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The enemy attack intensifies again, and you should be sure to have plenty of Barrier Capsules in reserve if you want to protect your supply of extra lives and time pieces. Return to DA 2010 to purchase more barriers if you need them. You'll spend a majority of your time dodging enemies and their bullets, but you must not forget your objective, which is to locate the hidden entrance where you can collect the fourth and final Oanesu crest.


Stop in here to collect the Oanesu crest
  • It can be difficult to search for secret entrance amidst all of the enemy fire that you'll have to dodge at the same time. Eventually, you will come across a large construct in the ground, surrounded by four bird-like crests. These crest will resemble the Oanesu crests that you have been collecting from some of the other time period dungeons. It turns out that the fourth crest is hidden in a secret entrance immediately before the construct. If you search the middle of the ground before the first visible crest, you will find the entrance where you can collect the crests.

The few hidden shop locations that can be found don't offer anything worth putting yourself at risk to discover. Stay focused on dodging enemies. The warp at the end of the stage will provide you with access to DA 0001 for a whopping 20000 time pieces. If you need to save up time pieces, don't try to do it here. Do it in an earlier stage where the threat is much lower.


This dungeon features quite a number of one-way doors. Once you pass through a one-way door, you will be unable to return the way you came. You will also be unable to access the most important locations in the dungeon without one well placed bomb. Once you access this hidden portion of the dungeon, you will need to locate the Solar Gates which will imbue you with the power to locate an secret entrance that leads to the secret time stone. You'll need to be very thorough in your investigation of this maze-like dungeon.

SSF 0316 dungeon map.png
Stand between the gates to gain its power.
Shop A Bombs: 100
Shop B Bombs: 100 Power Wrist: 5500
Shop C Bombs: 10
  • From the start, if you travel up, and then to the left, you will find nothing but Hint givers which can only help you if you can read Japanese. Eventually, you may discover Shop A, but it only sells Bombs. The trick to making any progress in this stage is to bomb the right wall of the room above the start.
  • Once you bomb this wall, you can step inside, and follow a linear path around the right edge of the dungeon until you encounter a large monster alone in the room. You can deal with this monster in the usual manner. Monsters are usually placed in rooms to guard something important, and this one is no exception.
  • Bomb the north wall of the monster's room to access the room containing the green "!" on the map. In here, you will find the Solar Gates. You must pass through the gates to absorb their power for a limited time, turning you white in the process. This power does nothing to augment your abilities, it simply grants you access to an entrance that would otherwise be hidden from sight. (Note: if you enter a shop and leave, you will no longer be white, but the effects of the Solar Gates will still be applied for the normal length of time.)
  • With the power of the Solar Gates, exit the room and head left until you arrive at another room with a large monster. You don't have to deal with this monster, as the escape to the left should be visible if you are still white from the Solar Gates. If you like, you can bomb the wall up above to access Shop B, where you can pick up a Power Wrist. Otherwise, just head through the left entrance.
  • In the next room, do not take the southern path, or you will pass through a one-way door, and you will have to return to the beginning of the dungeon and retrace your steps. Instead continue to the left. In this next room, you can bomb the north wall to reveal a shop that sells the cheapest bombs in the whole game. Shop C will sell you three bombs for only 10 time pieces!
  • From this room, head south and follow the path all the way along until you reach a room with similar gates situated before the room up above. Pass through them to collect the secret time stone.


Since there is very little of consequence to purchase in this stage, you won't be spending a lot of time pieces. You can pick up an extra Power Wrist from shop B in the dungeon, but it's not necessary. The 10 time pieces bombs in shop C are the cheapest item in the whole game. But it's easy to take a lot of hits while you wait for the bomb to detonate, so they may end up costing you a lot more than just 10 time pieces. Ultimate, you should save up as many time pieces as possible to pay the fee to warp to DA 0001