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SSBM Portrait Yoshi.png

Basic Techniques[edit]

Special Attacks[edit]

Button(s) Attack Description/notes
B button Egg Lay Yoshi sticks his tongue out and eats whoever it hits, laying them inside an egg. While in an egg, a player is open to attack. A player can control the direction the egg falls after being laid, which can prevent the egg from falling off of the edge of a stage.
Up control + B button Egg Throw Yoshi throws an egg. The direction and strength of the throw can be changed depending on how you tilt the control stick and how long you hold the B button.
Down control + B button Yoshi Bomb The classic ground pound first used in Super Mario World 2. If used on the ground, Yoshi will jump forward and up. If used in the air, Yoshi will just come down. When Yoshi lands, two stars are shot in both directions, expanding the range of the attack.
Left control (Right control) + B button Egg Roll Yoshi encases himself inside an egg and rolls into opponents. Yoshi is not protected by the egg during this attack and can easily be attacked out of it.

Advanced Techniques[edit]

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Parry :

Unlike all other character in the game, Yoshi can't jump out of his shield ( his shield is pretty unique). Though, if Yoshi can manage to be hit during his preshield animation (which last 5 frames, what you see before yoshi become an egg), he can cancel his shield into other move, as jumping and grabbing.

Parrying is to rely on this attribute to tank an attack during is preshield animation and do an other action one frame later, generally jumping, but you can response to a grab too.

Things to know :

  • Multihit, like Fox or Mario down air can overcome parry, as only the first hit will be stopped.
  • To parry a hit causes the opponent to be stuck in it's attack animation, he has to resolve his move whereas Yoshi can move as soon as the first hit is blocked. Which means parry is superior to solely shielding, as there is no shield stun for Yoshi if he parries an attack.
  • parry works also on grab, a character wont grab you if you activate your shield the frames you should have been grab.

This technique is complicated to do, and even more to use, but it's also a quirk Yoshi has, a kind of best defense of the game.cleanup