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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Wii U Lucario.png

The Aura Pokémon makes a comeback in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U! At first glance, Lucario is an awful character, with moves dealing miniscule damage, sluggish KO moves and average range. Thankfully, Lucario retains its signature Aura mechanic, with some significant buffs, which makes it stronger the more damage it takes. Powered up by Aura, Lucario becomes a threatening beast, with huge Aura Spheres, long range Force Palms and absurd power on its attacks. Lucario is built as a high risk, high reward character, with a heavy emphasis on surviving at high damage. If you can stay alive within an inch of your life as Lucario, you can turn around any losing situation, or make the smallest point lead insurmountable.

Basic Attributes[edit]

Lucario is a middle weight, and his stats, none of which are affected by Aura, are pretty standard as well. Lucario has slightly below average movement speed, running about as fast as Ike. His dodges are decently fast and have average range. Lucario's jump is pretty good, and he has moderate lateral air speed and intermediate fall speed. Lucario can both wall jump and wall cling, and he has among the longest wall cling duration among the fighters with this ability. This feature helps Lucario a lot in stages with long walls down the sides, as it aids in Lucario's recovery.


Lucario has a unique mechanic called Aura. All of Lucario's moves are affected by Aura. When Lucario takes damage, its Aura will be powered up, capping at 190%. The higher Lucario's Aura is, the stronger its attacks will be, in terms of both damage and knockback. The increased knockback also stacks with the Rage mechanic that applies universally to all characters, making Lucario ridiculously powerful at a high percentage. Additionally, Lucario's special moves have altered properties other than damage and knockback based on Aura. Aura Sphere becomes larger, Extreme Speed moves further, and Force Palm gains increased range.

Moveset Analysis[edit]

Standard Attacks

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) 2 button(+2 button2 button2 button) Aura Combo Lucario does two aura-fueled punches, ending with a kick. This is one of Lucario's fastest ground attacks. Like other Standard Attacks, its fast speed makes it a useful move to interrupt damage or as a quick poke that doesn't require much commitment. The hits don't combo too well into each other, especially when you have high Aura, so consider delaying each hit minutely to improve your chances of getting the full three hits.
A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) A button(+A buttonA buttonA button)
(Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button (Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk)+A button (Left dpad or Right dpad)+2 button Aura Blast Lucario leans forward and fires aura out of its palms. This attack can be angled up or down using the control stick. This move is decently fast, and has good range as Lucario leans forward for the attack. While its animation looks fast, it has enough hitlag when striking that it is punishable on shield. Use this move sparingly as a spacing tool against your foes. Use the angling feature to strike at various angles, including below the ledge when angled down.
(Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button (Left control or Right control)+A button (Left cpad or Right cpad)+A button
Up lstick+A button Up nunchuk+A button Up dpad+2 button Aura Arch Lucario swings its leg in an arc over itself. This move should be a staple in any Lucario's playstyle. It is very quick, covers a semicircular area around Lucario and has great knockback for combos. At low percents, you can easily chain this move into itself. Against lightweights or at mid to high percentages, it can also combo into your aerial moves. Because of its speed, you can use it often to fish for a combo opportunity, as well as to protect yourself with its great angle.
Up lstick+A button Up control+A button Up cpad+A button
Down lstick+A button Down nunchuk+A button Down dpad+2 button Aura Poke Lucario performs a low kick while crouching. This move is a bit awkward, with limited range and a weird animation. It does weak diagonal knockback that doesn't really lead into any follow-ups. It could be used as a poke, but it isn't very fast and suffers from range issues. Overall, this off move isn't something you will be using often, but it's good to throw out every now and then to surprise opponents.
Down lstick+A button Down control+A button Down cpad+A button
A button while dashing A button while dashing 2 button while dashing Aura Rush Lucario does a running drop kick forward. This move has all the properties of a great Dash Attack. It moves Lucario forward a nice amount of distance, making it one of your best moves for quick and ranged punishes. Lucario will continue forward even if the attack is shielded, so you don't have to worry about shield grabs if you space the move well. As mentioned before, this attack is best used for punishing brief openings in your enemies' playstyle. Use it too recklessly, and you'll likely be punished for it yourself.
A button while dashing A button while dashing A button while dashing
A button while hanging A button while hanging 2 button while hanging Lucario climbs up and punches.
A button while hanging A button while hanging A button while hanging

