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Neo Final Star Items[edit]

Item Name Description
SSF Item Barrier Capsule.png Barrier Capsule Using this capsule will erect an energy barrier around the Neo Final Star which is capable of absorbing five shots before wearing off. You can hold up to three of these. They can be found in the 2010 dungeon at a hefty price of 6000 time pieces, but you can buy cheaper barriers if you can find them.
SSF Item Twin Laser.png Twin Laser Unit This powerful weapon upgrade replaces the standard guns on the Neo Final Star with twin lasers. These lasers will fire straight through the enemy. Grab it from the 2010 dungeon for 7500 time pieces, and you will hold on to it until you lose a life.
SSF Item Pulser.png Pulser This valuable item provides rapid fire capability for the Neo Final Star, as well as increase the general speed of the craft. You can find it in the 1608 dungeon for 7000 time pieces, but their are cheaper instances. You hold on to it until you lose a life.
SSF Item NFS.png Neo Final Star Take the opportunity to purchase an extra life for yourself when you find a shop keeper who sells extra copies of your ship for considerably low prices.

Exploration Items[edit]

Item Name Description
SSF Item Bomb.png Bomb Bombs are the cheapest items in the game, at the price of 100 time pieces for three bombs. You can hold a maximum of nine bombs at a time. You will use these to create holes in various walls to uncover secret rooms that contain shops or other valuable items. These will be your best friend throughout the game, so keep them in supply.
SSF Item Escape Unit.png Escape Unit Escape units look like a pair of angular wings. They can be bought for 500 time pieces apiece. Use them to instantly escape from the inside of a dungeon and return to the Neo Final Star.
SSF Item Boots.png Boots Ordinarily, your exploration speed isn't quite fast. But if you purchase one of these pairs of boots for 800 time pieces and put them on, you will find that you can zip around the dungeons must faster. They will remain active until you leave the dungeon.
SSF Item Solar Lamp.png Solar Lamp This item can evaporate water, as well as destroy enemies that can't ordinarily be shot down. You can find one in the 1301 dungeon for 5000 time pieces, but you can locate one for only 4000 pieces if you can find the hidden shop located in the 1608 time period.
SSF Item Rapid-fire.png Rapid-fire Shot One of the most useful items in the game, the rapid-fire shot frees you from the need to tap the A button while attacking enemies in the dungeon. It gives your weapon machine-gun like capabilities. Don't pass it up for the relatively low price of 2000 time pieces in the 1608 dungeon.
SSF Item Laser Cutter.png Laser Cutter Not quite as useful as the rapid-fire shot, it gives your weapon the ability to shoot through the enemy instead of the beam disappearing when it hits. It's more expensive too, at 4500 time pieces in the 1301 dungeon. Definitely a luxury.
SSF Item Power Wrist.png Power Wrist The only defensive item in the whole game, it is a must-have. For 6000 time pieces, you can equip this item which will cut the amount of damage you take from hitting enemies in half. Don't miss out on this item as it can make the difference between success and failure.
SSF Item Time Crystal.png Crystal of Time Hand this rare item to one of the men who reside in the dungeon to convert them into 3000 time pieces. They are hard to find, so keep your eyes open for hidden shops while flying the Neo Final Star.

Clearance Items[edit]

Item Name Description
SSF Item Dorera Statue.png Dorera statue This item is needed to access the dungeon in the 820 time period. You'll have to search for a hidden shop while flying the Neo Final Star to collect it.
SSF Item Oanesu Crest.png Oanesu crest You'll need to collect four of these items from earlier dungeons in order to access the dungeon in the 316 time period.
SSF Item Dungeon Crest.png Dungeon crest Two dungeon crests are placed throughout three particular dungeons dungeon. You must find and collect them in order to gain access to those dungeons' secret time stone chambers.
SSF Item Time Stone.png Secret time stone You must collect all seven secret time stones in order to clear the game.
SSF Item Cleopatra.png Cleopatra Collection of this item is absolutely necessary to earn the best ending in the game.