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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Wii U Luigi.png

The younger of the Mario brothers returns in his first ever appearance as a starter character in Smash. Luigi is similar to his sibling Mario, although he does have many unique moves of his own. Luigi excels at close quarters fighting and comboing, with an array of fast attacks that chain into each other easily. He also possesses several useful KO options. While not as strong has his brother, he still has enough strength to get by, especially with his deadly Super Jump Punch. He also has a very well long-distance albeit somewhat predictable recovery. Luigi's main flaw is his average mobility, with below average speed compounded by awkward movement due to his low traction. Like his brother, Luigi also suffers from range issues, having to get close to use his melee attacks and multitude of combo options. Luigi is not as beginner-friendly as Mario, but if you love stringing combos together, the green-clad Mario brother is certainly a solid pick.

Basic attributes[edit]

Like Mario, Luigi is a middleweight. However, Luigi's movement speed is generally slightly lower than Mario's, although it's still in the middle of the pack compared to the rest of the cast. His dash speed is slightly below average, while his lateral air speed is rather poor. Just like in his home series, Luigi jumps higher than Mario, and has poor traction. While Luigi cannot wall jump like Mario, he can crawl, lowering his profile enough to dodge some projectiles.

Moveset Analysis[edit]

Standard Attacks

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) 2 button(+2 button2 button2 button) Butt Bump Combo Luigi does two punches followed by a butt bump. This attack is quick with decent reach, so it is good for dealing damage, spacing or quick punishing. The full combo does a fair amount of damage, but you can also jab cancel either of the first two hits and follow-up with other attacks such as grab, but note that these are not guaranteed combos on every fighter.
A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) A button(+A buttonA buttonA button)
(Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button (Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk)+A button (Left dpad or Right dpad)+2 button Forward Roundhouse Luigi does a sideways roundhouse kick. It can be angled up or down with the control stick. With relatively good reach and the ability to angle the kick, this move is best used for spacing. It has better range than most of Luigi's grounded attacks, so use it as a poke or to disrupt approaches. It is also a decent attack to use out of a pivot cancel, giving you a safer option out of a dash than Dash Attack.
(Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button (Left control or Right control)+A button (Left cpad or Right cpad)+A button
Up lstick+A button Up nunchuk+A button Up dpad+2 button Upper Hook Luigi swings his hand over his head. This move does weak upward knockback, perfect for juggling and starting combos. It's knockback may be too low against heavier characters, so it is unwise to start a juggle with it until you've racked up a bit of damage first. At mid percentages, it is a decent launcher into an air combo, although Down Throw is usually more reliable for this purpose.
Up lstick+A button Up control+A button Up cpad+A button
Down lstick+A button Down nunchuk+A button Down dpad+2 button Toe Stubber Luigi swipes his foot along the ground in front of him. This attack is awkward, with poor range and speed. Strong Up Attack is usually your better option for combo starting, but this move might poke through shields if your opponent's shield is running low due to its low hitbox. It also does more damage than Strong Up Attack, but this feature is negligible due to
Down lstick+A button Down control+A button Down cpad+A button
A button while dashing A button while dashing 2 button while dashing Cowardly Barrage Luigi charges forward while throwing out many punches. This attack has decent trapping ability, and foes caught in it will usually get launched away by the finisher. It has a long duration, so it is fairly punishable when it misses, especially if it is shielded. Punish rolls and airdodge landings with this lasting attack. Since it drags foes along with Luigi, it can usually knock your target offstage, setting up for an edgeguard.
A button while dashing A button while dashing A button while dashing
A button while hanging A button while hanging 2 button while hanging Luigi flips up from the edge and kicks.
A button while hanging A button while hanging A button while hanging

Smash Attacks

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
Smash (Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button Smash (Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk)+A button (Left dpad or Right dpad)+1 button+2 button Bladed Glove Luigi pokes forward with his fingers. The attack can be angled up or down with the control stick. This is one of Luigi's strongest KO moves, as it is both fast and very strong. Use angling to help you land the move, especially against airborne foes or to shield poke. Interestingly, Luigi's Side Smash wears down shields extra effectively, so even if your opponent manages to block it, they will still have their shields chipped away, possibly resulting in a shield break.
Smash (Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button Smash (Left control or Right control)+A button Smash (Left cpad or Right cpad)+A button
Smash Up lstick+A button Smash Up nunchuk+A button Up dpad+1 button+2 button Headbutt Luigi swings his head in an arc, launching foes skyward. This move is another one of Luigi's main KO options, even though it is weaker. The attack is quite fast, and has a moderate arc that extends its horizontal range. Since Luigi can use it out of a dash, it is one of the easier moves to punish with, although it is best left unstaled to keep the move at maximum strength. Luigi's head is invulnerable during the attack, so you can also use it as an anti-air.
Smash Up lstick+A button Smash Up control+A button Smash Up cpad+A button
Smash Down lstick+A button Smash Down nunchuk+A button Down dpad+1 button+2 button One-Legged Breakdance Luigi sweeps both sides around him with one of his legs. The back strike is slightly stronger than the front. This is Luigi's weakest smash attack, so it's not recommended for KOs. It can be used to knock foes away when you need some space, as well as to punish rolls due to its multi-directional hits. Since it knocks foes behind you, you can often launch them offstage for edgeguards.
Smash Down lstick+A button Smash Down control+A button Smash Down cpad+A button