Smash Attacks

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
Smash (Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button Smash (Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk)+A button (Left dpad or Right dpad)+1 button+2 button Aura Burst Lucario winds back and unleashes a shot of aura in front of itself. This move is very slow, but is undoubtedly Lucario's strongest smash attack. Landing this with moderately high Aura and you can expect to get some early KOs. However, it is very easy to dodge and punish due to how slow it is. You must use its range to your advantage, such as to edgeguard against sloppy recoveries. You can also attempt it as a raw punish on an opponent that left themselves wide open.
Smash (Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button Smash (Left control or Right control)+A button Smash (Left cpad or Right cpad)+A button
Smash Up lstick+A button Smash Up nunchuk+A button Up dpad+1 button+2 button Aura Launch Lucario does an aura-boosted uppercut. The first weak hit chains into the second strong strike. This move is Lucario's fastest smash attack, so it is much easier to land than the other two. It is still fairly strong, especially with some Aura built up. It has deceptive horizontal range during the initial strike, and good enough vertical range on the uppercut to make it serve as an anti-air. You should still reserve this move for punishes or for certain combo follow-ups, as it is still readily punishable if shielded.
Smash Up lstick+A button Smash Up control+A button Smash Up cpad+A button
Smash Down lstick+A button Smash Down nunchuk+A button Down dpad+1 button+2 button Aura Eruption Lucario blasts Aura from its hands, one facing each direction. This move is slightly faster than Side Smash, and boasts a very horizontal knockback angle. Like Lucario's other smash attacks, it is quite punishable if it is whiffed or shielded, but makes up for it with sheer power. Down Smash's knockback angle is especially dangerous, since it can often send foes offstage. As it hits both sides and has good reach on either end, it is an effective move for punishing rolls.
Smash Down lstick+A button Smash Down control+A button Smash Down cpad+A button

Air Attacks

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png 2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Aura Spin Lucario spins with its arms held out, creating a ring of Aura. This move is not too bad. It is fast, covers both sides of Lucario, and has next to no landing lag. However, its vertical range is disappointing, and despite its animation, it doesn't have a lasting hitbox. You'll need to be a bit precise to successfully land this move, but when you and your target is level, its a great way to knock foes away, especially if you're edgeguarding.
A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Right lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Quick Kick Lucario does a very fast forward kick. This move is one of Lucario's fastest air attacks, as well as its weakest. Even with some Aura built up, it does lackluster damage. However, it is very spammable, so its good to throw out as a poke and to combo your foe. Use this very often to zone your foes out and rack up damage bit by bit. It is also decent for edgeguarding characters with weaker recoveries, as it is a safe way to knock them away from the ledge repeatedly.
Right lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Left lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Backward Palm Lucario turns around and fires a burst of Aura from its paw. This is Lucario's slowest move, but its strengths lie in its power. Forward Air should be the move of your choice most of the time whenever you need a sideways attack while airborne. Back Air is mostly reserved for KOs, and it can be very strong with Aura. It also has deceptive range that can catch foes off guard. You can use it as a moderately risky edgeguard tool as well, which will increase your chances of getting a raw KO off of a successful hit.
Left lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Up lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Sky High Kick Lucario kicks upward. This move is not too slow, but it isn't very fast either. It has decent reach and vertical knockback that lends it well for juggles, although you'll usually need to read an airdodge to get successful follow-ups. It can also serve as a KO move as well with some Aura and when near the ceiling. Overall, this move is good to use whenever you're directly below your foe, as long as you account for possible airdodges.
Up lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Down lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Double Stomp Lucario does two downward kicks. This move can be used to temporarily stop Lucario's vertical momentum, but not if you have just been launched by an attack. This is Lucario's fastest aerial move. Its sheer speed, along with the fact that it stops Lucario's ascent, makes it used more often as an alternate ground option. Jumping and immediately using Down Air results in a quick attack very close to the ground, and lets Lucario land afterward. This maneuver lets you knock nearby foes away, and quickly resume a grounded battle. In the air, it doesn't see much use outside of edgeguarding, as it doesn't have enough range to combat most anti-air options from opponents.
Down lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png


Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
A button after grab A button after grab 2 button after grab Aura Burn Lucario blasts Aura at the grabbed opponent. It is very fast, and has one of the best damage output of grab attacks when at high Aura. You can use this to rack up some extra damage when grabbing a foe, although it is preferable that you have some Aura built up for the damage to be worthwhile.
A button after grab A button after grab A button after grab
Right lstick after grab Right nunchuk after grab Right dpad after grab Aura Fling Lucario tosses the grabbed opponent forward. This throw is very quick and does good horizontal knockback. Like any sideways throw, its main purpose is to get foes offstage. Its high speed can catch foes off guard, although there isn't really any follow-ups from the throw.
Right lstick after grab Right control after grab Right cpad after grab
Left lstick after grab Left nunchuk after grab Left dpad after grab Aura Slam Lucario throws the grabbed opponent backward, knocking them into and bouncing them off the ground. This move has weaker base knockback than Forward Throw, although it eventually becomes stronger than the former on a damaged foe. Like Forward Smash, it is mostly used to get opponents offstage, although you can also use it to KO with moderate Aura and when close to the ledge.
Left lstick after grab Left control after grab Left cpad after grab
Up lstick after grab Up nunchuk after grab Up dpad after grab Palm Launcher Lucario hits the grabbed opponent upward with his palm. This move is a great combo throw, with low knockback and a nearly vertical angle that sets up aerial follow-ups quite nicely. When in a match with more than two players, nearby opponents can get hit during Lucario's uppercut animation. This attack has high knockback growth, powerful enough to KO.
Up lstick after grab Up control after grab Up cpad after grab
Down lstick after grab Down nunchuk after grab Down dpad after grab Aura Drop Lucario throws the grabbed opponent to the ground. This throw is similar to Up Throw, but is slightly weaker with a more diagonal knockback trajectory. It has more consistent knockback regardless of your opponent's damage, but is usually too high for you to get any guaranteed follow-ups. You can try to predict and punish their response out of the throw, as it leaves the foe very near after the fact.
Down lstick after grab Down control after grab Down cpad after grab

Special Attacks[edit]

