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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Wii U Mr. Game & Watch.png
  • 3DS unlock conditions: Clear Classic Mode 10 times or play 90 Vs. matches, then defeat Mr. Game & Watch on Flat Zone 2.
  • Wii U unlock conditions: Clear Classic Mode on Intensity 2.0 or higher with 5 characters and above, or play 80 Vs. matches, then defeat Mr. Game & Watch on Flat Zone X.

Mr. Game & Watch returns, bringing with him his impressive array of odd weapons. While he's the only 2D character in the game, his playstyle is certainly not flat or shallow. Mr. Game & Watch can best be described as a jack-of-all-trades glass cannon. His attacks are quite fast, with many packing quite a punch. Along with fair movement speed, excellent recovery and great edgeguarding, Mr. Game & Watch is a well-rounded character. Unfortunately, Mr. Game & Watch's balanced stats is also his big weakness. While many of his moves are fast and strong, they're often not fast enough or strong enough, limiting Mr. Game & Watch's KO options. The unique mechanics of his specials also work against him, as they require too much setup to be consistently useful against experienced foes. Lastly, being one of the lightest characters in the game, Mr. Game & Watch has serious problems outliving his competition. Overall, Mr. Game & Watch is an unorthodox character plagued with noticeable flaws. Manage these flaws well and you'll have an unpredictable fighter at your control.

Basic attributes[edit]

Barring DLC characters, Mr. Game & Watch is the second lightest character in the game, with the only character lighter being Jigglypuff. His dashing speed is rather average, but his lateral air speed is quite impressive, somewhere in the range of the top 10 fastest air speeds in the game. As you might expect from a paper-thin lightweight, Mr. Game & Watch is very floaty, having one of the lowest fall speeds in the game. Mr. Game & Watch's crouch is very low, so it can be used to dodge attacks. His rolls are some of the slowest in the game; avoid using them if you can.

Moveset Analysis[edit]

Standard Attacks

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) 2 button(+2 button2 button2 button) Stanley's Bug Spray Mr. Game & Watch takes out an insecticide pump and pumps gas repeatedly, finishing with a final strong puff. This move is a fast ground option with decent reach and thus a good poke or interrupting attack. It gets some competition for Strong Side Attack due to their similar uses, but Mr. Game & Watch's Standard Attack is better suited for defending yourself after missing with a low lag attack, which can catch players trying to punish the aftermath. End the repeated combo quickly, as your foe can escape the combo fairly easily due to its gradual vertical knockback.
A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) A button(+A buttonA buttonA button) A button(+A buttonA buttonA button)
(Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button (Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk)+A button (Left dpad or Right dpad)+2 button Lion Tamer Mr. Game & Watch stabs forward with a chair. This attack is one of Mr. Game & Watch's best ground moves. It is decently fast, but has awesome range and knockback as well as a great disjoint since the attack extends far from your hurtbox. This makes it a pretty good poke or spacing tool, as well as a strong move for punishing landings or stuffing approaches. It also deals nice knockback, which will keep you safe from retaliation if you hit.
(Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button (Left control or Right control)+A button (Left cpad or Right cpad)+A button
Up lstick+A button Up nunchuk+A button Up dpad+2 button Flagman Mr. Game & Watch swings a flag over him. This move is pretty awkward due to its small hitbox and lackluster speed. It can be used to juggle foes or set up combos, but the tiny flag makes it unreliable for chaining repeated hits, and you have better options to start combos with. It is also overshadowed as an anti-air due to Up Smash's partial invincibility and power. This is not an attack you'll find yourself using often.
Up lstick+A button Up control+A button Up cpad+A button
Down lstick+A button Down nunchuk+A button Down dpad+2 button Upset Manhole Mr. Game & Watch flips a manhole cover. The manhole cover itself deals moderate horizontal knockback, but there is also a damaging windbox created above the manhole cover that pushes foes upward. This upward gust is both a nice perk and a major downfall of the move. The attack is one of Mr. Game & Watch's fastest ground options and has great reach, and its horizontal knockback makes it a deadly onstage edgeguard tool. However, the wind often hits your target before the cover, which blows them upward instead of off the stage, therefore limiting the range and utility of the move. The wind itself can still be used for edgeguarding though, as it can push recovering foes aiming for the ledge over it and force them into freefall, where you get the opportunity to punish them and resume edgeguarding.
Down lstick+A button Down control+A button Down cpad+A button
A button while dashing A button while dashing 2 button while dashing 2D Dive Mr. Game & Watch dive tackles the opponent headfirst. This move is rather standard for a Dash Attack, being quick to come out and shifting Mr. Game & Watch forward. However, it turns out to be one of Mr. Game & Watch's stronger ground options. Its quick speed can catch foes offguard surprisingly often, and can be used as a quick punish when your enemies are just out of range. The later, weak hit of the move can even combo into your aerials, making it a pretty useful move overall. It's inadvisable to spam it though, as it is easy to punish if you get too predictable with the move.
A button while dashing A button while dashing A button while dashing
A button while hanging A button while hanging 2 button while hanging Mr. Game & Watch gets up and strikes with his bell.
A button while hanging A button while hanging A button while hanging

