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This is the only escape from the loop

You'll have to increase your defensive flying skills as you proceed through this era. This time period has a rather strange property. Unlike other time periods which loop through the entirety of the stage, 1003 contains a portion of woods in which you will get lost unless the location of the 1003 dungeon has been revealed. As a result of the loop, there is only one exit from it, and it is in the form of the warp to DA 0820, but it will cost you 7000 time pieces, so save up. Once the dungeon entrance is revealed, you will loop through the stage in the normal fashion.


Fire into the ocean to reveal the 1301 dungeon
  • In order to make the dungeon entrance of DA 1301 appear, you are going to have to alter the terrain beneath the large expansive ocean. As it happens, one of the many inhabitants will give you a hint about the presence of an underwater volcano in the middle of the ocean. When you reach the ocean, begin firing near the center of the screen. Eventually, your shots will be blocked by an invisible barrier, indicating the location of the volcano. Continue shooting it until the volcano erupts and the sea turns red. In 298 years, the lava will have cooled into a new island where a dungeon entrance can be found.

When you visit this stage for the first time, you will likely have no choice but to warp back to DA 0820 because you will become stuck in the stage loop. This warp will cost you 7000 time pieces.


Surprisingly, there is nothing entirely special about this dungeon. The vast majority of the center of it is almost useless to explore since it simply doubles back around on itself. The real trick is to hug the left exterior of the dungeon in order to make it around to where the secret time stone is hidden. There is a time gate here, but you more than likely already encountered one in the DA 0001 dungeon. Make sure you come prepared with a large number of time pieces.

SSF 1003 dungeon map.png
Shop A Bombs: 100 Escape Unit: 500
Shop B Escape Unit: 500 Neo Final Star: 2000
Shop C Bombs: 100 Power Wrist: 4500
  • From the start, you can travel up or to the right if you'd like, but there isn't a lot of reason to do so. Instead, travel to the left, and take the lower left path to the next room.
  • Travel up to the location on the map marked with a green "!". Here you will find a large monster guarding a time gate. Defeat the monster, then approach the gate. If you have at least 9000 time pieces, walk into the gate. The time pieces will drain from your supply. Once 9000 pieces have been drained, you may proceed through the gate.
  • From the time gate, simply follow the route along the top of the dungeon, and over to the right, passing shop B where you can purchase an extra Neo Final Star ship if you like.
  • Proceed to the room above shop C. Visit shop C if you are in need of a defense boosting Power Wrist. Then return to the room above, head left, and start making your way south, staying towards the right side of the rooms.
  • Once you head right into the next room, you can simply follow the remaining pathway to the location of the secret time stone.


As the dungeon is very straightforward, there isn't a whole lot of shopping that needs to be done. If you've followed along with the walkthrough, this is probably the last dungeon you will be visiting, so you should already have most of the items you will ever need. The Power Wrist is sold at a low price if you feel like picking up a spare.