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StreetSmash is a minigame in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, and utilizes the system's StreetPass function.

Players begin with a small explanation of how StreetSmash works. Players also pick a player's token based on the characters the player has unlocked so far to represent them in the minigame, which can be changed later.

The goal of StreetSmash is to knock your opponent's tokens off the stage. There are a few controls that a player must know:


  • Move - Neutral cpad
  • Attack - A button
  • Shield - L button or R button


  • Charge Attack - Hold A button, aim with Neutral cpad, release A button to attack (does more knockback)
  • Dodge - Shield, then Move in desired direction
  • Counter - Dodge to evade incoming attack, attack with aim input (only works if player actually dodged an attack)

There can be up to twelve players' tokens on the field at once, depending on the amount of StreetPassed players. The more players you defeat, the more gold you earn; the likelihood of obtaining stat boosts increases the longer you last as well.

Practice allows the player to set up a match with as many CPUs as they desire, and challenges requiring StreetSmash can be completed in Practice mode as well as regular matches.