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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Wii U Kirby.png

HAL Laboratory's pink puffball returns for another bout in Smash! Kirby's familiar moveset remains mostly unchanged, with only minor stat adjustments. Kirby is certainly a character for novices, a jack of all trades that is easy to pick up. Although being one of the lighter characters, he boasts multiple jumps, great combos, fair reach, strong attacks and unique special attacks. At low level play, Kirby is one of the easiest and most forgiving characters to use, but he is no slouch against advanced players either. Learn to utilize Kirby's tools on the ground and in the air, and you'll be a solid contender in any match.

Basic Attributes[edit]

Kirby is one of the lightest characters in the game, so he can get KO'ed early. Despite having only poor air speed and slow fall speed, he has five mid-air jumps, so Kirby can airdodge a few times and still get back to the stage. On the ground, Kirby has mediocre running speed and short ranged attacks, which makes spacing crucial. However, even though most of Kirby's attacks do little damage compared to others, he is huge in making combos. Also, Kirby is average in roll length, speed, and end lag. Advanced players should take note that Kirby has one of the best crouches in the game, so he can evade some attacks and grabs. Overall, Kirby players should mainly play defensively with some offensive and utilize his ducks and combos for maximum success.

Moveset Analysis[edit]

Standard Attacks

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) 2 button(+2 button2 button2 button) Vulcan Jab Kirby punches two times, following up with a continuous flurry of punches. He finishes with a downward hook that knocks foes away. This move is very quick, and all hits mostly chain into each other. However, it doesn't have a lot of range. It can be used to stuff slower attacks at close-range, or just to rack up damage. The first two punches does 5% damage, the flurry does 1% damage per punch, and the finisher does 2% damage.
A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) A button(+A buttonA buttonA button)
(Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button (Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk)+A button (Left dpad or Right dpad)+2 button Dream Land Roundhouse Kirby's forward tilt. Kirby performs a roundhouse kick, which can be angled up or down. This move is primarily used for zoning and quick punishes, as it has decent range and knockback. Use its angling feature well to strike at foes from different directions. This forward tilt deals 7-8% damage.
(Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button (Left control or Right control)+A button (Left cpad or Right cpad)+A button
Up lstick+A button Up nunchuk+A button Up dpad+2 button Epic Kick Kirby's up tilt. Kirby kicks up from behind him. This attack has weak upward knockback and short duration, which makes it an excellent move at juggling and creating combos even at higher percentages. It is also a great anti-air and a pretty safe combo starter in the neutral game. Due to the animation of the move, the attack doesn't hit in front of Kirby until near the end. Keep that in mind when positioning yourself against your target. This move causes 4-5% damage to foes.
Up lstick+A button Up control+A button Up cpad+A button
Down lstick+A button Down nunchuk+A button Down dpad+2 button Super Star Sweep Kirby's down tilt. Kirby does a sweep kick low to the ground. This is a good move to use for spacing and poking, with good reach and a very low hitbox that can be used to stab through shielding foes. However, its most useful feature is its animation. During the move, Kirby flattens himself to the height of his crouch while kicking. His low profile can actually let him graze under opponent's attacks while hitting back. It also has a high trip rate, which can lead to other moves and a grab whenever you trip your opponents. This attack deals 6% damage.
Down lstick+A button Down control+A button Down cpad+A button
A button while dashing A button while dashing 2 button while dashing Break Spin Kirby's dash attack. Kirby spins forward on his head, kicking foes multiple times. The dash attack is fast and can attack in the ground and air. The attack has a long duration and keeps Kirby moving forward, making it an excellent move for punishing a predicted roll or an opponent's landing. Kirby's dash attack also knocks foes offstage, which sets up for an edgeguard. However, it can still be punishable if the foe shields, so do not spam the move. The dash attack gives 4-9% damage depending on how many hits connect.
A button while dashing A button while dashing A button while dashing
A button while hanging A button while hanging 2 button while hanging Kirby's edge attack. Kirby crawls up and does a kick, which deals 7% damage.
A button while hanging A button while hanging A button while hanging

