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Box artwork for Super Team Games.
Super Team Games
Developer(s)Human Entertainment
Publisher(s)Bandai, Nintendo
Year released1987
Japanese titleファミリートレーナーシリーズ7 大運動会
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
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Super Team Games (ファミリートレーナーシリーズ7 大運動会 Family Trainer Series 7 Daiundoukai‎?, lit. Great Sports Meet) is a game developed by Human Entertainment and originally published in Japan by Bandai in 1987 for use with the Family Trainer pad, known in North America as the Power Pad. It was licensed for publishing in the United States by Nintendo of America, and released there with a different title.

The game can be played with one, two, or six players, depending on the mode that is chosen. For one and two players, there are four selections to choose from; Obstacle Course A, Obstacle Course B, Super Obstacle Course, and Skateboard Race. Obstacle Course A consists of the following events: Log Hop, Water Cross, and Wall Jump. Obstacle Course B consists of the following events: Belly Bump Ball, Crab Walk, and Bubble Run. Both courses also contain Sprint events. The Super Obstacle Course combines all of the events of courses A and B. Skateboard Race simply presents the player with a random assortment of obstacles to avoid.

When played single player, the player may choose from among three opponents. Ollie is slow and plodding, often giving slower players an opportunity to catch up. Jimmy is an average athlete, neither excelling nor performing poorly at any one event, but maintaining a steady pace. Jack is a formidable opponent, executing every course with near perfection. In the six player mode, two teams of three players line up on the mat to compete in events such as a six-legged race, a tug-of-war competition, and a relay race making use of the various events in the obstacle courses.

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