Smash Attacks

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
Smash (Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button Smash (Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk)+A button (Left dpad or Right dpad)+1 button+2 button Fire Attack Mr. Game & Watch swings down a burning torch in front of him. This move is Mr. Game & Watch's strongest smash attack, but only if you strike with the sweetspot, which is the fire at the tip. As such, it is an obvious KO move for Mr. Game & Watch. Unfortunately, as with many other strong attacks, this move suffers from noticeable startup lag during which your foe can respond and defend against the attack. It has also lost the lingering hitbox in the transition from previous games to its current iteration. Nevertheless, it is still a very strong KO option, just one that requires a lot of effort to land successfully.
Smash (Left lstick or Right lstick)+A button Smash (Left control or Right control)+A button Smash (Left cpad or Right cpad)+A button
Smash Up lstick+A button Smash Up nunchuk+A button Up dpad+1 button+2 button Diving Helmet Mr. Game & Watch headbutts above him wearing a helmet. This attack is an amazing anti-air, as the diving helmet blocks all attacks aimed at Mr. Game & Watch's head. This protection causes it to beat out just about every aggressive approach from the air, so it is a great option to counter any aerial rushdown from your foes. It is also a powerful KO move with fair range due to Mr. Game & Watch's back to front motion, although the strength of the attack does diminish from move staling if you use it often. It's up to you whether you want to spam it for protection against aerial approaches or save it for the ideal KO opportunity.
Smash Up lstick+A button Smash Up control+A button Smash Up cpad+A button
Smash Down lstick+A button Smash Down nunchuk+A button Down dpad+1 button+2 button Vermin Crush Mr. Game & Watch hammers in either direction. The front hammer deals more knockback, while the back hammer has a nearly horizontal knockback trajectory. Both hammers have their uses for netting KOs. When it comes to strength, Down Smash isn't much weaker than Up Smash, so it can still be a viable backup KO option. However, where it truly shines is the major horizontal knockback of the backward hammer, which is excellent at edgeguarding. It has good range and comes out pretty fast as well. Since it hits in both directions, it can also be used to punish opponents trying to roll past you.
Smash Down lstick+A button Smash Down control+A button Smash Down cpad+A button

