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The new-for-1999 team selection screen.


At bat[edit]

  • Joystick: While waiting for the pitch use the 8-way joystick to position your batter inside the batting box. All eighteen teams have a different batter.
  • First Button: Press and hold this button to swing your bat. If you do not hold this down long enough you may bunt the ball instead of swinging at it.
  • Second Button: Press this button to initiate stealing a base. You must first push the joystick in the direction of the base you would like to steal. For example, if you have a runner upon the first base and would like to steal the second, first push the joystick to the left, then press the second button.


  • Joystick: Before the pitch is thrown, you must push the joystick to the left or right, to move the pitcher from one side of the pitch mound to the other.
  • First Button: Before you press this button, you must push the joystick, to determine the speed of the ball. Push it up to throw a slow ball, or down to throw a fast ball. Pushing it in any other direction or not pushing it at all will result in a normal speed pitch. Throwing many fast balls or slow balls will wear a pitcher out faster. Once the ball is thrown, you must push the joystick to the left or right to control the path of the ball on the way to the batter.
  • Second Button: Once a runner is on a base, press this button to switch from the batter/mound view to the infield view where you can attempt to tag out runners who are stealing bases. Pressing it again will switch from the aforementioned infield view back to the aforementioned batter/mound view.

Running bases[edit]

  • First Button: Runners will automatically move to the next base, once a ball lands on the ground. Press this button to request that a runner continues running, or that he run before the ball has landed. You must first push the joystick in the direction of the base you would like to reach. For example, if you have a runner headed on to the first base and would like to run all the way on to the second, first push the joystick up, then press the first button.
  • Second Button: As mentioned above, runners automatically move to the next base, unless it is a fly ball, in which case they wait to see if it is safe to run. You may decide that you do not want to wait and send a player ahead. But if it turns out that the ball was caught, you'll need to send him back to the base before he is tagged out. If you were heading on to second base when the ball was caught you will have to send the runner back to first base by pushing the joystick to the right, and then pressing the second button. (If he does not manage to make it back there in time, he will be tagged out).

In the field[edit]

  • Joystick: Before the ball is caught by any player you must use the joystick to determine the general directions that the players are running in. Given that is no one outfielder that you will be in control of at any time in this game, all of them will move in the direction that you are holding the joystick in.
  • First Button: Once the ball is in one of your players' hands, push the joystick in the direction that corresponds to the base you would like to throw to, and press the button. If you do not push the joystick in any direction, the ball will automatically be thrown to first base (like you meant to throw there).
  • Second Button: Once the ball is in one of your players' hands, you can run on to any base, by pushing the joystick in the direction that corresponds to the base you would like to run to, and pressing the button. Now that you've learned these important playing techniques it's time to meet the teams (twelve of which are returning favourites from the last six titles, and a thirteenth of which is another returning favourite from the last two titles, but the other five were created specifically for this game; however, the Namco Stars had originally appeared in Pro Yakyuu Family Stadium, and PYFS '87).


Top row[edit]

SS91 Yokohama Baystars Flag.png SS91 Yokohama Baystars Logo.png Yokohama Baystars (横浜ベイスターズ, lit. Yokohama Beisutāzu) - 1: Ishītaku (石井琢, SS, Daritsu .314, HR 7), 2: Haru (波留, CF, Daritsu .273 and HR 2) 3: Suzukihisa (鈴木尚, LF, Daritsu .337, HR 16), 4: Rōzu (ローズ, 2B, Daritsu .325, HR 19), 5: Komada (駒田, 1B, .281, HR 9), 6: Saeki (佐伯, RF, Daritsu .289 and HR 9), 7: Shindō (進藤, 3B, Daritsu .241 and HR 14), 8: Tanishige (谷繁, C, Daritsu .254, HR 14), 9: Kawamura (川村, Daritsu .150, and HR 0), Miura (三浦, Daritsu .150 and HR 0), Nomura (野村, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Toganō (戸叶, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Saitōtakashi (斎藤隆, Daritsu .150, HR 0). Formerly known as the "Yokohama Taiyo Whales" between 1978 & 1992, founded in 1950, and now managed by Gondō (権藤).

