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Stages are one of the unique features of Smash Bros., with each stage having unique layouts and different elements that spice up play. A major difference between the 3DS version and the Wii U version is the stages. While the Wii U version shares some stages with the 3DS edition, most of the stages are different and based off of console games. To be a good smasher, one must know the ins and outs of every stage, and be able to adapt to the unique challenges presented by each.

Omega Mode[edit]

New in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U is the Omega Mode feature available for every stage. By pressing X button on the stage selection screen and choosing a stage, you can play on the Omega form of said stage, which is a single, flat platform like that of Final Destination, with its size adjusted to that of Final Destination as well. These stages are not playable in For Fun, but is the only type of stage selectable in For Glory.

Omega stages usually come in either trapezoid or fully rectangular forms. The trapezoid platform is the simplest to grasp, with sloped walls that lets you wall jump off of or hug to the side of while recovering. Rectangular platforms often extend all the way down beyond the blastline. Their sides are straight, but their walls are much longer, giving you more space for wall jumping.

Starter Stages[edit]


Big Battlefield[edit]

Final Destination[edit]

Mushroom Kingdom U[edit]

Mario Galaxy[edit]

Delfino Plaza (SSBB)[edit]

Mario Circuit[edit]

Mario Circuit (SSBB)[edit]

Luigi's Mansion (SSBB)[edit]

Jungle Hijinx[edit]


Bridge of Eldin (SSBB)[edit]

Temple (SSBM)[edit]


Norfair (SSBB)[edit]

Port Town Aero Drive (SSBB)[edit]

Woolly World[edit]

Yoshi's Island (SSBM)[edit]

The Great Cave Offensive[edit]

Halberd (SSBB)[edit]

Orbital Gate Assault[edit]

Lylat Cruise (SSBB)[edit]

Kalos Pokémon League[edit]

Onett (SSBM)[edit]


Castle Siege (SSBB)[edit]

Palutena's Temple[edit]

Skyworld (SSBB)[edit]


Garden of Hope[edit]

Town and City[edit]

Wii Fit Studio[edit]

Boxing Ring[edit]

Gaur Plain[edit]

75m (SSBB)[edit]

Wrecking Crew[edit]


Wuhu Island[edit]

Windy Hill Zone[edit]

Wily Castle[edit]

Unlockable Stages[edit]

Kongo Jungle 64 (SSB 64)[edit]

  • Unlock condition: Clear the "The Original Heavyweights" event.

Pokémon Stadium 2 (SSBB)[edit]

  • Unlock condition: Clear the "When Lightning Strikes" event.

Flat Zone X[edit]

  • Unlock condition: Play alone as Mr. Game & Watch and destroy 100 blocks in a single game of trophy rush.

Smashville (SSBB)[edit]

  • Unlock condition: Clear the "Playing Tricks" event.

Duck Hunt[edit]

  • Unlock condition: Get 1 or more KOs in a single Solo Cruel Smash.


  • Unlock condition: Play on all three stages in Smash Tour.

DLC Stages[edit]


Suzaku Castle[edit]

Dream Land 64 (SSB 64)[edit]

Peach's Castle 64 (SSB 64)[edit]

Hyrule Castle 64 (SSB 64)[edit]

Super Mario Maker[edit]

Pirate Ship (SSBB)[edit]


Umbra Clock Tower[edit]