Smash Attacks

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
Smash (Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button Smash (Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk)+A button (Left dpad or Right dpad)+1 button+2 button Spin Kick Kirby's side smash. Kirby spins and lunges forward with his foot out. The move can be angled up or down with the control stick. It's not Kirby's fastest KO option and can be punished if used haphazardly, but it has deceptive range as Kirby lunges forward a small distance with his foot. It has enough priority to stuff a surprising number of attacks, and can even be used as an anti-air if angled up. Keep it fresh for decisive punishes to get the KO. Depending on the angle and charge time, the side smash does 14-22% damage. Depending on weight, the side smash angled to the side can KO at 95-130% uncharged and at 60-85% fully charged.
Smash (Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button Smash (Left control or Right control)+A button Smash (Left cpad or Right cpad)+A button
Smash Up lstick+A button Smash Up nunchuk+A button Up dpad+1 button+2 button Puffball Flip Kirby's up smash. Kirby performs a powerful flip kick that sends foes upward. The strongest hit is at the start of the attack. While it has a good angle, it doesn't have a lot of reach and is punishable if whiffed. Like Side Smash, it is best to save this move for punishes to KO. Timed right, you can use it to punish unsafe landings and airdodges. This move deals 15-21% damage depending on charge time. Depending on the character's weight, Kirby's up smash can KO at 80-115% uncharged and at 50-75% fully charged.
Smash Up lstick+A button Smash Up control+A button Smash Up cpad+A button
Smash Down lstick+A button Smash Down nunchuk+A button Down dpad+1 button+2 button Breakdance Split Kirby's down smash. Kirby spins and kicks on both sides. This move is Kirby's fastest smash attack, but also the weakest. An early hit of Down Smash is significantly stronger than the late hit. Since Kirby kicks in either direction, you can use it to cover both sides around you, especially when punishing rolls. The attack does 14-19% damage. Depending on the foe's weight, it can KO at 90-125% uncharged and at 60-85% fully charged.
Smash Down lstick+A button Smash Down control+A button Smash Down cpad+A button

Air Attacks

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png 2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Twinkle Star Kirby's neutral aerial. Kirby spins around with limbs outstretched. The attack is strongest at the start, but gradually weakens. This move is usually used to clear some space between you and your opponent, as it's quick to come out, hits on all sides and has good knockback at the start. It has many uses outside of that, such as to start and end combos, to edge-guard, or to clear a safe landing. This attack does 4-10% damage.
A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Right lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Triple Deluxe Kick Kirby's forward aerial. Kirby kicks three times in front of him. This move is great for zoning, poking, and edge-guarding due to its long duration, good range, and low landing lag. It can also be used to punish dodges and for knocking foes offstage due to its decent horizontal knockback. When used near the ground, Kirby can follow up with a grab. The first kick does 4% damage, the second kick does 3% damage, and the last kick does 5% damage.
Right lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Left lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Amazing Drop Kick Kirby's back aerial. Kirby kicks with both feet behind him. This move is both fast and strong, making it a great poke when spaced well. Use this in conjunction with Forward Air to zone your opponents in the air. It also has great knockback, which makes it great for KOs or edge-guarding. Kirby can even use it as a pseudo Wall-of-Pain when used to edgeguard. Kirby gives 13% damage if it hits early or 8% damage if it hits late.
Left lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Up lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Rainbow Flip Kirby's up aerial. Kirby does a midair flip kick. This move has a good arc and may be able to combo or juggle, but is hampered with poor range. It has low landing lag, so you can also use it as a combo starter when using it near the ground, landing and then taking to the skies again for more hits. The move does 9% damage.
Up lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Down lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Pinpoint Drill Kirby's down aerial. Kirby extends both legs and drills downward. It has some delay with low ending lag, which makes timing the move critical. In the air, Kirby can hit multiple times and can push opponents slightly downwards, making this great for edge-guarding. On the ground, Kirby can combo it to almost every attack, grab, and even a smash attack. Depending on the number of hits, the move does 1-9% damage.

One important note: this attack is Kirby's main combo starter, so opponents can eventually catch on and shield, dodge, or counter. Luckily, Kirby has a way to mix it up: the HUP Cancel. If Kirby can autocancel his down aerial very early (usually after Kirby says, "HUP!"), then he would have no hitboxes, which makes counters useless. HUP Cancel has less landing lag than performing the attack, allowing Kirby to follow up with another move. HUP Cancel can be used to land after tumbling so you don't have to tech and reduce landing lag if you air dodge near the ground. Best of all, Kirby can bait the opponent's shield and follow up with other moves since it causes Kirby to have less lag. Mix HUP Cancel with his standard down aerial, and you can really confuse your opponent.

