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You can break to Commodore Basic by pressing Run Stop, and manipulate the game variables by typing in the basic interpreter. When entering commands, the following applies:

  • The character set is modified — characters in normal basic may appear different than what's used in game.
  • Since the background is recognized as a character, Basic will attempt to parse the background. You can separate your commands from the background by typing : after the command — or you can try scrolling the screen downward.
  • If you receive a syntax error, you cannot use cont to resume the game — instead type goto 41.
  • Your visible map won't reflect the situation within the game, whether you simply try to type the commands directly at the cursor, or try scrolling the screen. You'll need to rebuild the map by visiting affected areas.
  • The Sword of Fargoal timer is still counting down if you activated it.

The source code for the game is protected. Attempting to use the list command will do a quick reset (similar to the Run Stop + Restore combination).

For full information on these commands, you should consult the Commodore 64 programmer's reference guide or the Commodore user manual.

Command effect
sf = 1 Carries the sword of fargoal.
l = ? Sets dungeon level.
ht = ? Sets current hitpoints
th = ? Sets maximum hitpoints
bs = ? Sets battle skill
hp = ? Healing Potion quantity
tp = ? Teleport quantity
sh = ? Shield quantity
lg = ? Light quantity
rg = ? Regeneration quantity
iv = ? Invisibility quantity
t = ? Gold
be = ? Beacons
t2 = ? Manipulates countdown timer. Current time is stored in variable TI.
gosub 423:goto41: Maps current level. (Destroys object under player, move to empty space first.)