its flight distance is proportionate to the damage it has accumulated. In order to get the Sandbag trophy, the player must hit Sandbag 1000 feet (400 m if the language is set to Japanese or PAL).

The player has 10 seconds in which to damage Sandbag, then smash it off the screen as far as possible with a provided Home-Run Bat. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to do this is to select Fox, shoot the bag until it is at about 80 or so percent, and then smash attack the bag with the bat. This should give you about 1000 feet in distance, along with unlocking the sandbag trophy.


These characters are not playable under any circumstances.


In the Mushroom Kingdom 2 stage, a pixelated Birdo will occasionally enter from the left and right sides of the screen, stop and shoot three or so pixelated eggs. Birdo can push players around and can be jumped on, although doing so does not harm Birdo. Birdo can be attacked and sent flying away, but no matter how many times you defeat her, she will return. The eggs she shoots can hurt players if they are hit, however a deflected egg can be grabbed by another fighter if they are in its path and can then be used as a weapon.


A black bomb with legs and lit fuse. This enemy from the Mario games is a regular item. After appearing, it will sit around for a while waiting to be picked up and thrown at opponents for an explosive surprise. If it takes to long to get picked up, it will get up and start walking back and forth along the platform its on, exploding upon contact. Left alone, it will eventually explode by itself. A special Bob-omb causes a huge explosion in the movie that plays at the beginning of the game.

Banzai Bill

Giant Bullet Bills that appear in the Princess Peach's Castle stage from various directions, hitting the castle. Upon contact, they'll explode, causing no visible damage to the castle but being almost always fatal to anyone caught in the blast. Banzai Bills also zoom around in the background of the Yoshi's Island stage.

Four Giants and the Moon

These are nothing but background characters of the Great Bay stage. They will not effect the battle at all. After a period of time, the Moon will start to drop towards Termina. After it gets close enough, the Four Giants will enter and push it back into space. This animation will repeat itself throughout the battle, should it last long enough.

Giant Turtle

This is a large turtle with grass and two palm trees on its shell. It appears in the water on the right side of the Great Bay stage. It will float on the water, facing the rest of the stage at the start of the fight, but after a while it will submerge. After staying underwater for a bit, it will reemerge from the water facing any four of the main compass directions. The direction its facing effects gameplay a little: the turtle's trees and head will be in different positions when facing left or right, and will not even be traversable when facing forward or backward.


Goombas walk back and forth in Part 1 of the Mushroom Kingdom stage of Adventure Mode. They are very easy to kill. They can come out of containers in regular VS matches, but that is rare.

King Dedede & Bronto Burt

These two characters randomly float around in the background of the N64 Dream Land stage. Bronto Burt is a pink puffball enemy with wings.

Klap Traps

These are purple or blue crocodiles with yellow stripes on their back, little bodies and large mouths that like to swim in the rivers of the Kongo Jungle and Jungle Japes stages. In Jungle Japes, getting bitten by one of them as they jump out of the river will result in death as they send you flying downwards. In Kongo Jungle, they will pass by while falling down the waterfall, biting and damaging anybody in their way.

In this stage, it is actually possible to hit them as they pass by, and a strong enough attack can send them flying. If you are lucky enough to hit them into the spinning barrel, they will get stuck in the barrel for a period of time before getting blasted out in a random direction. While in the barrel, its squirming bottom half will be sticking out and no one will be able to use the barrel.

Koopa Troopas & Paratroopas

Koopa Troopas and their winged counterparts walk/fly back and forth throughout Part 1 of the Mushroom Kingdom stage in Adventure Mode. They both come in red and green-shelled varieties. Like in regular Mario games, jumping on a Paratroopa will turn it into a regular Koopa Troopa, and jumping on a normal Koopa will cause it to retract into its shell. The Koopa Shells look different from the normal shell items, but they act identically.

Cranky Kong

Cranky Kong is a very old monkey with a long beard. His silhouette is visible through the window of the center structure in the Jungle Japes stage. He will walk by and rock in his rocking chair, not effecting the battle at all.


In the Brinstar Depths stage, he emerges out of the magma to wreak havoc among the fighters. He stays in the background and won't directly hurt anyone, but he will slash the stage, causing it to rotate.


A Super Mario World-style Lakitu can be found floating around in the Yoshi's Island stage's background, carrying a 1-Up Mushroom by a fishing line. Unfortunately, you can't reach him or his mushroom. An old fashioned Lakitu flies around Mushroom Kingdom, also in the background.

Mr. Saturn

A small character from EarthBound who is an item in this game. It will walk around back and forth until it is picked up by a player. It can be thrown at opponents, causing small amounts of damage. After three hits, it will disappear.


Pidget appears in the Mushroom Kingdom 2 stage, where he rides around on a magic carpet. Players can hop onto his magic carpet for a free ride, but the Pidget will stay in the background, not able to give or take damage from players. His magic carpet will enter and exit from either side of the screen and will fly around randomly.

Octoroks, ReDeads & Like Likes

These three Legend of Zelda enemies appear in Part 1 of the Hyrule Underground Maze stage of Adventure Mode, scattered all over the dungeon-like stage. Octoroks will shoot at you, ReDeads will attach onto you and sap your health, and Like Likes suck you up and barf you out, damaging you. On rare occasion, Octoroks and ReDeads will appear out of containers during VS matches.

Pak E. Derm

This stop-sign holding elephant walks back and forth in the background of the Yoshi's Story stage. He is merely a background object and doesn't affect the battle at all.


Various Pokémon that appear from PokéBalls randomly. For more details, see this page.

Shy Guys

These guys will float past the Yoshi's Story stage in groups. Each will be carrying a random type of food, granted the Food item isn't turned off. They won't hurt fighters in any way, and hitting them will cause them to get flung away, dropping their delicious cargo.

Slippy Toad & Peppy Hare

These frog and hare pilots are Fox and Falco's crew mates. In Part 2 of the Corneria stage of Adventure Mode, they, along with either Fox or Falco, will say some quirky lines over the intercom. They also supposedly pilot the Arwings of the Corneria and Venom levels, (it might not be an Arwing at all, and just the Great Fox) although you cannot see them. Slippy Toad makes a cameo in the Event Match "Slippy's Invention." You can also chat over the intercom midfight if a certain easter egg is activated.


He is a background object in the Great Bay stage. He floats around with his Tingle balloon, which players can hop on and pop, causing Tingle to fall onto the ground where he'll spin for a while before creating another balloon and floating up again. Popping the balloon with direct contact will hurt the popper 2%. It is possible to pop Tingle over the water, causing him to fall to his doom. He'll still return with his balloon, however.


Toad is a small little person with a red mushroom cap on his head from the Mario series. He can be seen running back and forth in the background twice in Part 1 of Adventure Mode's Mushroom Kingdom: Once on the platform where you battle all the Yoshis, and then again near the finish line. Also, when Peach uses her B button attack, she sticks Toad out to protect her.

Topis and Polar Bears

These Ice Climber baddies appear in walking back and forth in the Infinite Glacier stage of Adventure Mode. Topis can be killed in one shot, while Polar Bears take several hits to kill. Topis can come out of containers in regular VS matches, but this is rare.

Whispy Woods

This anthropomorphic tree sits in the background of both the Green Greens and N64 Dream Land stages. He will occasionally blow gusts of wind left or right, which will have a slight effect on the battle. In Green Greens he will shake his head on occasion, flinging apples onto the battlefield.