Air Attacks

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png 2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Launching Drop Kick Luigi performs a drop kick. This move is a sex kick, which means it has low startup and cooldown, low landing lag, lasts moderately long and gradually weakens over time. Unusually for moves of this type, Luigi sends foes upward instead of sideways. This move has great utility owing to its speediness. It starts really quickly, letting you break free of attack strings, or to follow up from attacks. The initial hit is surprisingly strong, and can serve as a quick KO move at high percentages. Even the weaker hits have their uses, knocking foes up for combos.
A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Right lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Karate Chop Luigi does a quick chop forward. This is one of Luigi's main combo moves. It is very fast to execute and chains into itself and other attacks excellently. This helps you to rack up a lot of damage with it despite being the least damaging air attack in Luigi's arsenal. Its quick speed also makes it helpful as a poke and for spacing in general. In can also be used effectively during edgeguarding, creating a pseudo Wall-of-Pain by striking foes offstage repeatedly.
Right lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Left lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Back Kick Luigi kicks backward with both legs. The attack is weaker closer to Luigi's body and when striking with the late hit. This move does more knockback and is a bit slower than Forward Air, so it is not used as much in combos, although it is still an adequate follow-up. This move is used more for spacing, as it has good range and can rack up damage effectively during the neutral game. You can also save it for KOs, as it possesses deceptive power, especially if you use it offstage.
Left lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Up lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Flip Kick Luigi kicks in an arc upward. This move is a good combo follow-up, although its not used as much as Forward Air as it doesn't chain into other hits as well. It is still great for juggling foes with its quick speed and decent horizontal reach. Use it after your standard combo attacks such as Down Throw, Forward Air or Neutral Air, especially at higher percents where your opponent might be knocked further, making it harder to combo into other air attacks.
Up lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Down lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Quick Drill Luigi performs a drill kick downward which only hits once. It is a meteor smash if hit at the beginning, and does sideways knockback if hit late. This move is usually reserved for edgeguards, as its relatively slow for normal combat. The meteor smash is easier to hit than ever, and it only has minute startup lag increasing your chances of striking foes downward. Even if you hit with the late sourspot, the move still does horizontal knockback, usually sending foes further away from the ledge.
Down lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png


Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
A button after grab A button after grab 2 button after grab Nosebutt Luigi hits the grabbed opponent with his nose. It does decent damage, but isn't really fast, giving it lower than average damage output. Still, there is no reason not to use this at least once or twice with each grab beyond early percentages, especially since you should be aiming to get grabs anyway.
A button after grab A button after grab A button after grab
Right lstick after grab Right nunchuk after grab Right dpad after grab Spin Throw Luigi turns around once and throws the grabbed opponent forward. This move is a standard sideways throw, used to get foes away and usually offstage, where you can set up edgeguards. It can't really combo and it doesn't KO unlike Back Throw, so it doesn't see much use. You'll usually use this in place of Back Throw if your front is facing the nearest edge, or if you need to keep Back Throw fresh.
Right lstick after grab Right control after grab Right cpad after grab
Left lstick after grab Left nunchuk after grab Left dpad after grab Spin Chuck Luigi turns around multiple times and throws the grabbed opponent backward. This throw is basically a slower but stronger Forward Throw, with the ability to knock nearby foes away while you're swinging your grabbed victim around. Like Forward Throw, it can be used to launch foes offstage for an edgeguard. Since Back Throw is your strongest throw, you can also choose to leave it unstaled, as it can KO near the ledge at reasonably high percentages.
Left lstick after grab Left control after grab Left cpad after grab
Up lstick after grab Up nunchuk after grab Up dpad after grab Upward Hurl Luigi tosses the grabbed opponent upward. Like many Up Throws in the game, this throw is completely overshadowed by Down Throw, especially in the case of Luigi. Up Throw does too much knockback for combos, yet it can rarely KO unless you're using it on a platform near the top blastline. Whenever you need to get a grabbed foe airborne, just use Down Throw instead.
Up lstick after grab Up control after grab Up cpad after grab
Down lstick after grab Down nunchuk after grab Down dpad after grab Butt Slam Luigi throws the grabbed opponent to the ground and sits on them. This attack is one of Luigi's most important moves. It launches foes upward weakly, letting you follow-up with a myriad of attacks and get a good combo going. This throw is probably Luigi's best combo starter, and should be used anytime you get a grab on a low-mid percent opponent. At higher percentages, it can be used to set up Luigi's aerial KO moves such as Neutral Air.
Down lstick after grab Down control after grab Down cpad after grab