SS91 Chunichi Dragons Flag.png SS91 Chunichi Dragons Logo.png Chūnichi Dragons (中日ドラゴンズ, literally Chūnichi Doragonzu) - 1: Ri (李, LF, Daritsu: .283, HR: 10), 2: Fukutome (福留, SS, Daritsu .285, HR 5), 3: Sekikawa (関川, CF, Daritsu .285, HR 1), 4: Gomesu (ゴメス, 3B, Daritsu .274, HR 26), 5: Tatsunami (立浪, 2B, Daritsu .272, HR 8), 6: Yamazaki (山崎, 1B, Daritsu: .255, HR 27), 7: Inōe (井上, RF, Daritsu .264, HR 9), 8: Nakamura (中村, C, Daritsu .236, HR 5), 9: Kawakami (川上, Daritsu: .150, HR 0), Noguchi (野口, Yamamotomasa (山本昌, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Takeda (武田, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Samuson (サムソン, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Daritsu .150, HR 0). Founded in 1936 and still managed by Hoshino (星野); ironically for their name, they also used to have a koala as a mascot.

SS91 Yomiuri Giants Flag.png SS91 Yomiuri Giants Logo.png Yomiuri Giants (讀賣ジャイアンツ, literally Yomiuri Jaiantsu) - 1: Hitoshi (仁志, 2B, Daritsu: .274, HR: 11), 2: Shimizu (清水, LF, Daritsu .301, HR 13), 3: Matsui (松井, CF, Daritsu .292, HR 34), 4: Kiyohara (清原, 1B, Daritsu .268, HR 23), 5: Takahashi (高橋, RF, Daritsu .300, HR 19) 6: Motoki (元木, 3B, Daritsu .297 and HR 9), 7: Nioka (二岡, SS, Daritsu .283, HR 10), 8: Sugiyama (杉山, C, Daritsu .143, HR 2), 9: Kuwata (桑田, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Garubesu (ガルベス, Saitōmasa (斎藤雅, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Irikiyū (入来祐, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Daritsu .150, HR 0), Uehara (上原, Daritsu .150, HR 0). Founded in 1934 and still managed by Nagashima (長嶋); they also still keep the name of the old 1988-1991 Giant team alive.

SS91 Yakult Swallows Flag.png SS91 Yakult Swallows Logo.png Yakult Swallows (ヤクルトスワローズ, lit. Yakuruto Suwarōzu) - 1: Mannaka (真中, CF, Daritsu: .275, HR: 5), 2: Dobashi (土橋, 2B, Daritsu .259, HR 9), 3: Furuta (古田, C, Daritsu .275, HR 9), 4: Petajīni (ペタジーニ, 1B, Daritsu .289, HR 25), 5: Ikeyama (池山, 3B, Daritsu .275, HR 18), 6: Sumisu (スミス, RF, Daritsu: .280, HR 20), 7: Takahashisatoshi (高橋智, LF, Daritsu .182, HR 0), 8: Miyamoto (宮本, SS, Daritsu .258, HR 1), 9: Ishīchi (石井一, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Kawasaki (川崎, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Itō (伊藤, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Tahata (田畑, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Hakkamī (ハッカミー, Daritsu .150, HR 0). Much like the aforementioned Yokohama Baystars this team was founded back in 1950 and is now managed by Wakamatsu (若松).

SS91 Hiroshima Toyo Carp Flag.png SS91 Hiroshima Toyo Carp Logo.png Hiroshima Tōyō Carp (広島東洋カープ, lit. Hiroshima Tōyō Kāpu) - 1: Nomura (野村, SS, Daritsu .282, HR 14, shares name with the Yokohama Baystars' third pitcher), 2: Tomashino (笘篠, 2B, Daritsu .253 and HR 4), 3: Maeda (前田, RF, Daritsu .335 and HR 24), 4: Etō (江藤, 3B, Daritsu .253, HR 28), 5: Kanemoto (金本, LF, Daritsu: .253, HR: 21), 6: Ogata (緒方, CF, Daritsu .324, HR 15), 7: Asai (浅井, 1B, Daritsu .271, HR 6), 8: Nishiyama (西山, C, Daritsu .189, HR 2), 9: Minchī (ミンチー, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Sasaoka (佐々岡, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Kuroda (黒田, Daritsu .150, HR 0) Kikuchihara (菊地原, Daritsu .150, HR 0) Yamauchi (山内, Daritsu .150, HR 0). Once again, founded in 1950 and now managed by Tatsukawa (達川).