Down lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png


Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
A button after grab A button after grab 2 button after grab Puffball Punch Kirby punches the grabbed opponent. Kirby's Grab Attack is one of the best in the game. While it does average damage, it is very fast. Don't hesitate to use it 3 or 4 times at high percentages to do free extra damage. Each punch does 1-2% damage.
A button after grab A button after grab A button after grab
Right lstick after grab Right nunchuk after grab Right dpad after grab Pile Driver Kirby's forward throw. Kirby jumps forward and slams the grabbed opponent into the ground, knocking them forward with little knockback. This is an ordinary sideways throw. Despite only doing 5% damage, it is the best combo starter out if all of Kirby's throws. Try following up with a forward air or down air on low percents, a neutral air on medium percents, and an up air on high percents. Kirby can even KO opponents by following it up with Upper Cutter!
Right lstick after grab Right control after grab Right cpad after grab
Left lstick after grab Left nunchuk after grab Left dpad after grab Big Suplex Kirby's back throw. Kirby jumps backward and slams the grabbed opponent into the ground, knocking them backward. At very early percentages, Kirby can usually follow up with an immediate Back Air on most characters. You can also use it to send foes offstage when your back is to the ledge, or as a desperate KO move at extremely high percentages. The attack deals 8% damage.
Left lstick after grab Left control after grab Left cpad after grab
Up lstick after grab Up nunchuk after grab Up dpad after grab Air Drop Kirby's up throw. Kirby leaps up offscreen with the opponent and plunges down, landing with an explosion that sends foes upward. It is best used to get KOs off the top if there is a platform above you, such as on stages like Battlefield or Boxing Ring. The move does 10% damage.
Up lstick after grab Up control after grab Up cpad after grab
Down lstick after grab Down nunchuk after grab Down dpad after grab Fury Stomp Kirby's down throw. Kirby stomps the grabbed opponent relentlessly, with the last hit sending foes diagonally upward. This attack is meant to rack up damage, but you can start a combo if you read your foe's response correctly. It does a total of 10% damage.
Down lstick after grab Down control after grab Down cpad after grab

Special Attacks[edit]

