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Reaching DA 2137[edit]

Collect the Cleopatra Mask[edit]

Return to 820 to collect the Cleopatra Mask

Towards the end of the game, some of the inhabitants will tell you how necessary the Cleopatra Mask is in defeating Gordess forever. The seven secret time stones are used to close the Gordess seal, but only the Cleopatra Mask can give you access to the building where the seal exists. In order to find the Mask, you must return to the source of the fountain known as the Spring of Space in the dungeon in 0820. Even though the water appears blue, the effects of the Solar Lamp that you used earlier still applies. Additionally, although it appears that access to the fountain is blocked by two gate doors, the left door is an illusion. You can walk right through it. When you return, you may notice a hole in the floor next to the fountain. Enter the hole and you will be presented with the Cleopatra Mask.

Defeat Gordess[edit]

Defeat Gordess to access DA 2137

It is doubtful that this is the very first time you have faced Gordess in the game. He will always be present when you fly to the end of 0001. Simply return there once you have all seven time stones. Fight him once more, and you will be ushered forward through time, not back to 2010, but farther ahead to 2137. You are not required to have the Cleopatra Mask to do this, but without it, you will not get the best ending.


The danger filled skies of 2137

In 2137, you will be flying over a sprawling metropolis. As the final stage of the game, you will be faced with the most aggressive enemies in the game. Scores of aerial defense forces will streak down the screen, filling the screen with bullets. You'll have to survive the onslaught a number of minutes before reaching your objective. Due to the nature of the final dungeon, you'll really need to avoid getting killed as it is important to have a good number of time pieces in order to survive. Inside the final dungeon, your time pieces slowly drain away, so keep them as high as possible before you arrive.

Without the Cleopatra Mask[edit]

The final fortress boss of 2137
  • If you enter here without the Cleopatra Mask, the dungeon entrance will not be made visible to you. Instead, you will travel to the end of the stage and face off with a gigantic armed fortress which is believed to house the seal of Gordess. Presumably, you must attack and destroy this fortress to do away with Gordess forever. Unfortunately, without the Mask, the seal is never complete, and the destruction of the fortress leads to Gordess' ultimate revival, dooming the universe to an eternity of destruction. The fortress battle is tough with four guns on the building and continuous air strikes from other craft.

With the Cleopatra Mask[edit]

The single entrance leads to the dungeon
  • If you did manage to collect the Cleopatra Mask from 0820 before you arrive, the underground entrance to the fortress will be visible shorty before the fortress appears. If you miss the entrance, you will be forced to face the fortress and receive the bad ending. Be prepared to fly straight to the entrance once it appears on the screen, shortly after you fly over a river that stretches across the screen.


There is good news and bad news about this dungeon. The good news is there is absolutely no enemies roaming around. The bad news is that your time piece count will slowly drain while you explore this veritable maze. As a security measure to protect the seal of Gordess, the inside of the fortress warps space itself. You may enter a new room from one direction, and then turn around and exit the room from the same way you entered and wind up in a totally new place.

As a result of this spatial warping, the map to the final dungeon can be rather confusing. To understand how it works, most pathways will lead to the room that appears next to it on the map, even if those pathways are one-way. However, if a red letter exists on any of the pathway, this means you will be transported to the room with the corresponding yellow letter. For example, from the starting room with the yellow A, if you travel right, up, and left, and then double back to the right, you will be transported to the room with the yellow B on the second dungeon map.

SSF 2137 dungeon map1.png
  • You will begin in the room with the yellow A. Simply make your way up and to the right. You will pass through the room with the yellow F, and beyond to a room that appears to be a dead-end. However, if you double back and return to the left, you will be transported to the room in the second dungeon map with the yellow C.
SSF 2137 dungeon map2.png
  • When you reach the room with the yellow C, double back a second time, and return to the right. You will now find yourself in a new pathway that leads to yet another dead-end room. By now, you can imagine that if you exit the dead-end room, you will be transported to a new location. In fact, you will be transported to the room in the third dungeon map with the yellow D.
SSF 2137 dungeon map3.png
  • From the room with the yellow D, you will have no choice but to travel to the left. If doesn't matter which way you take, although the lower path is shorter. Go south from the room with the yellow E, and follow the path down and right.
  • The path will transport you over to the room with the yellow G in the same map. When you reach this room, simply double-back and return to the left. In the next room, take the south path to reach your goal.
  • Congratulations. You have placed the seven time stones in place, completing the seal which will lock Gordess out of our dimension until the end of time.