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Don't forget to visit the secret shop.

Although it's not the final stage in the game, it is the earliest time period that you can travel back to. As such, the enemies you face here will be the most aggressive that you'll ever see until you do make it to the final stage. A new enemy type will appear exclusively in 0001 (although they can also appear in DA 0316 if you spend too long there). These enemies simply warp into space, fire some shots at you, and leave. They remain stationary, but they tend to appear in tremendous numbers, creating a maze of bullets that you'll have to navigate in order to survive. Traveling through here without a barrier capsule is definitely not recommended.


Find the right volcano and shoot it.
  • The entire stage is composed of volcanoes. And your shots will sail over all of them, except for one single volcano. Early on in the stage, a volcano that is situated near the middle of the screen will scroll down towards you. If you shoot this volcano, your shots will be blocked. This is how you know you've found the right volcano. Continue to blast it until the screen flashes.
This hidden entrance leads to a time crystal
  • At this point in the game, every time piece counts. You'll still need them in order to purchase barrier capsule, or refit the Neo Final Star with twin lasers if you've been destroyed, and you'll certainly need them to warp around. So finding generous donations of time crystals can still give you a boost. There is one hidden entrance off to the left side of the screen, after a river of lava, where the inhabitant will give you a crystal if you find him.

You are at the earliest time period. As such, the warp zone at the end can only be used to travel forward to all of the previous time periods you've visited. However, when you reach this warp, the screen will stop scrolling, and the dreaded Gordess will appear. If you beat him before you collect all seven secret time stones and one extra item, you'll receive a failed message and will be warped back to DA 2010. However, if you have all of the necessary items, you will get a congratulations message and will advance to the final stage of DA 2137. See that page for more information.


The rolling red enemies that move back and forth along a set path occupy very narrow corridors throughout this dungeon. You will take damage, so make sure you have a Power Wrist active to cut down the number of time crystals you lose. After doing away with a Water Horuga, you have to pay the fee in order to pass through the time gates. The fee is 9000 time pieces which will be drained from you supply. When the 9000 time pieces have been paid, you can cross through the gate to the remainder of the dungeon.

SSF 0001 dungeon map.png
You must pass through the time gate
Shop A Boots: 600 Escape Unit: 800
Shop B Time Crystal
Shop C Bombs: 100 Escape Unit: 500
Shop D Bombs: 100 Power Wrist: 5000
Shop E Time Crystal
Shop F Laser Cutter: 4500 Escape Unit: 500
Shop G Rapid Fire: 2000 Escape Unit: 500
Shop H Bombs: 100 Neo Final Star: 1500
  • From the start, you can travel left, right, or up. In truth, the only reason to go left or right, is if you need to purchase any of the items in shops A, C, or D, or if you want to tackle the large monsters that guard the entrances to shop B and E, both of which contain inhabitants that offer you a free time crystal, worth 3000 time pieces. This can come in handy if you're just shy of the 9000 time pieces that you need to cross through the time gate. However, reaching these crystals is risky, and can expose you to a lot of damage, resulting in a lower net profit of time pieces, or even a loss, so be careful.
  • When you're ready, head up into the room above the start, where the green "!" is placed. Here you will find a Water Horuga guarding a time gate. If you've met the Water Horugas before, you will know that they are completely resistant to your weapon. The only way to defeat them is by using a Solar Lamp. Hopefully, you still have one on you, so go ahead and use it. If not, you'll have to leave the dungeon, purchase one from DA 1608, and come back.
  • Once the Water Horuga is defeated, you'll have to step up to the time gate. The time gate requires that you provide it with 9000 time pieces to pass through. If you have less than 9000 time pieces, you will end up dying so leave the dungeon and fight more enemies in the Neo Final Star if you need more, then return.
  • Once you're through the gates, take the right passage from the next room. Follow the pathway all the way around until you make a left turn and pass through the one-way door. You will notice that your way back to the right has been closed off. Continue to the left, then up and around the barrier, and down until you are in another complete room. Bomb the upper left wall here to find an inhabitant that will provide you with an instruction concerning the one-way door. He will tell you to return to it, so retrace your steps and go back to that room.
  • Once you return to the one-way door, you will discover that the door is now open. However, when you pass through it, you will not be on the other side. Rather, you will appear in the room on the map with the arrow that is pointing right into the room. From this new location, walk right.
  • You can continue on to the room to the right if you'd like to visit shop H, but you'll have to deal with a large monster in the process. Ultimately, you must bomb the middle of the top corridor to create an entrance to the room above. Enter this room, and fight the large monster the you find inside. Once the monster is defeated, bomb the wall above, and you will finally gain access to the secret time stone.


There is nothing in particular that you should be seeking at this point unless you've lost a Neo Final Star before reaching here. If this is the case, you can buy every item that is useful for exploration right from within the dungeon, including a Power Wrist and a Rapid-fire Shot, and even a Laser Cutter should you want one. There's even a shop where you can purchase an extra Neo Final Star near the end of the dungeon.