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By this time period, the enemies aren't joking around. Most enemies will fire multiple bullets at you, but there are particular enemies who streak down the screen, unloading a round of bullets at you the entire way. You'll have to move quickly, even with a barrier capsule, because it simply won't last long enough to be useful if you sit still too often. You do not need to travel back in time to affect the appearance of this era's dungeon. In fact, you actually need to travel forward after visiting here.


Stop in here to collect a statue
  • Even if you can't read Japanese, the presence of a secret entrance in the middle of a circle of stones is fairly obvious. Once the stones come in to view, fly over the center to make the entrance appear, and hop inside. There, you will be presented with the Dorera statue, an artifact needed to access this era's dungeon. But obtaining the statue alone is not enough.

There are a few hidden shop locations scattered throughout the time period, but they don't offer anything unique or advantageous. The warp at the end of the stage will provide you with access to DA 0316 for the hefty price of 12000 time pieces.


This dungeon is rather complicated, being composed of two separate sections. The first section seems fairly straightforward, but to your surprise, once you collect the two dungeon crests and enter the dungeon gate, you will find yourself inside of a second dungeon. Here you will discover a puzzle involving a fountain which is creating uncrossable streams throughout the dungeon. In truth, dealing with the fountain is not even required to collect the secret time stone, but it will certainly serve you well if you take the time to figure it out.

WARNING: Do not solve the mystery of the fountain in the second part of the dungeon before you complete the dungeon in DA 0001. There is a bug in the program that will prevent you from removing the Water Horuga that guards the Time Gate in that dungeon if you dry up the fountain first. This will prevent you from completing the game.

Part 1[edit]

SSF 0820 dungeon map1.png
Bomb the upper wall to find an entrance.
Shop A Bombs: 100 Boots: 800
Shop B Time Crystal
Shop C Escape Unit: 500 Rapid-fire Shot: 2000
Shop D Escape Unit: 500 Boots: 800
  • When you begin, you will need to walk a long way up through a trail of trees in order to discover the hidden fortress. Once you reach the fortress, you can step inside. Note the door at the top.
  • Walk to the top of the corridor, and enter the room to the right. Shop A holds nothing in particular, but stock up on bombs if you need any. Move to the corridor on the right and head to the bottom. The entrance before the left passage contains a man who will give you a time crystal free of charge. Find someone else to trade it to for 3000 time pieces. Take the left passage, and then head south out of the next room.
  • You will find yourself back outside, on the upper story of the fortress. Bomb the wall to the left of the door you came through to reveal another door where you can collect the first dungeon crest. Return inside, and head all the way to the top of the right corridor. In shop C, you can purchase a Rapid-fire Shot for 2000 time pieces if you don't currently have one.
  • Next, head left. Note the dungeon gates. Head left again, and walk to the bottom of the corridor. Shop D has nothing special for sale, so take the right passage. Here you will find a large monster, known as a Water Horuga, and your first instinct will be to attack it. However, you will come to discover that it is invincible. If you have a Solar Lamp in your inventory, you may be tempted to use it here to defeat the Water Horuga, but that would be a bad idea that will hurt you later on. Instead, simply brave contact with the monster by approaching it from the side, to slip into the cave behind him and collect the second dungeon crest.
  • With both dungeon crests in hand, return to the dungeon gate, and pass through the entrance.

Part 2[edit]

SSF 0820 dungeon map2.png
The mysterious fountain
Shop E Bombs: 100 Solar Lamp: 8000
Shop F Barrier Capsule: 500 Pulsar: 1000
Shop G Boots: 800 Escape Unit: 300
Shop H Bombs: 100 Solar Lamp: 500
Shop I Escape Unit: 500 Boots: 600
  • The map of the second portion is marked with blue to indicate the presence of water. Unless you do something about this, you will be unable to cross the streams. From the start, the only step that is truly required in order to complete the dungeon is to head to the right. If you look at the map, you will see that it takes very few steps to reach the right most portion of the map, where you must place a bomb in the center of the middle room to blast a hole to the secret time stone. However, you will miss a couple of opportunities if you head straight for the stone.
  • The first opportunity is to discover the source of the water. To do this, you must head to the left, and follow the maze all the way around to the far left side of the dungeon, and then up to Shop E. In this shop, they sell an extremely expensive Solar Lamp. If you were unfortunate enough to have used your Solar Lamp to defeat the invincible monster in the first portion of the dungeon, you're going to have to shell out 8000 time pieces for another one here, or leave the dungeon and fly back to 1608 to get another one.
  • From Shop E, take the right path down to the next room and continue to follow it around until you see water. Then follow the water around to the left, up, and around to the right along the top of the map. Eventually, you will be able to access the fountain room by approaching it from the north. You will see two fountains spilling water into the dungeon. These fountains are known as the Spring of Space. What to do about it may or may not seem obvious. One item has the ability to deal with water: the Solar Lamp. If you use the Lamp in this room, the fountains will dry up. Once the fountains dry up, all of the blue sections, including the passages between rooms become traversable.
  • If you done this, you may notice that you have suddenly gained access to the dungeon in 1003, as stopping the flow of water creates a change in the future. You will also gain access to two special shops. See the shopping section below for more information.


The dungeon of this era is home to some amazingly sweet deals, but most can only be accessed if you solve the puzzle of the fountain. If you have done this, you can reach sections of the dungeon that were previously closed off to you. One of the shops you can now reach is Shop H, which sells the cheapest Solar Lamp in the game, just 500 time pieces. Since you obviously had to use a Lamp to reach this shop, you would be foolish to pass up such a bargain and restock yourself with another Lamp.

Shop F takes a little more work to reach. From the fountain room, head south, and bomb the left wall. Pass through the hole and you'll be in a small closed off chamber. If you bomb the top wall, you will discover a shop with the cheapest Barrier Capsule in the game, at only 500 time pieces. Once again, you can only buy one. If that's not enough, there's also a Pulser for the Neo Final Star, for only 1000 time pieces.