SS91 Hanshin Tigers Flag.png SS91 Hanshin Tigers Logo.png Hanshin Tigers (阪神タイガース, lit. Hanshin Taigāsu) - 1: Tsuboi (坪井, RF, Daritsu .327, HR 2), 2: Wada (和田, 2B, Daritsu .272, HR 4), 3: Hiratsuka (平塚, LF, Daritsu .273, HR 4), 4: Burowāsu (ブロワーズ, 3B, Daritsu .310, HR 10), 5: Jonson (ジョンソン, 1B, Daritsu .300, HR 30), 6: Imaoka (今岡, SS, Daritsu: .293, HR 7), 7: Yano (矢野, C, Daritsu .211, HR 3), 8: Shinjō (新庄, CF, Daritsu .222, HR 6), 9: Yabu (藪, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Yamazaki (山崎, Daritsu: .150, HR: 0, shares name with the Chūnichi Dragons' No. 6), Kawajiri (川尻, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Mei (メイ, Daritsu .150, HR 0), Yoshidayutaka (吉田豊, Daritsu .150, HR 0). This team was founded in 1935 and is now managed by Nomura (野村); their old home stadium, which was originally known as "Kōshien" from 1988-1993, but has been known as "Urban" since 1995, is also the only one to have been featured in all eleven titles.

Centre row[edit]

SS91 Seibu Lions Flag.png SS91 Seibu Lions Logo.png Seibu Lions (西武ライオンズ, lit. Seibu Raionzu) - 1: Matsui (松井, SS, Daritsu .311, HR 9, shares name with the Yomiuri Giants' No. 3), 2: Ōtomo (大友, CF, Daritsu: .269 and HR 2), 3: Ozeki (小関, RF, Daritsu .283, HR 3), 4: Suzuki (鈴木, 3B, Daritsu .275, HR 22), 5: Kakiuchi (垣内, LF, Daritsu .108, HR 1) 6: Burossā (ブロッサー, DH, Daritsu .300, HR 10), 7: Tanabe (田辺, 1B, Daritsu .250, HR 4), 8: Itō (伊東, C, Daritsu .243, HR 8, shares romanized naming with the Yakult Swallows' fourth pitcher), 9: Takagihiroshi (高木浩, 2B, Daritsu .202, HR 2), P: Nishiguchi (西口)/Toyota (豊田)/Ishī (石井)/Matsuzaka (松坂)/Shiozaki (潮崎). Yet again, this team was founded in 1950, and still managed by Higashio (東尾); it also now has a DH.

SS91 Nihon Hamu Fighters Flag.png SS91 Nihon Hamu Fighters Logo.png Nihon Hamu Fighters (日本ハムファイターズ, lit. Nihon Hamu Faitāzu) - 1: Ide (井出, CF, Daritsu .216, HR 6), 2: Ogasawara (小笠原, 1B, Daritsu: .302 and HR: 1), 3: Kataoka (片岡, 3B, Daritsu .300 and HR 17), 4: Furankurin (フランクリン, DH, Daritsu .253 and HR 20), 5: Tanaka (田中, SS, Daritsu: .274 and HR: 24), 6: Nishiura (西浦, LF, Daritsu .245, HR 20), 7: Noguchi (野口, C, Daritsu .235, HR 10, shares name with the Chūnichi Dragons' second pitcher), 8: Ueda (上田, RF, Daritsu: .242, HR: 2), 9: Kaneko (金子, 2B, Daritsu: .263, HR 4), P: Iwamoto (岩本)/Sekine (関根)/Wittemu (ウィッテム)/Imazeki (今関)/Kanemura (金村). Founded back in 1946 and still managed by Ueda (上田), who is now sharing his name with the new No. 8.

SS91 Orix Blue Wave Flag.png SS91 Orix Blue Wave Logo.png Orix Blue Wave (オリックスブルーウェーブ, literally Orikkusu Burūwēbu) - 1: Tani (谷, CF, Daritsu: .284, HR 10), 2: Ōshima (大島, 2B, Daritsu .276, HR 8), 3: Ichirō (イチロー, RF, Daritsu .358, HR 13), 4: Puriamu (プリアム, DH, Daritsu .285, HR 18), 5: Fujī (藤井, 1B, Daritsu .250, HR 30), 6: Peresu (ペレス, LF, Daritsu .288 and HR 20), 7: Taguchi (田口, SS, Daritsu .272, HR 9), 8: Hidaka (日高, C, Daritsu .228, HR 2), 9: Ogawa (小川, 3B, Daritsu: .238, HR 7), P: Hoshino (星野)/Kobayashi (小林)/Kawagoe (川越)/Kaneda (金田)/Hirai (平井). Founded in 1936, still managed by Ōgi (仰木).