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
B button B button 1 button Inhale Kirby's standard special and his signature move. Kirby opens his mouth wide and starts sucking, forming a vacuum effect in front of him. The grab-type move can be done in the air, but it can easily be interrupted because of starting lag and immobility. As a result, the move is best used when the foe is vulnerable, during edge-guarding, or after a down aerial. After inhaling an opponent, you can press down or the special attack button to have Kirby swallow the opponent, copying his foe's neutral attack, popping them up, and dealing 10% damage (see below for Copy Abilities). Kirby can spit them out by pressing the standard attack or grab button, where they briefly turn into a star that acts as a projectile against foes and gives distance. Star-spitting deals 6% to the one inhaled and 17% to the ones that got hit by the star. Kirby can also make a risky sacrificial KO by walking off the edge with the foe inside (AKA "Kirbycide").
B button B button B button
Ice Breath Instead of inhaling, Kirby breathes out a gust of chilly air, giving up his copy abilities entirely. The cold breath does multiple damaging hits and will freeze opponents with a high percent. The air closer to Kirby are very weak and is made to do multiple hits, while the air at max range is strong and launches foes away. Kirby can still be attacked if missed because of immobility, but it works well on ground-based foes and during edge-guarding. Ice Breath causes 6-12% depending on the number of hits.
Jumping Inhale Kirby jumps forward when he inhales. Copying abilities deals 8% damage, and star-spitting deals 5% to the one inside. The star projectile will not harm other players. Jumping Inhale resolves many flaws of the original Inhale, as it is easier to suck in foes from a distance with the ranged leap. It also helps with recovery because Kirby has poor lateral air speed and next to no horizontal recovery with all of his Up Special variants.
(Left lstick or Right lstick)+B button (Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk)+B button (Left dpad or Right dpad)+1 button Hammer Flip Kirby's side special. Kirby busts out a hammer and swings it. Kirby does two swings in the air, or one strong swing on the ground. Kirby can charge and even walk and jump, but the charge can't be saved or canceled. Charging increases the move's damage, but Kirby will start taking damage above full charge when the hammer starts burning, with self-damage stopping above 100%. Kirby also gains super armor while swinging at full charge. This move is very strong, but it is slow and can be interrupted. It is best used when the opponent is easily open to attacks (sleeping, shield breaks). Hammer Flip deals 15-37% damage depending on charge time. Depending on the foe's weight, Hammer Flip can KO at 95-135% uncharged and at 25-45% fully charged.
(Left lstick or Right lstick)+B button (Left control or Right control)+B button (Left cpad or Right cpad)+B button
Hammer Bash Kirby cannot charge his hammer attack up, but it's quicker than Hammer Flip and easier to attack. This move is similar to its Brawl version. This variant is slightly easier to land as it activates faster. However, you cannot delay the attack by holding the charge or reposition yourself, so you still need good positioning to land this attack consistently. It is best used for hard punishes or unsafe recoveries and landings, and it is powerful enough to serve as a KO move. Hammer Bash can help with vertical recovery because it will give Kirby a vertical boost, but it can be intercepted, so use it far from opponents. Hammer Bash deals 15-21% damage and can KO upwards at 70-100% depending on the opponent's weight.
Giant Hammer Kirby swings an enormous hammer, with the resulting strike having a greater area and being much more powerful, but starting, charging, and ending the move is slower. Using this move requires foresight and positioning. Kirby gains super armor while charging, shrugging off attacks as a surprise counter until he swings. A hammer swing at full charge is unblockable, meaning it will ignore shields and counters. Also, self-damage when fully charged is faster. Giant Hammer causes 20-40% damage depending on charge time. Depending on the foe's weight, it KOs at 80-115% uncharged and at 15-30% fully charged.
Up lstick+B button Up nunchuk+B button Up dpad+1 button Final Cutter Kirby's up special and recovery move. Kirby leaps up with a boomerang blade, then slices down, sending an energy wave forward when he lands. This move has long vertical recovery but little horizontal recovery. Advanced players can create a meteor smash using Final Cutter. Kirby can use it defensively and grab ledges while sending foes downward. Experts can edge-guard by sending them up while moving forward from the edge and moving back while slamming down, which may cause a meteor smash. Note that Kirby cannot grab the ledge while rising, and he will not grab the ledge if his back is facing the stage. Therefore, always try to recover directly below the stage, at the max range of Final Cutter. If you miss the ledge, you'll plummet helplessly. This move does not start and end quickly, so use it wisely. The upward strike does 5% damage, the downward strike with the wave does 7% damage, and the wave alone does 6% damage.
Up lstick+B button Up control+B button Up cpad+B button
Wave Cutter When Kirby lands, the blade pounds the ground, causing a wave of dirt and rocks to shoot out. However, the cutter itself deals no damage. The shockwave is very useful for edge-guarding, as it has decent range and great horizontal knockback. As a recovery, Wave Cutter offers a little less protection, as you cannot hit enemies on your way up. Since it is often safest to recover vertically, it is easier for foes to intercept your recovery, so you'll need to be more cautious when offstage. Wave Cutter deals 5-15% damage to foes depending on where they were hit.
Upper Cutter Kirby performs a great leap with his blade. This move is better for recovery because it launches Kirby higher and allows ledge grabs while ascending. Also, since it does not strike down, Kirby has better horizontal movement for recovery. The move starts quicker, but causes Kirby to be helpless. Even though there is no downward strike and projectile, Upper Cutter is a great combo finisher and can cause safer KOs off the top and sides. This up-special variant causes 10% damage.
Down lstick+B button Down nunchuk+B button Down dpad+1 button Stone Kirby's down special. Kirby turns into an invincible stone and drops down, striking foes with powerful upward knockback. He will transform back after a while or by pressing the button again. Transformation time takes a while. While Kirby is in stone form, he will completely shrug off damage and won't take damage. However, once the stone takes 40% or more damage, Kirby will be forcefully knocked out of stone form, taking half of the knockback from the last move he is stricken with. Grabs can instantly take Kirby out of Stone. The move is best used when opponents are in the air, after an aerial footstool, or even after a down aerial on certain characters. Stone is also capable of shield-breaking. The move gives opponents 14-18% damage.
Down lstick+B button Down control+B button Down cpad+B button
Grounding Stone Kirby takes slightly longer to turn into stone, but he will bury and grounded foes on impact. He also takes less time to transform back than the original. Grounding Stone can bury opponents upon impact. Once opponents are grounded, use quick attacks like his jab. Because of the starting transformation time, opponents can easily dodge the move, so use sparingly. The move only does 6-12% damage and has reduced knockback. Grounding Stone is best for multiplayer matches, especially when one foe is busy fighting another.
Meteor Stone The stone meteor smashes any opponent it hits, but he takes longer to transform back. The delay before voluntary transformation is allowed is also increased. This move is a high risk, high reward edgeguard attack. As a meteor smash, it is obviously meant for offstage play, but the long delay before reverting out of stone form can cause self-destructs if you miss. You'll need to be very precise when using it offstage, and transform the instant you hit your opponent. Meteor stone deals 8-12% damage.


