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Basic Techniques[edit]

Hold A after a stage has been selected (or in single player, during the matchup screen) to switch between Zelda and Sheik before the match starts.

Standard Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Description/notes
A button A fast, weak jab with the fingertips. Can be used to aid chain throw combos at higher damages.
A buttonA button A second quick jab
A button Sheik begins a very fast series of fingertip jabs that do combo damage. Can be very useful if an opponent is pinned against a wall or otherwise immobilized.
Forward + A button Sheik performs a roundhouse kick with her back leg. This attack is extremely useful for racking up damage against opponents that fall quickly and/or are heavier than average.
Dash + A button Sheik extends both arms forwards and then rakes them back. This is a very fast attack that sends the opponent straight up when hit with correctly. If the attack is used when the opponent is just in front of sheik, they get pushed straight back a bit and take much less damage.
Down control + A button Sheik drops down, and throws out one leg in a sweeping kick. This can be used multiple times at lower damages. At medium damages, a very effective combo is Down control + A button, forward + A button, jump, neutral aerial A button.
Up control + A button Sheik raises her back leg straight up, then brings it back down in front of her. This attack can hit twice at lower damages if Sheik is facing away from her opponent.
Smash Forward + A button Sheik performs two spinning kicks, jumping forward with each one. This move is rather low priority for a smash attack, and should only be used while the opponent is unable to attack. The two hits of this attack translate into a similar strike while wielding bludgeoning items. With a home run bat, the second strike is the one that delivers the KO.
Smash Down control + A button Sheik drops into a move similar to a breakdancing backspin. This move hits on both sides of her, and can hit multiple times if the opponent does not get out of the hitbox. This makes it especially dangerous against, for example, metal opponents.
Smash Up control + A button Sheik raises her arms above her head and then rakes them back behind her. If charged a bit and applied correctly, this attack can KO even heavyweight opponents at less than 100% damage.

Aerial Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Description/notes
A button A standard kick, but with better range than most.
Forward + A button Sheik performs a very fast attack that can send opponents flying at varying angles, depending on their position relative to Sheik when the attack is executed.
Back + A button Similar to a backwards sex kick, but does not qualify because the most damage is dealt when Sheik's foot connects with the opponent just as it finishes extending. The attack still does damage after the extension, but less, just as with a sex kick.
Down control + A button This attack is slow to start up, and has little knockback. However, it stays extended for a brief moment, and during this time, always does the same amount of damage.
Up control + A button Sheik will turn upside-down and kick straight up. Useful for juggling and KOing at higher damages.

Special Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Attack Description/notes
B button Needle Storm Arguably one of the most versatile attacks in the game. Press once to throw a single needle. Low damage, but a fairly fast attack. Hold B button to charge up to 6 needles. In the air or on the ground, L button,R button, or Z button will store the needles for future use. Using needles in the air throws them down at a 45 degree angle. The fact that needles can be used so quickly means that they are very useful for edgeguarding techniques. Needles can also cancel many projectiles, most easily on level ground. In this situation, a single needle will cancel a fully charged Beam Cannon shot, a shot from Fox's or Falco's blaster, and a number of other distance attacks. It will also cancel things such as Fox or Falco's Phantasm.
Up control + B button Vanish In the air, sheik does a short jump straight up, then there is a small explosion and another jump can be made in any direction. If Sheik is put near an edge after the short jump, there will be no explosion and she will just latch onto the edge. On the ground, there is no short jump before the explosion, just a small delay.
Down control + B button Transform Transform into Zelda. Even players who use Sheik exclusively will sometimes switch to Zelda if they know they have been knocked too far off the stage to recover with Sheik. Additionally, Zelda's forward and back air can be short hopped for a very powerful kick that is more powerful than most of Sheiks attacks; this makes it useful for finishing off a character that is at high damage.
Left control (Right control) + B button Chain Sheik extends a length of chain with an electrified tip. The tip does more damage than the rest of the chain. If B button is held, the whip stays out and can be manipulated with the control stick. If used in the air, the whip can only be held out until Sheik reaches the ground.


Button(s) Description/notes
Down control Sheik slams the opponent to the ground, then performs a leg drop. Excellent for chain throws at lower damages. Neutral A button jabs can be added in between in certain situations to rack up damage faster.
Forward Sheik knocks the opponent forward. Not very useful except for possibly setting up for edgeguarding.
Up control Sheik throws the opponent upwards. This can be used as an aerial setup.
Back Sheik kicks the opponent backwards. Not very useful except for possibly setting up for edgeguarding.

Switching between Zelda and Sheik[edit]

An effective Zelda/Sheik game revolves around knowing when to transform. As a general rule of thumb, Sheik is better at racking up damage while Zelda provides the finishing attacks. However, Sheik's forward aerial and up aerial are great kill moves, and Zelda's lack of speed can make it difficult to land any attacks. When recovering, Sheik's jump is better than Zelda's, so it is important to transform only after you have used Sheik's second jump.

Advantages of Zelda[edit]

  1. More powerful moves, especially Smash attacks.
  2. Great aerial attacks (particularly the lightning kick).
  3. Greater distance covered with Up control + B button and less lag.
  4. Reflective ability B button.
  5. Long distance projectile Forward + B button.
  6. Floatiness useful in recovering

Advantages of Sheik[edit]

  1. Quicker moves and movement.
  2. Equally great but faster aerial attacks (including a better-than-average sex kick).
  3. Better skill with melee weapons (two hits).
  4. Great juggling and edge guard techniques.
  5. More powerful Up control+B button.
  6. Great attack range, particularly that of smash attacks.
  7. Better and less laggy long range attacks
  8. Significantly better ground game than Zelda

It is also worth noting Sheik is lighter than Zelda.