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
B button B button 1 button Aura Sphere Lucario launches a ball of Aura. The projectile can be charged to increase its size and strength, during which enemies touching the sphere may be damaged. Lucario can store the charge at any time by pressing shield, as well keep holding the sphere out after it has reached full charge. The stronger Lucario's Aura is, the larger and more powerful the Aura Sphere becomes. This is one of Lucario's best utility moves, useful in a large variety of situations. Like many projectiles, it can be used to pepper and annoy your enemies, which is best accomplished by spamming uncharged Aura Spheres. Charge it up, and it becomes a threatening long-distance attack that punishes, edgeguards and KOs. Charging the sphere up is simply as you can quickly store the charge at any time, although it is suggested that you charge it up while airborne as you can still move Lucario horizontally during the charge. The charging Aura Sphere can even be used to disrupt enemy attacks, although it isn't a feature that you can exploit very often.
B button B button B button
Snaring Aura Sphere Lucario's Aura Sphere is slightly weaker and slower, but has a vacuum effect that draws foes in. It also has a lasting duration and will not dissipate after striking an opponent. This move functions less like a traditional projectile and more as a tool for area denial. Since the Snaring Aura Sphere moves so slowly, it becomes an obstacle that hinders approaches and limits your opponents options, which you can cover after launching the sphere. It is especially deadly when your target is recovering offstage, or hanging from the ledge. It is, in fact, stronger than the default Aura Sphere, so you can expect to get some KOs if your opponents fail to avoid it. Note that Snaring Aura Sphere has a longer cooldown time after firing, so you'll need to account for your positioning and distance from foes to avoid getting punished.
Piercing Aura Sphere Lucario's Aura Sphere travels much more quickly and can pass through multiple enemies, but is significantly less powerful. The most attractive feature of Piercing Aura Sphere is its travel speed. It is significantly faster than the default Aura Sphere, so it does a better job of harassing your foes at the cost of power. Its piercing feature lets it beat out other projectiles head on, and becomes more useful the more players you're fighting against. However, this speed comes at the cost of utility. A Piercing Aura Sphere does not have the strength of the default, so it is more limited to the role of racking up damage. If you are willing to sacrifice one of Lucario's punish and KO moves, definitely consider using Piercing Aura Sphere instead.
(Left lstick or Right lstick)+B button (Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk)+B button (Left dpad or Right dpad)+1 button Force Palm Lucario blasts Aura out from its palm. The Aura burst acts as a projectile and gains greater range with more Aura. When using the grounded version at close range, it acts as a grab with great KO power. This special attack is another utility move that becomes more useful the more Aura Lucario has. You will be using Force Palm for its projectile most of the time. While it is not as ranged as Aura Sphere, it is a strong spacing tool that gains amazing range at high Aura, letting you keep your foes at bay. However, it is easily punishable if spaced incorrectly. You need to be uncomfortably close to an enemy to get a grab, but it is Lucario's fastest KO move, and is quite powerful at high Aura.
(Left lstick or Right lstick)+B button (Left control or Right control)+B button (Left cpad or Right cpad)+B button
Advancing Force Palm Lucario makes a step forward before firing Aura out. The Aura burst has significantly less range, but the attack moves Lucario forward. This variant focuses more on the grab of Force Palm rather than the projectile. The step forward at the start helps you catch foes off-guard and land a grab with ease, but you are open to punishes if you miss. You can also use it to recover horizontally, although Extreme Speed is usually more than enough. Unfortunately, the Aura projectile has its range neutered, so you lose an excellent spacing tool provided by the default Force Palm. Furthermore, the grab loses much of its notorious KO power, so it is less rewarding to get Force Palm grabs, even though it is slightly easier. These factors prevent Advancing Force Palm from being a viable substitute for the original.
Long-Distance Force Palm Lucario takes longer to both grab and fire the Aura blast, but the resulting burst has more range. This variant trades speed for range, but the tradeoffs don't really balance out. Increased projectile range is certainly appealing, and the reach of the Aura burst is incredible at high Aura. Unfortunately, using this custom move makes it nearly impossible to get the Force Palm grab, which is actually stronger, due to the long startup lag, shutting off a major function of Force Palm. The Aura projectile is also made weaker, so landing it isn't as rewarding. Stick to the default Force Palm if you want range, as the Long-Distance Force Palm is too specialized to be effective in general combat.
Up lstick+B button Up nunchuk+B button Up dpad+1 button Extreme Speed Lucario rushes forward in a direction of your choosing, hitting foes with its momentum at the end of the move. You can control its trajectory during the move. Flying into a wall will cause you to automatically wall cling, giving you a wall jump and another Extreme Speed. Aura increases the distance of the move. This is Lucario's designated recovery move, and it is one of the best. It gives you great control over your direction, letting you maneuver around edgeguard attempts. At high Aura, you can travel ridiculously long distances, making you nearly unkillable offstage. However, it has a major flaw in that landing on the ground after Extreme Speed leaves you extremely open to attacks. Always aim for the ledge if you can, or at least try to collide with the ground to avoid incurring the long landing lag.