SS91 Fukuoka Daiei Hawks Flag.png SS91 Fukuoka Daiei Hawks Logo.png Fukuoka Daiei Hawks (福岡ダイエイホークス, literally Fukuoka Daiei Hōkusu) - 1: Shibahara (柴原, CF, Daritsu: .314, HR: 2), 2: Hamana (浜名, 2B, Daritsu: .272, HR 4), 3: Iguchi (井口, SS, Daritsu .221, HR 21), 4: Kokubo (小久保, 1B, Daritsu .225, HR 2), 5: Yoshinaga (吉永, DH, Daritsu .249, HR 13) 6: Akiyama (秋山, RF, Daritsu .260, HR 10), 7: Matsunaka (松中, LF, Daritsu .268, HR 3), 8: Jōjima (城島, C, Daritsu .251, HR 16), 9: Yanagida (柳田, 3B, Daritsu .251, HR 0), P: Nishimura (西村)/Sakumoto (佐久本)/Kudō (工藤)/Yoshitake (吉武)/Wakatabe (若田部). Founded in 1938, still managed by Ō (王); today, they are known as the "Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks", as they were bought from Daiei in 2005 by the SoftBank Corporation.

SS91 Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes Flag.png SS91 Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes Logo.png Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes (大阪近鉄バファローズ, literally Ōsaka Kintetsu Bafarōzu) - 1: Ōmura (大村, CF, Daritsu .310 and HR 4), 2: Takasu (高須, SS, Daritsu: .333, HR: 0), 3: Nakamura (中村, 3B, Daritsu .260, HR 32, shares name with the Chūnichi Dragons' No. 8), 4: Kurāku (クラーク, DH, Daritsu .320 and HR 31), 5: Rōzu (ローズ, RF, Daritsu .257 and HR 22, shares name with the Yokohama Baystars' No. 4), 6: Suzuki (鈴木, LF, Daritsu .273, HR 5, shares name with the Seibu Lions' No. 4), 7: Yoshioka (吉岡, 1B, Daritsu .268, HR 13, 8: Matoyama (的山, C, Daritsu .230, HR 4), 9: Mutō (武藤, 2B, Daritsu: .250, HR: 0), P: Takamura (高村)/Okamoto (岡本)/Koike (小池)/Mattoson (マットソン)/Akahori (赤堀). This now-defunct team was founded in 1949 and is still managed by Sasaki (佐々木); they ceased to exist in 2004, but the Orix Blue Wave underwent a renaming to "Orix Buffaloes" to keep the old name alive. Their old mascot "Neppy" was also retired after just thirteen years as a result of this, and replaced with a new mascot named "Buffalo Bull" (who is not to be confused with the first player's character from Konami Industry Co.'s Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa arcade game).

SS91 Chiba Lotte Marines Flag.png SS91 Chiba Lotte Marines Logo.png Chiba Lotte Marines (千葉ロッテマリーンズ, lit. Chiba Rotte Marīnzu) - 1: Kosaka (小坂, SS, Daritsu: .233, HR: 3), 2: Morozumi (諸積, CF, Daritsu .279, HR 0), 3: Hori (堀, 2B, Daritsu .241, HR 10), 4: Hatsushiba (初芝, DH, Daritsu .296, HR 25), 5: Bōrikku (ボーリック, 3B, Daritsu .286, HR 6), 6: Bureidī (ブレイディー, LF, Daritsu .284 and HR 3), 7: Hirai (平井, RF, Daritsu .320, HR 8, shares naming with the Orix Blue Wave's fifth pitcher), 8: Fukūra (福浦, 1B, Daritsu: .284 and HR: 3), 9: Shimizu (清水, C, Daritsu .183, HR 2, shares name with the Yomiuri Giants' No. 2), P: Komiyama (小宮山)/Kuroki (黒木)/Mutō (武藤, same as the Buffaloes' No. 9)/Yabuta (薮田)/Kurofōdo (クロフォード). Founded in 1950, now managed by Yamamoto (山本).