Air Attacks

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png 2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Fishbowl Mr. Game & Watch holds out a spilling fishbowl. This move has a large hitbox, comes out quickly and can lengthen or finish combos, making it a great all-around attack. The hitbox covers a large part of Mr. Game & Watch, so it can be used to approach, as an Out-of-Shield option or to help you land safely. It also does a ton of damage if all hits connect, which makes it one of the best combo follow-ups you can use for racking damage.
A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Right lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Box Knock Mr. Game & Watch swings a box in front of him. This move is an excellent for zoning, edgeguarding or even KOing, mostly due to its range and disjoint. It can be spammed as an approach pretty safely if you space the attack well, but can also be used as a combo follow-up quite naturally. Its reach makes it handy for edgeguarding, and it is both fast and long-lasting enough to beat out airdodge happy foes. The sweetspot is located at the start of the attack and has some KO potential, although nowhere near your smash attacks. However, it can still KO reliably during edgeguarding attempts since you are so close to the sides of the screen.
Right lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Right cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Left lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Turtle Bridge Mr. Game & Watch takes out a turtle which bites down behind him. While formerly one of Mr. Game & Watch's best moves, this attack has seen better days. It does multiple hits and has good reach, but is punishable during its landing lag or if it is shielded. It is still a great poke due to its range and significant disjoint, but you have to be more careful using it then in the past.
Left lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Left cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Up lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Spitball Blower Mr. Game & Watch blows air out above him. This odd attack can be both a utility move and a KO move, even though it is awkward to use effectively. In addition to the two damaging blows near Mr. Game & Watch's mouth, there is also a sizable windbox above and around him during the attack that pushes enemies up. This windbox can keep foes airborne, which can disrupt aerial approaches or threaten characters with weak air games. It is also a good KO move, but the power is focused into the second puff of air. This is problematic since the first puff usually blows foes out of range for the second, so good positioning is definitely needed. Either the damaging hitbox or the wind can KO if you are high up on the screen.
Up lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Up cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png
Down lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down nunchuk+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down dpad+2 buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Descending Key Mr. Game & Watch takes out a key, then stabs downward while falling quickly. He will not descend if the move is used soon after suffering from moderate upward knockback. Hitting foes early into the move will result in a meteor smash, any later and they will be sent diagonally upward. This move is reserved for edgeguarding for obvious reasons. Its landing lag is easily punishable when used on stage and you can't follow up from a successful hit. Due to Mr. Game & Watch's excellent recovery, you can use it offstage safely if you initiate the move from some height over the ledge. Opponents will have a hard time avoiding the falling key, and they'll be knocked further from the stage if hit. The meteor smash is not worth the risk unless your opponent is also fairly high up, as you need to be quite close to them when starting the attack to get the meteor, which may result in Self-Destructs if used offstage.
Down lstick+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down control+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png Down cpad+A buttonControl-Modifier-Air.png


Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
A button after grab A button after grab 2 button after grab Bell Smash Mr. Game & Watch strikes the grabbed opponent with his bell. This move is quite slow with average damage. It's a pretty bad grab attack, but still passable for what it does, which is to rack up extra damage after a grab.
A button after grab A button after grab A button after grab
Right lstick after grab Right nunchuk after grab Right dpad after grab Forward Juggle Mr. Game & Watch juggles the grabbed opponent and launches them forward. This move is a conventional sideways throw and has the usual applications. You will mostly be using it to deal damage as well as to get your opponent offstage for edgeguarding, which Mr. Game & Watch excels at. The animation of Mr. Game & Watch's throws are pretty ambiguous, so your opponent won't know how to react until the moment they're thrown.
Right lstick after grab Right control after grab Right cpad after grab
Left lstick after grab Left nunchuk after grab Left dpad after grab Backward Juggle Mr. Game & Watch juggles the grabbed opponent and launches them backward. This move is pretty much an exact copy of Forward Throw, only in the opposite direction. Thus, it is used the same way as well, either to deal damage or to set up edgeguards, particularly if your back is closer to the nearest ledge.
Left lstick after grab Left control after grab Left cpad after grab
Up lstick after grab Up nunchuk after grab Up dpad after grab High Juggle Mr. Game & Watch juggles the grabbed opponent and launches them upward. Again, this throw is functionally identical to the sideways throws, only with vertical knockback. Like many Up Throws in the game, this move suffers from having too much knockback to combo, and too little knockback to KO. It is often overshadowed by Down Throw due to the latter's similar knockback angle and superior combo potential. It is possible to combo out of Up Throw, usually with Fire, but Down Throw is by far your better option for a vertical throw.
Up lstick after grab Up control after grab Up cpad after grab
Down lstick after grab Down nunchuk after grab Down dpad after grab Ball Bounce Mr. Game & Watch juggles the grabbed opponent and bounces them off the ground. This move is Mr. Game & Watch's least damaging throw, but makes up for it with its combo potential. This move is weak and has mostly vertical knockback, traits that make it an excellent combo throw. Your usual follow-ups would be aerials, particularly Neutral Air for its damage, but you can also go for more risky options like Judge.
Down lstick after grab Down control after grab Down cpad after grab

