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Note: Pichu has these same attacks, only weaker (for example, its Quick Attack doesn't do damage) and they hurt Pichu.

Special Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Attack Description/notes
B button Thunder Shock On the ground, sends a bouncing arc of electricity across the ground which can also go up/down walls. In the air, a sends a slightly stronger diagonal sphere of electricity toward the ground, which then continues on like normal.
Up control + B button Quick Attack Pikachu "teleports" from one spot to another, about the height of a jump. If a second direction is held in mid-air, Pikachu will quick attack a second time. This attack does a little bit of damage, but is easy for an opponent to intercept.
Down control + B button Thunder A cloud forms high above Pikachu's head and lightning comes down to where it stands. If Pikachu is standing beneath a platform, the thunder attack will stop at the platform above. In some really big stages (like Hyrule Temple) standing on the lower portion of the stage and using Thunder you can see a cloud. Anyone standing inside the cloud will take a surprising amount of damage.
Left control (Right control) + B button Skull Bash Pikachu charges in place and then jumps horizontally head first. The charge can be determined by the length of time you hold B button.

Advanced Techniques[edit]

  • Quickhog: stand 1.3-3 Pika wavedashes from the edge. Quick attack (Up B button) towards the edge, them downward towards the edge for an edge hog.
  • Uair Spike: The back part of Pikachu's Uair (Upward Aerial) is a semi-spike and could KO at low percentages.
  • Dair Spike: Not really a spike, but can prioritize a Firefox/Firebird.
  • Uair Juggling: A combo using just Uair. Its prority makes it hard to escape from. Works best against fast-fallers.
  • Taunt Canceling: At 2/3 into Pika's Taunt, you can shield.
  • Chain Grab: You can chain Grab Fox, Falco, and Captain Falcon with the Up throw. You must be able to DI chase.
  • Pika's super Wavedash: If you Quick attack towards a projectile, Pikachu will do a SWD.
  • Thunder flip: A finishing combo with its Up Samash followed by its Thunder (Down B button).

Set ups[edit]


  • Fair: Low/Mid/high%: Down Smash, Grab, or Utilt.
  • Nair:
    • Low%: Usmash, Dsmash,or Grab.
    • Mid%:Same as low%, although advisable yo do Usmash.
    • High%: Nothing.
  • Dair: Nothing.
  • Uair:
    • Low: Another Uair, or Usmash.
    • Mid: Uair, or Usmash.
    • High: Usmash, Thunder.


  • Usmash:
    • Low: Usmash, Utilt.
    • Mid:
      • Fastfallers: Usmash.
      • Floaties: Uair.
    • High: Uair.
  • Fsmash:
    • Nothing.
  • Dsmash:
    • Nothing.


  • Utilt:
    • Low: Utilt, Usmash.
    • Mid:
      • Fastfallers: Usmash.
      • Floaties: Uair or nothing.
    • High: Nothing.
  • Dtilt:
    • Nothing.
  • Ftilt:
    • Nothing.


  • Uthrow: Low/Mid/High%:
    • Fastfallers: Uthrow for Chain Grabbing.
    • Floaties: Uair.
  • Fthrow
    • Nothing.
  • Bthrow
    • Edge-guarding?
  • Dthrow Low/mid/high%:
    • Usmash (not against Luigi): ?
    • Dsmash: ?