Bottom row[edit]

SS91 Central League Flag.png SS91 Central League Logo.png Central League (全セ, lit. Zen Se) - 1: Fukutome (福留, SS, Daritsu: .285, HR: 5, Chūnichi Dragons' No. 2), 2: Suzukihisa (鈴木尚, LF, Daritsu: .337, HR: 16, Yokohama Baystars' No. 3), 3: Matsui (松井, CF, Daritsu .292, HR 34, Yomiuri Giants' No. 3), 4: Kiyohara (清原, 1B, Daritsu .268, HR: 23, Yomiuri Giants' 4), 5: Takahashi (高橋, RF, Daritsu: .300, HR: 19, Yomiuri Giants' No. 5), 6: Etō (江藤, 3B, Daritsu .253, HR 28, Hiroshima Tōyō Carp's No. 4), 7: Maeda (前田, DH, Daritsu: .335, HR: 24, Hiroshima Tōyō Carp's No. 3), 8: Furuta (古田, C, Daritsu .275, HR 9, Yakult Swallows' No. 3), 9: Imaoka (今岡, 2B, Daritsu: .293 and HR: 7, Hanshin Tigers' No. 6), P: Ishīchi (石井一, Yakult Swallows' first pitcher)/Noguchi (野口, Chūnichi Dragons' second pitcher)/Yabu (藪, Hanshin Tigers' first pitcher)/Kawakami (川上, Chūnichi Dragons' first pitcher)/Kuwata (桑田, Yomiuri Giants' first pitcher). This team is entirely fictitious and was created specifically for this game; it is comprised of the Central League's best fourteen players from their 1998 season.

SS91 Pacific League Flag.png SS91 Pacific League Logo.png Pacific League (全パ, lit. Zen Pa) - 1: Matsui (松井, SS, Daritsu: .311, HR 9, Seibu Lions' No. 1), 2: Hori (堀, 2B, Daritsu .241, HR 10, Chiba Lotte Marines' No. 3), 3: Ichirō (イチロー, RF, Daritsu .358, HR 13, Orix Blue Wave's No. 3), 4: Kokubo (小久保, 1B, Daritsu .225, HR 2, Fukuoka Daiei Hawks' No. 4), 5: Rōzu (ローズ, LF, Daritsu: .257, HR 22, Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes' No. 5), 6: Kataoka (片岡, 3B, Daritsu .300 and HR 17, Nihon Hamu Fighters' No. 3), 7: Furankurin (フランクリン, RF, Daritsu: .253, HR: 20), 8: Jōjima (城島, C, Daritsu: .251, HR 16, Fukuoka Daiei Hawks' No. 8), 9: Suzuki (鈴木, DH, Daritsu .275 and HR 22, the Seibu Lions' No. 4), P: Matsuzaka (松坂, Seibu Lions' fourth pitcher)/Kudō (工藤, Fukuoka Daiei Hawks' third pitcher)/Nishiguchi (西口 - Seibu Lions' first pitcher)/Koike (小池 - Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes' third pitcher)/Komiyama (小宮山, Chiba Lotte Marines' first pitcher). This team is like the previous one; entirely fictitious, but is comprised of the Pacific League's best fourteen players from their 1998 season.

SS91 Namco Stars Flag.png SS91 Namco Stars Logo.png Namco Stars (ナムコスターズ, lit. Namuko Sutāzu) - 1: Pino (ピノ, CF, Daritsu: .323, HR: 3), 2: Makishi (マキシ, RF, Daritsu .238, HR 10), 3: Mishima Heihachi (三島平八, 2B, Daritsu .310, HR 55), 4: Pōru (ポール, SS, Daritsu .330, HR 5), 5: Kuma (クマ, 3B, Daritsu .250, HR 40), 6: Giru (ギル, LF, Daritsu: .314, HR: 6), 7: Metorokurosu (メトロクロス, C, Daritsu: .318, HR: 45), 8: Berabōman (ベラボーマン, DH, Daritsu .330, HR 22), 9: Sandora (サンドラ, 1B, Daritsu: .310, HR 30), P: Pakkuman (パックマン)/Nyāmuko (ニャームコ)/Wagyan (ワギャン)/Zorugia (ゾルギア)/Digudagu (ディグダグ). This team is, once again, entirely fictitious - but features nine of Namco's most famous characters (the pitchers are merely named after five others).

