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In this third time era, not only does the enemy aggression level change, so does their appearance. Don't be fooled, however, as the behaviors are the same as before. In other words, there will still be that one enemy type that moves horizontally when they reach your height on the screen, so identify them quickly. There is only one objective on this stage while flying, but there is an additional opportunity that is not required. To gain access to the dungeon in DA 1608, you must shoot a quite obvious target.


Shoot the Ganimu egg
  • As you fly through the stage, the one target that should stick out substantially is the giant pink egg that you come across, as shown in the picture on the left. In fact, it appears in roughly the same location as the Ganimu monster that you see while flying through 1608. However, if you destroy this egg and return to 1608, you'll find a dungeon entrance in the place of the Ganimu. Don't miss the opportunity to destroy the egg.
The location of a secret shop
  • The next objective is not a requirement, but rather a bonus for you to discover. You may be tempted to attack the column of blocks that occurs in the middle of the stage. However, if you do, you'll miss discovering a hidden entrance to a "shop", where the occupant inside will simply give you a rare Time Crystal. This crystal by itself is somewhat useless, but if you give it to one of the inhabitants of a dungeon, he will give you 3000 time pieces in exchange.

There is no obvious place where a dungeon might be made to appear in this stage. The warp at the end of the stage will provide you with access to DA 1003 for the price of 5000 time pieces.


There are no new enemy types in this dungeon, although some enemies will appear differently. The good news is there are no flying insects. The bad news is the orbs which bounce around the screen and are very hard to avoid, are found in much greater numbers in this dungeon, and often in very important rooms. Bombs are an essential tool here, as none of the shop of hint entrances can be opened without them. In fact, you'll need two bombs just to reach the secret time stone. The good news is, you won't need to collect any dungeon crests to access the secret time stone.

SSF 1301 dungeon map.png
Bomb this location to find an Oanesu crest.
Bomb this tree to complete the dungeon.
Shop A Laser Cutter: 4500 Barrier Capsule: 2000
Shop B Bombs: 100 Solar Lamp: 5000
  • From the start, and enter the corridor to the right. Carefully maneuver around the enemies, and travel down the left side of the corridor and back up the right side. When you reach the top, bomb the last trunk on the right side of the screen to access the hidden entrance where you can collect the third Oanesu crest which you need to enter the dungeon in DA 0316.
    • Continuing to the right is optional, and only necessary if you have collected the Dorera statue from DA 0820. If you have already done so, continue to the last room on the right (the green "!"), and bomb the trunk of the tree in the center. If you have the statue, the inhabitant inside will grant you access to the dungeon in 0820. If you don't have the statue, remember to return to this location.
  • Return to the start and head left. Travel down the right side of the corridor and be sure to travel back up the middle path, avoiding the red rolling enemies as you do. Take the path to the left, and pass through the next room to the corridor beyond.
    • The only reason to take the middle pathway is if you wish to purchase items from shop A, one of only two shops in this dungeon. To access the shop, you must take the left path from the top of the middle path, then travel to the top of the next corridor and bomb the single tree you encounter there. The trip is worth the effort for the single Barrier Capsule that you can purchase for the Neo Final Star for the low price of 2000 time pieces. You can only buy it if you have less than 3 capsules in reserve. The Laser Cutter, on the other hand, is more of a luxury, and won't impact your fighting capability significantly, so use your best judgment before dropping the 4500 time pieces needed to buy it.
  • From the long vertical corridor on the left, take the rightmost pathway to continue your quest for the secret time stone. Enter the room to the right, avoid the enemies, and proceed to the right again. You will be standing on a thin strip with two trees and some enemies. The left tree can be bombed, but you will only find a hint giver inside. Proceed to the right.
  • The next screen you reach is the key to accessing the time stone. You will see a veritable wall of trees. In order to complete the dungeon, you will need to figure out how to pass it. If you can read Japanese, two hint givers to the far right of the dungeon actually spell out how to do this, which is to bomb the seventh tree trunk from the left (as shown in the image). After bombing this tree, you can continue up through the corridor.
    • From this room, you need only travel to the right if you wish to read the hints, or purchase more bombs from shop B (you should not need to purchase the Solar Lamp at this time.) In order to reach shop B, move two rooms to the right. You will encounter another large monster that must be fought to access the path to the right. In the next corridor, you must bomb the tree at the very top to access shop B. In the corridor beyond to the right, there are two trees which hide hint givers. The bottom tree in the right column of trees can be bombed, as well as the lone tree at the top of the corridor.
  • After bombing the correct trunk in the wall of trees, you can continue to the top of the corridor. Watch out for the bouncing orb. There is nothing of interest in the room to the right, so take the path to the left. Continue left through the next room. Remove the enemies from this last corridor and travel to the bottom. You will see a grove of trees with an entrance at the bottom. Enter through the entrance, and place a bomb in the very center of the grove (aiming a little more southwest of center) to reveal an entrance where the secret time stone is kept.


There's very little shopping that you need to worry about in this time period. As discussed in the exploration portion, the single Barrier Capsule in the dungeon is a steal at only 2000 time pieces, but the Laser Cutter is an expensive item that doesn't necessarily aid you all that much. You should already have a Solar Lamp from 1608, so there shouldn't be any need to purchase one here.

All that is left is bombs which, as you can see, you will need plenty of in order to complete the dungeon. In fact, you need a bomb just to be able to purchase bombs from within the dungeon. Be sure to come in with a full supply before you explore the dungeon, and remember how to find your way to shop B so you can restock when you run low.