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In the second stage in the game, the enemies will begin to fire at you a little more frequently, but not to a tremendous degree. Still, if you're new to the game, and have a barrier capsule, you may wish to use it just to be safe. There are two objectives on this stage while flying. One is to gain access to the dungeon in DA 2010, and the other is to locate the hidden shop where a Solar Lamp can be purchased on the cheap.


The location of the Solar Lamp shop
  • Keep a look out for the section of land that looks similar to the picture on the left. After you reach it, fly over the right portion of the screen until the entrance to the shop becomes visible. Not only is this one of the cheaper places to purchase a Solar Lamp (but not the cheapest), it is the most accessible. You'll need more than one to get through the game, so remember this place. Once you reveal it, it will remain visible forever.
Shoot the head of this fossil
  • In order to gain access to the dungeon in 2010, you'll need to find the biggest fossil in the valley where many dinosaur bones lay exposed. Blast away at the skull of the biggest fossil until the screen flashes. Once it does, this means you have altered the landscape in the future, making it possible for you to find and enter one of the secret time stone dungeons.

You will notice a giant animal (known as a Ganimu) in the middle of the stage. You cannot interact with it, but you may be able to affect its presence in the past. The warp at the end of the stage will provide you with access to DA 1301 for the price of 4000 time pieces.


Enemies in this dungeon resemble many that you saw in 2010. However, some new ones will make life a little tougher. You will encounter red insects that fly at you after wandering around the room for a little while. Don't stand in one place for too long or they will hit you. You will also encounter red rolling objects that move back and forth along a given path. They never deviate from their path and are merely obstacles for you to avoid, but they can damage you, so don't take them lightly.

SSF 1608 dungeon map.png
Bomb this location to find an Oanesu crest.
Shop A Bombs: 100 Pulser: 7000
Shop B Bombs: 100 Power Wrist: 6500
Shop C Rapid-fire Shot: 2500 Boots: 800
Shop D Bombs: 100 Escape Unit: 500
Shop E Neo Final Star: 1000
  • From the start, walk up, and enter the room to the right. A monster will be guarding shop A. It is a lot like the monster you fought in the 2010 dungeon, except it is stationary, and you have no column to hide behind. Stay near the bottom of the screen and fire up, moving out of the way when the monster's shots get too close to you. Defeat it and enter shop A, and purchase the Pulser for the Neo Final Star if you wish to.
  • From shop A, walk two screens to the left and head up until you reach a passage to the left and right. Visit shop B near the left passage and purchase the Power Wrists to increase your defense. Then exit shop B, take the passage to the left. Enter shop C as soon as you arrive and purchase the Rapid-fire Shot weapon as well.
  • From shop C, walk to the top of the corridor. You will see the entrance to shop D on the right. Walk beyond it and bomb the wall at the very top to reveal a hidden entrance. Step inside to collect the second Oanesu crest which you need to enter the dungeon in DA 0316.
  • After collecting the Oanesu crest, return all the way to shop B, and take the opposite passage to the right. There you will pass the locked gate that leads to the secret time stone. Continue down the passage. Walk to the top of the next corridor, and take the right passage.
  • You will be in front of shop E. In this shop, you can purchase additional "lives" for the Neo Final Star at a price of 1000 time pieces each. It's not necessary to purchase this unless you feel you are at risk of running out of lives. Instead, continue up to the top of the corridor, and take the right passage. Travel to the top of the next corridor to collect the second dungeon crest.
  • Return to gates that you passed earlier, and an opening should now be present. Pass through it to collect the second secret time stone.


Your going to need a lot of money in order to collect all of the valuable items that you can buy in 1608. For starters, there's the Pulser for 7000 time pieces. This item enhances the speed and firepower of the Neo Final Star. It's not essential, but it's certainly a worthwhile investment.

Next is the Power Wrist. The Power Wrist is the only item capable of extending your lifetime when exploring the inside of the dungeons. It cuts the amount of time pieces you lose when you are damaged by an enemy in half. So not only does it help you live longer, it generally saves you money as well. It may be a expensive at 6500 (and can be purchased for less in earlier time periods), but don't pass it up. It will save you a lot more time pieces in the long run.

Additionally, there is the Rapid-fire shot. This item is also extremely worthwhile, and considerably cheaper too, at only 2500 time pieces. This item will give you the ability to fire your weapon as quickly as possible while simply holding the button down. Not only will this kill enemies quicker, it won't wear your finger down either.

Finally, it's important to make sure that you locate, and enter, the secret shop that contains the Solar Lamp in the middle of the stage. Solar Lamps are key items that you need to complete the game, and the one sold for 4000 time pieces here is an easy one to reach.