Special Attacks[edit]

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
B button B button 1 button Fireball Luigi throws out a fireball that travels in a straight line. This is one of the simplest projectiles in the game, with a straightforward trajectory and good damage. It is fairly spammable for a projectile, although its range leaves much to be desired. Use this like you would with other projectiles, such as to rack up damage or for annoying your foes. Learn to throw out fireballs at different heights off of a jump to make it harder to approach you.
B button B button B button
Bouncing Fireball Luigi's fireballs bounce along the ground similar to Mario's. The arc of the fireballs become lower and the fireballs become weaker the further they travel. This fireball variant effectively has better range, but it is much harder to hit aerial foes with it. You'd want to use it against characters that prefer to attack from the ground more, since this fireball will cover a lot of distance. It is also better against offstage foes, although active offstage edgeguarding is usually a better option as Luigi. It suffers a bit for racking up damage, since it doesn't deal as much damage as the default beyond close range.
Ice Ball Luigi throws out a ball of frost. The projectile moves slower than his fireballs but can freeze opponents. It also does lower damage. The main draw of this move variant is really its long duration, since the freeze effect is gimmicky at best. Any frozen targets are usually launched upward with moderate knockback, so it is difficult to follow-up while they're in this impaired state. The Ice Ball actually stays out longer, so it is better for disrupting approaches at mid to close range.
(Left lstick or Right lstick)+B button (Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk)+B button (Left dpad or Right dpad)+1 button Green Missile Luigi shoots his whole body forward. Charging the move increases its distance and power, but the move will fail if Luigi holds the charge too long. Tapping the control stick when using this move, similar to inputting a smash attack, will instantly cause Luigi to build up a partial charge. This move and all of its variants have a 10% chance of misfiring, which causes Luigi to rocket a great distance and do high damage and knockback. This move doesn't see a lot of use, mainly because it is usually weak out of a misfire, and is sluggish even when it hits. Not only that, it is also easy to evade or intercept a charged missile, since you can't save the charge. In the end, this attack is usually relegated as a horizontal recovery move. For this function, it serves its purpose quite well as it slows your fall when used in midair. While it is unlikely to do so intentionally, a misfired Green Missile can result in a KO.
(Left lstick or Right lstick)+B button (Left control or Right control)+B button (Left cpad or Right cpad)+B button
Floating Missile Luigi travels completely straight instead of falling slightly like his default Green Missile. It also charges faster but does less damage. The Floating Missile is even more suited for recovery, as it is easier to aim for the ledge. You also experience less endlag after using the move, so you are less vulnerable when you go for the ledge. As an attack, it is slightly worse than the Green Missile, with a weaker misfire, but it does build up power faster. You shouldn't use it as an attack in the first place though, unless your foes' attentions are divided by other players.
Quick Missile Luigi moves much further than an equally-charged Green Missile, but will slide along the ground if he misses the move completely. The Quick Missile possibly gives the best horizontal recovery, as you will travel almost the length of a fully-charged Green Missile without having to charge at all. However, it is also very punishable if you miss the ledge, as you either slide along the ground or get stuck on the side of the stage. For direct attacking, it is easier to use this as a long distance punish due to its god uncharged range, but it is still pretty weak.
Up lstick+B button Up nunchuk+B button Up dpad+1 button Super Jump Punch Luigi jumps straight up, hitting enemies in the air. The move is very weak except at the very start. Hitting with the starting sweetspot will cause the move to do high knockback with a sharp "Cring!" of a bat strike. The sweetspot is slightly weaker if used in the air. Being an Up Special, this move is primarily used as a recovery. It has good vertical distance, but nonexistent horizontal movement, so you should get right below a ledge before using it. It also leaves Luigi helpless after the move, so you should use your other recovery moves first. The sweetspotted hit is one of Luigi's riskier KO moves, since he is easily punished if he misses, but it is very effective when used as a punish yourself.
Up lstick+B button Up control+B button Up cpad+B button
Fiery Jump Punch The starting sweetspot of Luigi's punch has a wider radius making it easier to hit, but the attack is weaker and Luigi doesn't jump as high. This variant is a clutch, an easier version of the Super Jump Punch that is effectively a straight downgrade if you're skilled enough to land sweetspotted Up Specials consistently. The ease of hitting the sweetspot is offset by the loss of KO potential, and Luigi's recovery suffers as well. It's wiser to practice with the default Super Jump Punch instead of getting too used to the Fiery Jump Punch's range.
Burial Header Luigi jumps straight up, attacking weakly the whole way, then quickly plunges down. The move buries foes on the ground when Luigi is falling. While you lose one of Luigi's most deadly KO options, you gain a slightly gimmicky burying attack that has its uses. Like many other burial attacks, the effect doesn't last long enough for you to capitalize on it, although you can certainly take advantage of the popping up animation when your enemies escape from burial to start a combo. The aerial version has decent power as well, but using it to edgeguard is usually suicidal. Note that since Luigi descends like a brick after using the move, it is slightly worse for recovery.
Down lstick+B button Down nunchuk+B button Down dpad+1 button Luigi Cyclone Luigi spins around, trapping foes with multiple hits before launching them. Mash the special button to make Luigi rise with the move while in the air. This is a pretty good move that can both disrupt foes and potentially KO when used as an attack. The grounded version has quick horizontal movement that can often catch foes off-guard, so you can use it for punishes or just to harass a defensive enemy. The final strike is very strong, and can serve as a KO move off a Down Throw if you mash it fast enough. It can also be used for recovery, provided you can at least mash the button enough to maintain height. Note that it is fairly difficult to ascend with Luigi Cyclone, since you need to mash very quickly. Jumping before using the move is a great help, since the upward momentum helps immensely to gain height.
Down lstick+B button Down control+B button Down cpad+B button
Mach Cyclone Luigi's horizontal movement is restricted during the move, but he will ascend much higher. Luigi can only attack opponents with the jump at the end, the rest of the move doesn't affect foes. This variant is more specialized for recovery, as you will still gain a lot of height without the need for mashing. However, its functionality as an attack suffers as a result, since Luigi can no longer make a sudden entrance like with Luigi Cyclone to surprise enemies. While its single-hit attack is quite powerful, it is difficult to land due to the long startup animation before Luigi shoots up. It may even struggle to compete with the default cyclone for recovery, since it has little to no horizontal distance compared with Luigi Cyclone.
Clothesline Cyclone Luigi can't gain as much height when used as a recovery, but he will knock opponents away with each strike. This variant is pretty pointless, as it lacks both Luigi Cyclone's speed and trapping ability as well as either cyclone's recovery distance. Luigi travels very slowly across the ground, so it can't be used for harassment and disruption. While the each hit of the Clothesline Cyclone is stronger than Luigi Cyclone's weaker hits, none of them, including the finisher, is as strong as Luigi Cyclone's final strike, which also makes it worse for KOs. Finally, Clothesline Cyclone has the worst recovery out of the three cyclones, greatly limiting Luigi's offstage survivability. Overall, this variant isn't worth using over the others.