Control Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
Up dpad 1 button Up dpad+A button Kirby performs his classic level clear dance.
Up dpad Up dpad Up dpad
(Left dpad or Right dpad) 1 button+2 button A button Kirby spins around and poses while standing with one leg.
(Left dpad or Right dpad) (Left dpad or Right dpad) (Left dpad or Right dpad)
Down dpad 2 button Down dpad+A button Kirby waves at the screen and yells "Hi!". This taunt is the quickest, so use it to get rid of copy abilities.
Down dpad Down dpad Down dpad

Copy abilities[edit]

Copy abilities are Kirby's signature skill. Using Inhale, Kirby can copy any character's neutral special move, gaining a hat that signifies the character of the ability he copied from. Trying to use Inhale while he has a copy ability will result in Kirby using the copied ability instead. Unfortunately, Kirby cannot copy custom moves, only the default version of every neutral special move. Kirby can lose his copy ability if he is hit with a powerful attack, is KO'd, or when he taunts. Also, take note that some characters can immediately attack Kirby once he copies the ability. Overall, Kirby should copy characters with projectiles as their neutral attack since Kirby lacks a good projectile.

  • Mario: Fireball - Kirby throws a fireball that bounces along the ground. A projectile ability is always a nice addition to Kirby's skillset, and the Fireball's range and trajectory makes it a worthwhile ability to hold on to.
  • Luigi: Fireball - Kirby throws a green fireball that travels straight. Not as much range but better fire rate. It functions well at mid-range, which is the ideal distance for Kirby to fight at.
  • Peach: Toad - Kirby brings out Toad to protect himself. If he is hit by an attack, Toad will release spores that deal multiple hits. Like Peach's own Toad, this counter special is unreliable and hard to land, so it isn't the best choice of an ability. It does let Kirby stall his fall in the air though.
  • Bowser: Fire Breath - Kirby breathes fire in front of him that gradually weakens over time. It is a projectile, has great reach and can be held down to last longer, all great traits. It's an awesome tool for zoning and punishing rolls.
  • Yoshi: Egg Lay - Kirby extends his tongue and grab nearby opponents. Once he swallows them, he launches them out in an egg. This ability functions much like his normal Inhale, but it doesn't leave him vulnerable as long and has slightly greater reach, so it's a decent if slightly redundant choice.
  • Rosalina & Luma: Luma Shot - Kirby charges up and launches his own Luma, which disappears after being shot. As Kirby cannot emulate Rosalina's Luma mechanic, this ability is nothing more than a projectile. It is still a good projectile, with great range, power and duration.
  • Bowser Jr.: Clown Cannon - Kirby opens his mouth wide and charges up, then launches a cannonball which travels straight forward. This ability is another projectile, albeit one that isn't very spammable. It is pretty powerful, and the arc of uncharged cannonballs can be used against recovering foes.
  • Wario: Chomp - Kirby opens his mouth and bites down at any nearby foes, munching them a few times before spitting them out. Like Inhale, it is an air grab but with a lot less range. Unfortunately, Kirby doesn't have the aerial maneuverability and quick air attacks that Wario has, so he can't utilize it as well as the source. Nevertheless, it's still a good option to use close range.
  • Donkey Kong: Giant Punch - Kirby winds up and does a powerful punch. The charge can be saved by shielding, and a fully-charged punch has super armor. While Kirby has no lack of powerful or chargeable attacks, the charge of Giant Punch can be saved, making it much easier to land a charged punch. However, Kirby lacks Donkey Kong's great melee range, so the Giant Punch is not as effective as it is for DK.
  • Diddy Kong: Peanut Popgun - Kirby takes out a popgun and fires peanuts that travel in an arc. Its fast firing rate and the peanut's arc make it one of the best projectiles in the game. It can be used to great effect with Diddy Kong, and it's just as useful for Kirby as well.
  • Mr. Game & Watch: Chef - Kirby flings pieces of food that travel in random arcs. This is a good projectile for zoning due to its unpredictable arc, as well as for edgeguarding foes. It doesn't have a lot of range, but Kirby can take full advantage of its utility at mid to close range easily.
  • Little Mac: Straight Lunge - Kirby charges up and lunges forward, gaining super armor throughout the attack. It certainly is a strong attack, but the charge can't be saved, so the attack is quite telegraphed and easy to dodge. Unfortunately, Kirby can't copy the K.O. Uppercut either, so avoid this subpar ability if you can.