Special Attacks[edit]

Control Attack Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
B button B button 1 button Chef Mr. Game & Watch flings out food from his frying pan, causing the food bits to rise and fall in random arcs. This move is Mr. Game & Watch's projectile, although it has some very odd properties for a projectile. Its range is nothing to write home about, and its arc is unpredictable, so it can't be used for long-distance harassment. What it is good at is mid-range zoning, as the random arcing trajectory of each piece of food is difficult to pass through unscathed. It is also good at edgeguarding, as the bits of food can fall below the stage, pestering recovering opponents. Directly striking foes with the frying pan results in nearly perfect horizontal knockback, which can be deadly to a recovering foe, but its hard to land due to the pan's small range and size.
B button B button B button
XXL Chef Mr. Game & Watch flings huge chunks of food which move slower but hit harder. This variant is mostly restricted for edgeguarding, as it is too slow for normal use. Even though the size of the food is larger, the slow firing rate of each projectile minimalizes the number of food bits on the screen at any given time, making it easier for overall for foes to evade the move. The large size of the projectiles does come in handy when your opponents are recovering, since they can't move as freely to evade massive chunks of food. Despite this, XXL Chef sacrifices too much versatility for specialization, and Mr. Game & Watch already has many other options for edgeguarding, causing it to be the least used custom Chef.
Short-Order Chef Mr. Game & Watch flings out weak food bits that fly at high speed. This custom move fulfills the role of a traditional projectile, that is, long-range harassment. The arcs of the projectile are still fairly random, but are overall lower and wider than the default Chef, giving the attack greater range. You can also fire off food bits faster, launching a quick spread of food at your opponents. The altered arcs of the projectile makes them less effective at mid-range zoning, but a lot better at racking up chip damage from a distance. It also helps Mr. Game & Watch fight against projectile-heavy characters, letting him strike back without having to get close to his foe.
(Left lstick or Right lstick)+B button (Left nunchuk or Right nunchuk)+B button (Left dpad or Right dpad)+1 button Judge Mr. Game & Watch strikes with a hammer while holding up a number, which determines the strength and properties of the attack. Unlike in previous games, there is no hidden algorithm that determines the number you'll get; the results of each Judge are entirely random and independent of each other. The following is a list of numbers and their effects:
  1. Miniscule damage with no knockback or flinching and inflicts self-damage even if it misses. Absolutely disadvantageous to the user.
  2. Weak damage and knockback, with slight chance of tripping. You can still be punished even if you land the attack if your opponent is at low percent. However, if you can trip your opponent, you'll have the opportunity to get a free follow-up.
  3. Mild damage and launches foes backward. This attack chips away a huge chunk of your foe's shields, which can potentially lead to a shield break and a huge opening if you're lucky.
  4. Average damage and launches foes diagonally upward. An uninteresting but passable attack with no special features.
  5. Zaps foes up to 4 times while launching them slightly upward. Can lead to some potential follow-ups at low percents.
  6. Fire damage and horizontal knockback. This attack is actually the second strongest you can get out of Judge, making it a potentially deadly edgeguarding move or even KO move.
  7. Good damage and knockback. If you land the hit while grounded, it will spawn a lucky apple regardless of whether items are enabled or not. You can eat the apple to regain a bit of health, but so can other enemies.
  8. Freezes foes and deal weak vertical knockback. You can set up some powerful follow-ups off of this move while your foe is frozen.
  9. Heavy damage and knockback, effectively an OHKO on most stages. The infamous number 9 is the most sought after result of Judge. If you can land this attack, your target is likely getting KO'd. The power of this move has the potential to change the tide of battle.