Control Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
Up dpad 1 button Up dpad+A button Luigi performs 5 poses in quick succession.
Up dpad Up dpad Up dpad
(Left dpad or Right dpad) 1 button+2 button A button Luigi falls down comically and swings back up.
(Left dpad or Right dpad) (Left dpad or Right dpad) (Left dpad or Right dpad)
Down dpad 2 button Down dpad+A button Luigi pouts while doing a low kick. This taunt is actually an attack that meteor smashes opponents hit with the foot. It is very impractical to use due to its poor range and long startup, but getting a KO with this taunt is very satisfying and a great crowd-pleaser.
Down dpad Down dpad Down dpad

Final Smash - Poltergust 5000[edit]

Luigi equips Professor E. Gadd's ghostbusting vacuum cleaner and sucks up fighters around him. Any enemies sucked in will be trapped and be dealt constant damage before Luigi launches them diagonally upward. Luigi can sometimes shoot out items as well. This is a unique trapping Final Smash which requires Luigi to suck in at least one foe to function. It has a pretty long initial strike, during which Luigi will point the hose in all directions and he will keep sucking until the full animation plays out, increasing the chances of trapping multiple foes. The tradeoff is that this Final Smash is not very strong, usually KOing at around 30% depending on Luigi's position. Regardless, it is a pretty good Final Smash due to its ease of use.