  • Link: Hero's Bow - Kirby fires an arrow which can be charged to increase it speed and power. This ability is, obviously, a projectile. With great speed, range and the ability to delay its launch to mix foes up, it is a solid copy ability for Kirby to keep. While not as annoying without Link's other projectiles backing it up, the arrow from the Hero's Bow is still an awesome zoning tool.
  • Zelda: Nayru's Love - Kirby envelops himself with a magical spinning barrier which hits enemies multiple times and reflects projectiles. It is the only ability that gives Kirby a reflector, which is certainly a useful niche. Nayru's Love is also good for punishing whiffed attacks or just to rack up damage. It's a solid copy ability for any situation.
  • Sheik: Needle Storm - Kirby charges up some needles and fires them forward on the ground, or diagonally downward in the air. This ability is yet another projectile, but it cannot be canceled out by other projectiles, giving it a great edge compared to other copy abilities. It is also very spammable, so it is a great ability to hold on to.
  • Ganondorf: Warlock Punch - After a considerable delay, Kirby unleashes a powerful punch of purple energy. Like Ganondorf, Kirby has super armor during the startup of a grounded Warlock Punch. Its very slow, so you won't have much luck landing this move even with the super armor. Kirby's multiple jumps do help you net some flashy offstage KOs with it if you aim to be a crowd-pleaser.
  • Toon Link: Hero's Bow - Kirby fires an arrow which has less velocity but travels straight ahead for longer. This ability is a projectile much like its counterpart from Link. However, its differences from Link's Hero's Bow makes it more spammable but easier to predict, so adjust your zoning strategy accordingly.
  • Samus: Charge Shot - Kirby charges up power, which can be saved by pressing shield, then fires a blast of energy. This ability is a chargeable projectile, and the charge can be saved. However, unlike other similar copy abilities, Kirby cannot charge it in midair. Just like with Samus, it's not very effective at continuous projectile zoning, so keep it fully charged and save it for long distance KOs.
  • Zero Suit Samus: Paralyzer - Kirby shoots a chargeable paralyzer shot which stuns enemies that it hits. It's a projectile with average range, but the paralysis effect is quite unique. Unfortunately, Kirby does not possess Zero Suit Samus's speed or lightning fast attacks, so it is harder to capitalize off successful stuns.
  • Pit: Palutena's Bow - Kirby fires a bow of light with a malleable trajectory. This is a great projectile ability for Kirby, with high speed, long range and the ability to alter its direction, all of which help Kirby to pester and harass opponents, especially when they are recovering. It's one of Pit's best moves, and it's one of Kirby's best abilities too.
  • Palutena: Autoreticle - Kirby targets the nearest opponent in a conical area of light, then fires three shots at their location. Like many other of Kirby's abilities, it's a projectile. It is a solid zoning tool, it's definitely worthwhile to hold on to unless you know there's a strictly better option.
  • Marth: Shield Breaker - Kirby charges up, then lunges forward with a sword, doing increased damage against shields. This ability is quite similar Hammer Flip, trading more range and shield damage for mobility. As such, you won't find many uses for it except in specific situations. Kirby definitely benefits from a broken shield, so seize the chance to use this move whenever the situation is ideal.
  • Ike: Eruption - Kirby builds up power, then slams into the ground, creating an explosion around him. Like Shield Breaker, this move is basically an immobile Hammer Flip with a much wider hitbox. It's decent for punishing rolls and to punish recoveries that missed the ledge. With Kirby's multiple jumps, you can also afford to land offstage Eruptions more boldly.
  • Robin: Thunder - Kirby uses a tome to execute electric elemental attacks. With no charge, it shoots Thunder, a fast, weak projectile that takes up 1 charge. Slight charging results in Elthunder which is stronger and has more range but with less speed, consuming 2 charges. After significant charging, it turns into Arcthunder, which travels slow but stuns enemies when hits. Arcthunder uses up 4 charges. Fully-charged Thunder unleashes Thoron, a screen-wide beam attack, burning away 8 charges. When Kirby uses up all 20 charges, he automatically loses the copy ability. This unique ability gives you a mix of different projectiles. 4 different projectiles result in more flexibility with 1 ability. It's just a pity you can't keep it as long as the others.
