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The walkthrough for Super Smash Bros. Melee is split up by game mode. You'll find each mode grouped together as you would find it in game. Thus, all information related to Target Test will be found in the Stadium mode page, just as you find Target Test under Stadium in the SSBM menus.

For the 1P regular modes, each section details how difficult a stage is and what challenges will be found there.

  • 1-P Regular Matches - The three main 1 Player story modes.
    • Classic Mode - The classic battle after battle mode, ending with a showdown against the master hand. In SSBM, the round characters are randomized although they follow the same pattern. Also, depending on what difficulty you are on, Crazy Hand(The left hand) will join Master Hand in the final fight.
    • Adventure Mode - A more story driven classic mode, with longer platformer levels separated by tradition arena matches.
    • All-Star Mode - A mode where you battle all 25 characters in groups of 1,2 or 3, with the last match fighting 25 Mr. Game&Watches. Your damage stays with you between matches, but there are three one-time use heart pieces that you can use. Only unlocked after you have unlocked every character.
  • 1-P Event Matches - These matches are individual arena type matches with specific circumstances or characters. There are 51 in all. To get Event Match 51, you have to beat all the other 50 first.
  • Stadium - These are specific tests to player skill.
  • Training - This mode is for training skills on a character or characters that can be set to behave a certain way.