Judge is such a volatile move that you can't rely on any consistent strategy to use it. Your only concern is with landing the hammer, then work with the random result. That said, Judge is not an easy attack to hit with, since it has obvious startup lag before Mr. Game & Watch brings down his hammer. The most common method is to combo it out of Down Throw, although, you can also use it as a risky punish. You're usually better off using more reliable moves for combos or punishes, but the small chance of a 9 hammer might be what it takes to turn a losing battle in your favor.

(Left lstick or Right lstick)+B button (Left control or Right control)+B button (Left cpad or Right cpad)+B button
Extreme Judge Mr. Game & Watch will only produce 1 or 9 attacks, with a greater chance of getting a 1. Number 1 attacks now deal slight knockback and has lowered self-damage. Meanwhile, number 9 attacks are weaker in power, but can still KO consistently under 40%. This variant embodies the concept of all-or nothing; you either get a good result or you don't. Having a higher chance of getting a 9 hammer certainly sounds appealing, but keep in mind that you'll get more 1s as well. The lack of other numbers mean that the self-damage from each 1 hammer can quickly add up, bringing you ever closer to KO range. It is a high risk, high reward choice for players willing to take the risk. Your other Judge variants are more tactically sound, but Extreme Judge is potentially the most deadly if you get very lucky.
Chain Judge Mr. Game & Watch strikes foes multiple times with a swing of the hammer, with the number of hits corresponding to the number on the sign. This custom variant is by far the safest and most reliable of the three Judges, as just about every hit has similar properties and functions. Chain Judge is great at racking up damage, with higher numbers bringing you close to 20% total with a single use. It is also better at dishing out shield pressure due to its multiple hits. Lastly, even though the weakest of the three, the Chain Judge's 9 hammer is still strong enough to KO very early, and does an amazing amount of damage even if it doesn't KO.
Up lstick+B button Up nunchuk+B button Up dpad+1 button Fire Mr. Game & Watch launches off of a trampoline, striking foes while rising, then deploys a parachute to slow his fall. He can attack out of the parachute, which doesn't put him in a helpless state, but disables Fire until he lands again. This is Mr. Game & Watch's recovery move. Even though it mainly provides a height boost, the parachute combined with Mr. Game & Watch's high air speed gives him one of the best recoveries in the cast, and lets you attempt daring edgeguards further offstage. It is also a good out-of-shield attack due to its speed, as well as a combo follow-up that can lead into an aerial finisher.
Up lstick+B button Up control+B button Up cpad+B button
Heavy Trampoline Mr. Game & Watch is launched a lower height, but strikes foes that make contact harder. The Heavy Trampoline is built for damage over utility, but it doesn't sacrifice too much. It still gives you respectable height, but now you'll be doing more damage and knockback when you hit enemies. This results in higher damage output when you implement it in combos, and it serves as a nice combo finisher. The starting hit has mild KO potential for such a quick move, so you even gain a desperation KO attack. You will need to be more careful edgeguarding offstage, since your recovery isn't quite as good compared to using Fire.
Trampoline Launch Mr. Game & Watch bounds extra high from the trampoline, but doesn't deploy a parachute afterward. This variant is very similar to Melee's version of his Up Special. This custom move also sacrifices recovery for strength, but it might be better than Heavy Trampoline at it. You can only strike foes at the start of your jump, but it is by far the strongest impact attack of the three Fire variants, with the sweetspot being a legitimate KO option. The increased height boost of Trampoline Launch still lets you pull off gutsy edgeguards, while Mr. Game & Watch's natural air speed makes up for the lack of a parachute when it comes to horizontal distance. The biggest drawback of this move is that its hard to hit, since the hitbox is only out briefly, and only the sweetspot has serious power.
Down lstick+B button Down nunchuk+B button Down dpad+1 button Oil Panic Mr. Game & Watch holds out a bucket, which can absorb up to 3 energy-based projectiles. Bucket charges carry over between lives, and stronger projectiles can fill up multiple portions of the bucket. Once the bucket is full, he can empty its contents in one powerful attack, the strength of which depends on the absorb projectiles. Oil Panic is a move that you'll seldom use, mainly because not every character has energy projectiles like the Charge Shot or Blaster. You can definitely try absorbing projectiles when facing characters with one, but be warned that they can still retaliate while your bucket is up. When emptying the bucket, the oil splatter is very strong and can likely KO, so you should definitely save this as a surprise KO move. Granted, experienced foes won't give you many opportunities to absorb projectiles or empty your bucket, so look for the significant openings that will let you punish with a heavy-hitting oil splatter, or try to land it on recovering opponents.
Down lstick+B button Down control+B button Down cpad+B button
Efficient Panic Mr. Game & Watch only needs 1 projectile to fill up the bucket, but the resulting oil splash is weaker. This custom variant is best used against foes with weak, spammable energy projectiles like Mega Man, since your oil splatter is unlikely to be very strong anyway. Efficient Panic is easier to setup and use, so you should be using it more liberally than you would with the other Oil Panic variants. Even without the extreme knockback, the oil splatter is still fairly big and has good reach. It can be especially good for edgeguarding due to its size, as even the lower knockback of the oil dump can be threatening to recovering enemies.
Panic Overload The absorption radius of the bucket is smaller, but the size of the oil splash is greatly increased. This move is basically a more difficult but stronger version of Oil Panic. While it is generally advisable to try and use a hard but powerful attack over its weaker but easier variant, Panic Overload isn't really worth it. It is just as hard, if not harder, to set up than Oil Panic, just for a stronger and larger oil dump that already KOs consistently by default. Like Efficient Panic, it is best used against characters with spammable energy projectiles, as you'll be able to use the oil dump as a massive wall for zoning and edgeguarding.