  • Duck Hunt: Trick Shot - Kirby kicks a volatile can. Press the button repeatedly to shoot the can, making it move forward. It will explode after enough shots, hitting an enemy or once enough time has passed. This is a decent projectile that is moderately useful for zoning. Just like with Duck Hunt's own Trick Shot, it is ineffective against shields, and can hurt yourself if you're too close to the explosion.
  • Kirby: Inhale - Identical to Kirby's normal Inhale. If you happen to swallow a Kirby with a copy ability, you steal that Kirby's ability.
  • King Dedede: Inhale - Similar to Kirby's normal Inhale, but with slightly greater range. You can only spit out enemies when you suck them in.
  • Meta Knight: Mach Tornado - Kirby spins around, slicing nearby foes with multiple hits. This ability has a pretty long duration, so it is best used for punishing rolls or airdodges. It has little use otherwise.
  • Fox: Blaster - Kirby fires rapid, non-flinching beams from his blaster. This projectile is purely to rack up damage, and it does a pretty good job. Use it in short bursts whenever you are far from your foe to tack on extra damage.
  • Falco: Blaster - Kirby fires slower lasers from his blaster. It has subpar damage output for a projectile ability, but it can't be canceled out by other projectiles. It's not spammable enough to be used for zoning, so use it every now and then just to annoy your foes.
  • Pikachu: Thunder Jolt - Kirby shoots a ball of electricity that bounces along the floor. This projectile ability is pretty good, as it lets Kirby zone effectively while its habit of sticking to surfaces make it harder to dodge. It's not the best projectile for Kirby, but its more than adequate for the job.
  • Charizard: Flamethrower - Kirby breathes fire which dissipates after a while. Like Bowser's Fire Breath, it has great range and continuous fire, so it can be useful for zoning, edgeguarding and punishing rolls.
  • Lucario: Aura Sphere - Kirby builds up aura between his arms, which can be saved by pressing shield, hitting nearby enemies while the orb is still charging. Then, he can launch the ball of aura forward. This ability is a projectile like many others, but it is quite flexible. You can either throw out uncharged or partially charged orbs to zone, or use fully-charged spheres for KOs. Unfortunately, the aura mechanic is not carried over, so Aura Sphere never increases in size with damage.
  • Jigglypuff: Rollout - Kirby spins in place, then rolls forward to strike foes. As with Jigglypuff's Rollout, this ability is hard to control, yet easy to dodge. It's an ability you don't need to keep, although you can still attempt to net yourself some KOs if the battle is chaotic enough that no one is paying attention at you.
  • Greninja: Water Shuriken - Kirby charges up a watery ninja star and throws it forward. It's a decent projectile ability, although Kirby has better choices. You can't save the charge for later, so choose when to charge wisely. Repeated usage of uncharged shurikens is often good enough for zoning.
  • R.O.B.: Robo Beam - Kirby fires a long-range beam that can be angled. The beam charges passively over time. The beam's range make it a great projectile for both zoning and edgeguarding. However, its charge time prevents you from spamming it often.
  • Ness: PK Flash - Kirby unleashes an explosion of PSI energy. It is a very slow projectile that leaves Kirby vulnerable for its whole duration, so you're better off with another copy ability. If you want, you can still try to strike recovering opponents with it, although experienced players will usually recognize your tactics and punish with ease.
  • Captain Falcon: Falcon Punch - After a moderate delay, Kirby delivers a powerful, fiery punch. This ability is slow, but very strong. It is very difficult to land and quite impractical in a serious battle, but it is immensely satisfying if you get a successful hit. Kirby has many jumps, so it is easier to go for midair or offstage KOs with it.
  • Villager: Pocket - Kirby collects any nearby projectile and item and saves them for later. He can throw out the pocketed object whenever he wishes. This is one of the best utility moves in the game, so holding on to the ability is a no-brainer. It is especially useful against the very character you got the ability from, Villager, due to his reliance on projectiles.
  • Olimar: Pikmin Pluck - Kirby plucks a Pikmin and throws it, with the Pikmin dying upon colliding with an enemy or terrain. Kirby plucks the Pikmin in the same order as Olimar, but he can't keep thee Pikmin nor have them latch on to enemies. It's a decent projectile as the Pikmin all have arcing trajectories, and you can use it haphazardly as you don't have to rely on them.