Dolls that resemble Pino have also appeared in Stages 5-10 of Tinkle Pit (1993); Sandra has also appeared as a bonus character (on the 29th stage of that same game at the earliest, as the appearances of bonus characters on their earliest possible stages depends on players causing all previous ones to appear beforehand) and a parade float of Beraboh Man kicking out at Waya Hime has also appeared in the third bonus stage of Marvel Land (1989).

SS91 USA All-Stars Flag.png SS91 USA All-Stars Logo.png USA All-Stars (ユーエスエイオールスターズ, lit. Yūesuei Ōrusutāzu) - 1: HOU (2B, Daritsu: .325, HR 20), 2: BOS (SS, Daritsu .323, HR 35), 3: SEA (CF, Daritsu .284, HR 56), 4: STL (1B, Daritsu .299, HR 10), 5: CHI (RF, Daritsu .308, HR 66), 6: TBY (DH, Daritsu .237, HR 46), 7: S F (LF, Daritsu: .303, HR 27), 8: TEX (C, Daritsu .321, HR 21), 9: ATL (3B, Daritsu .313, HR 34), P: N Y/ARI/PHI/L A/TOR. This team is, yet again, entirely fictitious, but was formerly known as just the "USA" and created specifically for Super World Stadium '96; all their players now also have English names.

SS91 Nikotama Gals Flag.png SS91 Nikotama Gals Logo.png Nikotama Gals (ニコタマギャルズ, literally Nikotama Gyaruzu) - 1: Makoto (マコト, CF, Daritsu: .333 and HR 1), 2 Taki (タキ, RF, Daritsu .250, HR 5), 3: Nagase Reiko (永瀬麗子, LF, Daritsu .305, HR 10), 4: Warukyūre (ワルキューレ, 1B, Daritsu .305, HR 20), 5: Shaoyū (シャオユウ, 3B, Daritsu: .294, HR 15), 6: Uketsuke Komachi (受付小町, C, Daritsu .239, HR 10), 7: Tengenji (天現寺, DH, Daritsu .253, HR 3), 8: Wandāmomo (ワンダーモモ, 2B, Daritsu .250, HR 3) 9: Venusian Panda (パンダ♀, SS, Daritsu .285, HR 2), P: Nīna (ニーナ)/Anna (アンナ)/Sofītia (ソフィーティア)/Sharon (シャロン)/Kana (香奈). For a 5th and penultimate time, this team is entirely fictitious but is comprised of fourteen more of Namco's most famous characters.

Valkyrie (who is, ironically, on a different team to her anthropomorphic lizard friend, Sandra) and Sharon have also appeared as "high-score" characters on Tinkle Pit (1993); a parade float of Momo Chan has also appeared in the second and third bonus stages of Marvel Land (1989), and Hiromi Tengenji has also, along with Pitt and Patti, the aforementioned Valkyrie, Ki from The Tower of Druaga, the aforementioned Momo Chan and Pac-Man, appeared on a TV screen in Mach Breakers (1994). Uketsuke and Kana have also become significantly more major since they first appeared 10 and 11 years ago.

SS91 User Team Flag.png SS91 User Team Logo.png User Team (ユーザチーム, literally: Yūzā Chīmu) - 1: Yamadamichi (山田道, CF, Daritsu: .306 and HR: 40), 2: Takai (高井, SS, Daritsu: .267, HR: 35), 3: Hitto-kun (ヒット君, RF, Daritsu .289, HR 30), 4: Dendō-kun (殿堂君, 1B, Daritsu .402, HR 51), 5: Zeninanda-kun (全員安打君, 3B, Daritsu: .276, HR 20), 6: Kimura (木村, C, Daritsu .364, HR 5), 7: Wāsuta-kun (ワースタ君, LF, Daritsu .350, HR 5), 8: Toripuru-kun (トリプル君, 2B, Daritsu .314 and HR 5) 9: Kōrudo-kun (コールド君, DH, Daritsu .307 and HR 5), P: Kanzenshiai-kun (完全試合君)/Kyūrenzokusanshin-kun (九連続三振君)/Yokoyamatenchō (横山店長)/Zenmori (前森)/Miyakoshi (宮腰). For a 6th, final time, this team is fictitious and was created specifically for this game.