Control Info
Wii U GamePad / Pro Controller Wii Remote + Nunchuk Wii Remote (sideways)
Wii Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo 3DS
Up dpad 1 button Up dpad+A button Mr. Game & Watch rings his bell above his head.
Up dpad Up dpad Up dpad
(Left dpad or Right dpad) 1 button+2 button A button Mr. Game & Watch rings his bell at torso level.
(Left dpad or Right dpad) (Left dpad or Right dpad) (Left dpad or Right dpad)
Down dpad 2 button Down dpad+A button Mr. Game & Watch sits down and sighs.
Down dpad Down dpad Down dpad

Final Smash - Octopus[edit]

Mr. Game & Watch transforms into a massive octopus. While in this form, he can randomly extend one of his four tentacles by pressing either attack buttons. Enemies hit by the tentacles or the octopus's body will be launched, and they cannot block the attack. The octopus interacts with the stage as normal; you still need a platform below you, and you still possess a normal jump and a midair jump. The octopus cannot change directions after you transform, which might be a problem since your front tentacles have more reach than the back. This final smash has two useful traits for a transformation: long duration and large size. You can wreak a lot of havoc by simply moving around the stage trying to make contact with your foes. Your attacks aren't very strong, so you may need to pursue hurt opponents offstage to secure KOs. Fortunately, the octopus's jumps are very high and floaty, so you should have no trouble with offstage combat either.