Up lstick+B button Up control+B button Up cpad+B button
Ride the Wind The move does not do damage at all, but Lucario has greatly increased recovery distance and improved control over its flight. Ride the Wind makes a great thing even better, letting Lucario's recovery rival the likes of Villager. However, it is possible to have too much of a good thing, as Ride the Wind can be hard to control if you're used to Extreme Speed. There is still an odd bit of inertia in your initial chosen direction, and curving doesn't always work as expected. Other than its recovery distance, another perk of Ride the Wind is its reduced landing lag compared to Extreme Speed, although it is pretty minute. It really comes down to player preference whether to choose Ride the Wind over Extreme Speed. If you feel that distance provided by Extreme Speed is quite enough, perhaps it's not worth your time learning to control Ride the Wind.
Extreme Speed Attack Lucario travels less distance and only in a straight line, but enemies can be struck during the entirety of the move, which usually chains into its finishing hit. Like many other attack-focused custom Up Specials, this variant leaves much to be desired. Without the ability to curve your path, it is much easier for edgeguarders to predict where you will be and intercept your recovery. It also has reduced distance, overall weakening Lucario's excellent recovery. The hitbox throughout the move doesn't do much other than offer negligible protection while recovering. It can't KO, and it is inadvisable to use as a direct attack as it leaves Lucario helpless afterward. A bit of extra damage is not worth trading off one of the best recoveries of the game, so you're better off avoiding this custom move entirely.
Down lstick+B button Down nunchuk+B button Down dpad+1 button Double Team Lucario distorts itself and readies for a hit. If Lucario is attacked, it will disappear, then perform a long-range kick from the side. The direction you choose determines where Lucario appears, so holding left causes Lucario to appear to the left and kick right, and vice versa. This is a counter special that deviates a bit from the standard. As Lucario teleports then performs a fast moving kick, it will dramatically alter its position after a counter. This quirk also creates a tiny opening between the counter and the retaliation, during which some characters cam shield to protect themselves from the counterattack. Lucario is affected by gravity while kicking in the air, so be sure to hold away from the stage when at the ledge or in midair to ensure you don't shoot far offstage after the kick. Like any counter special, using this move too often makes you predictable and easily punished. Buffed by Aura, it is one of the strongest counters in the game, and you can KO frighteningly early if you manage to intercept a strong move like a smash attack.
Down lstick+B button Down control+B button Down cpad+B button
Glancing Counter Lucario does a sidestep dodge, then counterattacks with a palm strike. This custom move technically isn't a counter, as Lucario performs an attack regardless of whether its foe struck first. It doesn't have as much range nor power as the default Double Team, so its purpose is not immediately clear. Glancing Counter's edge over normal counter moves is that it isn't beaten by grabs. While Double Team can dodge grabs when timed well, it will not respond to grabs at all, leaving you open to punishment. In the case of the Glancing Counter, if you predict your foe is making a move on you, you will evade whatever move they used, whether it's an attack or a grab, then retaliate shortly after. Of course, if your foe doesn't commit to anything, you are a sitting duck for retaliation, so you can't use it carelessly. Overall, Glancing Counter is a lower risk variant of Double Team, but comes with a significantly lowered reward.
Stunning Double Team Lucario does not perform a kick when countering. Instead, multiple copies of it surround and paralyze the foe. On paper, this move certainly does sound appealing. Stunning your foe upon a counter means you are free to follow-up with whatever you wish. Unfortunately, this perk is diminished in practice. The stun duration rises with your opponent's damage, so you can't get any meaningful follow-ups for the majority of the match even if you land the counter. At high percents, you may have time to combo into an instant Up Smash, but the default Double Team's high power makes this ability redundant. If the stun were a bit higher, Stunning Double Team would see more use, but it struggles to compete with the default Double Team as it is.


Control Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
Up dpad 1 button Up dpad+A button Lucario unleashes a veil of Aura around itself.
Up dpad Up dpad Up dpad
(Left dpad or Right dpad) 1 button+2 button A button Lucario calms its mind and extends its hand forward.
(Left dpad or Right dpad) (Left dpad or Right dpad) (Left dpad or Right dpad)
Down dpad 2 button Down dpad+A button Lucario performs a battle pose.
Down dpad Down dpad Down dpad

Final Smash - Mega Lucario[edit]

With the mystical power of Lucarionite, Lucario undergoes a Mego Evolution to become Mega Lucario! Lucario's attacks will be boosted by full-power Aura no matter what its damage currently is. Lucario also gains super armor for the duration of its transformation, but getting attacked will cause it to change back faster. This transformation Final Smash might feel a bit underwhelming compared to others in the same category, as Lucario's attacks don't seem to have drastic changes at first glance. If so, you might be underestimating the insane power of Lucario's Aura. Since Lucario's Aura caps at 190%, you will rarely have a chance to utilize it to its full potential, so all of your attacks will be surprisingly potent. The Final Smash's super armor helps you go on a full offensive, as your foes have no way to interrupt your absurdly strong moves.