  • Wii Fit Trainer: Sun Salutation - Kirby charges up the sun's energy, saving the charge with the shield button if needed, then launches a solar projectile forward, healing himself slightly at full charge. This ability is similar to Aura Sphere, and is used in the same ways. It is moderately spammable uncharged, but you can still save fully-charged shots to net KOs.
  • Shulk: Monado Arts - Kirby cycles between several arts which modifies his stats temporarily. Jump makes him jump higher and move faster in the air, but reduces his defense. Speed greatly increases his movement speed, but reduces damage and knockback. Shield drastically boosts his defense, but his mobility and offense suffers. Buster increases Kirby's damage and reduces knockback, but makes him take more damage as well. Smash powers up his move's knockback but reduces damage, while making Kirby extremely light. Use Jump, Speed and Buster for general fighting, and switch to Shield or Smash when you or your opponent is at high percents respectively.
  • Doctor Mario: Megavitamins Kirby tosses out a colorful pill that bounces along the ground. It functions nearly identical to Mario's and serves the same purpose. Use it for zoning enemies and to rack up damage.
  • Dark Pit: Silver Bow Kirby fires a chargeable arrow of darkness. Its trajectory is not easily changed, but it does more damage. This projectile ability is not the greatest, but it is undeniably above average.
  • Lucina: Shield Breaker Kirby charges up, then lunges forward with a sword, dealing increased shield damage on hit. It is identical to the copy ability from Marth, just without a tipper effect. A shield break is always a fortunate occurrence. Just be warned that it is difficult to land this move due to its flaws.
  • Pac-Man: Bonus Fruit Kirby cycles through a variety of fruit which have different effects when thrown. It is a standard projectile ability, but the many variations of fruit makes it very unique. Kirby does play somewhat similarly to Pac-Man in the air, so it could be worth your time exploring combos and traps with Bonus Fruit if you often play against Pac-Man players. Bonus Fruit also helps stall your fall while preserving your forward momentum, in case you need a stronger recovery.
  • Mega Man: Metal Blade Kirby throws out a saw blade in one of eight directions. The blade can be picked up and thrown again if it hits terrain. This projectile ability is fairly flexible due to its multiple directions.
  • Sonic: Homing Attack Kirby rolls up and shoots toward the closest foe. While Sonic can mix this attack in with his Spin Dash and Spin Charge, Kirby has no such luxury, so it is much easier to spot and anticipate his Homing Attack. Use it when you see a significant opening in a distant foe, or to edgeguard recovering foes.
  • Mii Brawler: Shot Put Kirby throws a metal ball in an arc. It has good power and great trajectory. Use it to zone opponents at mid-range. You can also throw it down at recovering opponents while remaining safe onstage. Overall, a fairly good ability.
  • Mii Swordfighter: Gale Strike Kirby sends out a whirlwind with his blade. It's a subpar projectile ability, as it travels in an unremarkable straight line and doesn't do a lot of damage or knockback, and is not spammable enough to be a good zoning tool.
  • Mii Gunner: Charge Blast Kirby builds up power, saving the charge if required with the shield button, then fires a ball of energy straight forward. This move functions identically to Samus's copy ability, but it's slightly weaker. Keep it fully-charged to get more long distance KOs with it.

Final Smash - Ultra Sword[edit]

Kirby swings a huge sword from Return to Dream Land. If he strikes one enemy, he will follow up with a brutal sword combo, slicing at foes from multiple angles, before finishing off with a final cleave to send foes flying. This Final Smash belongs to the category of trapping final smashes, in that it is only activated when the initial hit connects. Ultra Sword's unique quirk is its absurd range. The initial strike has huge horizontal reach, and even sizable vertical reach due to the animation. Kirby can easily strike multiple foes with the first strike on smaller stages. Even during the rest of the Final Smash, opponents not trapped can still be hit by Kirby's slashes, which still have a lot of range, so you can expect to do some collateral damage as well. However, the move only does 34-40% damage, and it usually doesn't KO until around 35-60% depending on the character's weight, which is well below average for a Final Smash. Overall, the range makes up for its weakness.